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Hey What happened?

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:28 am
by BmCarson
What happened to everyone? They were soo close the last time I logged in a year ago and when I came back.... No activity

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 5:41 am
by Chip
Been wondering the same thing...

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:21 am
by rodglas
There is no "everyone", its just me and I've been busy. I've had a little help from time to time but for the most part it just me.

I work on it when I can, when I have the time or inspiration. I've recently rebuilt the Atlantis DSV model to better match the very latest version of the the official Atlantis.

I'm having trouble getting the game to feel less like space combat and more like naval warfare, but its coming along albeit slowly.


Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 6:05 am
by Chip
Thanx for the reassurence. This is a mod i've been keeping an eye on for a while now, good to know you're still out there. special13.gif