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SQA New Macronesian flagship

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 12:09 am
by rodglas
The Macronesian Alliance Ship "Alexander Bourne DBV"

Project Archangel:

With the return of the UEO's flagship, seaQuest DSV, after beign missing for ten years, the Macronesian military was directed to "develop a vessel that will be no less then a technological and military match for 'seaQuest DSV.'"

Originally designated the Archangel Class, the Bourne Class (named in honour of our illustrious President) is all that and more. In partnership with Deon International the Alliance developed an advanced form of bio regenerative hull, and equiped the Bourne with state of the art weapon systems. This vessel was never designed to fill the research role of the seaQuest and all systems are dedicated to combat perfomance leading to the designation Deep Battle Vehicle (DBV)

Unfortunatly the project was deemed too costly and time consuming so only the premiere vessel, "Alexander Bourne" was built and completed.

Two vessels in the Bourne class were planned but never built:
MAS Archangel DBV
MAS Lucifer DBV