What I've been Up To (re seaQuest Armada)

Follow everything for this Star Trek Armada based Total Conversion right here.

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What I've been Up To (re seaQuest Armada)

Post by rodglas »

I know its been quite around here for a while now but that may be about to change.

A full project update is on the way but here is a bit of a preview.

I've rebuilt several older models in the last few weeks including the Atlantis DSV and most importantly the seaQuest. I've also retexture some retuxturing.

I will be redoing a few more ships like the Tempest class which was originally done by Straxus but I feel no longer fits as well as some of his other ships still do.

I've redone the Stormbringer again and changed its name the Harbinger The bow of the Octavian battlecruiser has been redone and looks much better.

I've added a few new ships from Atlantis DSV including the Orion and Aleus.

So what need to be done....

-Build Buttons for bases all bases and some ships

-Some retexturing (several bases in particular)

-Wireframes for most ships


-AI for all sides.

-GUI (some help in this area would be appreciated greatly)

-Organize and work out the Confed side
(I may not follow the orginal plan of multiple choice for this side
but rather stick to one Confed ie NorSeaCon)

I want to have most of this sorted out before the end of the year (though hopefully much sooner)

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Post by Straxus »

Good to see you still working on this project!
Just stopped by to see how things are going.
Glad to see Seaquest Armada lives on!
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Post by LRH90LEBARON »

Thanks for the update. Your silent fans appreciate that your creative inspiration continues.
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