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seaQuest Armada needs a GUI guy

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:30 pm
by rodglas
Some of you may be aware of my long (very long) standing mod project "seaQuest Armada" for Armada 1

For those who are not, feel free to look around my subforum on AFC or MSFC.

Long story short, I need a GUI guy are at the least a good tutorial on making GUIs for A1.

Volunteers can contact me via PM, the seaQuest subforums or email seaquestarmada (at) gmail (dot) com.


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Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:13 pm
by MrVulcan
Hey, Rod

I can guide you, or anyone interested, though the process of creating new guis for Armada. I'm really looking forward to your mod and would love to give this a go myself, however, I'm really stretched out for modding time between Future Tense and Legacy of the Federation. If you want my input on the guis, you can contact me via msn or email at:

TPankov at yahoo dot ca

Mr. V

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:00 am
by rodglas
Thank you, I will do that. Hopefully this weekend.