Star Trek: Incursion

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Star Trek: Incursion

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Stardate: 57864.9
Location: Solarion System, Alpha Quadrant

The white noise of thousands of voices speaking and thinking together... the insight of many individuals, locked together in a kind of intertwined consciousness... no way out, but no desire to leave. Only the pursuit of perfection... coupled now with a relentless desire for revenge. Their return was inevitable, and unavoidable. However, nobody suspected it to come about this way, or this soon.

--- ---

“Commander,” began the Ensign standing at the Operations station in the Solarion IV colony hub, with a severe look of confusion mixed with alarm on his thin, pale face. “Can you come over here and look at this? I’m getting some anomalous readings here.”
The elderly commander replied more annoyed than interested. “What kind of readings, Ensign?”
“Well, Sir,” he replied, “I’m reading a faint transwarp signature on the edge of sensor range accompanied with strong neutrino emissions. My best guess would be that it’s a cloaked vessel enhanced using Borg transwarp technology.”
“What?” the tactical officer exclaimed, nearly falling out of his chair as he moved to get a better look at the operations panel. “That’s impossible! You’re not thinking...”
“Now, now... Scavenged Borg components have been in wide use since U.S.S. Voyager’s destruction of the Transwarp network. As a matter of fact...” the commander trailed off. “Ensign, I need you to confirm the identity of those readings, and make sure it isn’t just a few sensor malfunctions. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir. I’m on it!” he replied.
“Tactical, take us to Yellow Alert for the time being, just to be on the safe side. Ops, how long do we have before whoever it is gets here?”
“Approximately thirty-three minutes, Sir.” he replied.
“Good. I want everyone at their post, so let’s get a move on.” the captain replied.

--- ---

Silhouetted against the Solarion Class-A light blue star, the massive vessel loomed just on the edge of sensor range of the colony on Solarion IV. Thinking and speaking as one, the thousands of voices identified their objective...

“Target acquired... Starfleet outpost six, three, one, four, two, nine, five, located... Setting target coordinates... test probe launch initiated... engaging communications dampening field...

--- ---

“Commander, you’re not gunna believe this, but I’ve confirmed the source of the readings... it’s a vessel, cube shaped, and on approach from the sun!”
“Time until arrival?”
“Twelve minutes, twenty-two seconds.”
“Raise Starfleet Command! Let them know that we are about to be under attack... by what looks like the Borg!”
“Sir,” came the anxious reply from the female comm. officer, “I can’t get through to anyone! Our communications network is being blocked!”
“Red Alert!” the commander shouted, loudly enough to make someone think that if he could have, he would have shouted all the way to Starbase 375. “Shields to maximum! All hands to Battle Stations! Full power to the phaser cannons, we’re going to need them. And make sure they’re set to a rotating modulation. I want us to make some kind of impact, however ineffective it might be. Set photon torpedoes to maximum yield.”
“Aye, Sir!”
“Fire as soon as the vessel is within range. I want no hesitation! Get as many colonists as possible ready to evacuate using the runabouts. That’s all we’ve got now. May God help us...”

--- ---

“Module is ready for launch,” The voices chorused, “Communications dampening field established. Alert... Primary colony defense grid has been activated... targeting shield generators and phaser cannons... firing torpedoes. Colony shields are down, weapons have been disabled... launching test probe.”

The small object sped toward the planet surface on a direct course for the colony hub.

“Test probe will impact colony hub in six seconds... Warning... Tactical alert... vessel approaching... vector three, two, six mark two, seven... Starfleet vessel identified... registry number five, one, nine, six, three... U.S.S. Armadillo. Reroute vessel to spatial grid six, one, three, two, nine. Setting course for cluster two, one, six, five. Activating cloaking systems...”

The massive vessel rippled and vanished from sight heading off into the dark void of space.
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Star Trek: Incursion

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Chapter 1
Fear Revisited
Location: Solarion System, Alpha Quadrant

Captain Jackson stared at the PADD he held while walking down the corridor. It was thirteen hundred hours, and time for his shift on the bridge, He had just gotten word from Starfleet Command with orders to re-supply the re-established colony on Solarion IV. The previous colonists on the planet had evacuated and abandoned the colony after the attack by the Cardassians in 2368. The new inhabitants have nicknamed it ‘New Roanoke’ for unknown reasons, but that was more than enough to set the mood. The U.S.S. Armadillo, a Steamrunner class vessel, needed to pick the supplies up at Starbase 375 on the way from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards above Mars. Once there, they would transport the supplies to a cargo bay and be given a Com receipt. However, when the Armadillo arrived at Solarion IV, there was, well... a problem.

“Captain, there isn’t any response coming from the outpost.” Lieutenant Jarvis, Operations Officer said. “I’ve even tried all the other subspace channels. There is no response on any of them.”
“Well, they new to expect us. Could be that their comm. array is down. Tell the Chief to go ahead and transport the cargo and supplies, and await a response. Malfunctions happen, Lieutenant, sometimes we just have to be patient.”
“Aye, Sir.”
“Captain...” began Chief Science officer, Lieutenant Sarah Strahl, but Jackson cut her off with a curt glance.

--- ---

The transporter in Cargo Bay 3, the standard bay for ferrying freight between destinations and keeping it separate from the standard fare used for ship and crew, could deliver a payload of thirty tons of material per use. This time, only a small load of about 8 tons, medical supplies and chemicals used for Duranium refinement, were being delivered to the cargo yard on the surface. The supplies were needed, so delivery couldn’t wait for another ship, or crew to deliver them.

“Well, you heard the Lieutenant, fire it up. We don’t have all day, son.”
“Yes, Chief, energizing.” The crewman replied.
“Within the next five minutes or so, since they can’t communicate, we should receive a receipt padd, letting us know they received the transport.”
“Well, let’s hope so.”

The machine whined, the pads glowed light blue, and the cargo dematerialized into mist. Transport took about five seconds, then the pads illumination died, and the machine fell silent.

“Transport complete,” The Crewman stated as he withdrew from the controls.
“...And now, we wait.”

--- ---

“Cargo Bay 3 to the Bridge,” came the Chief’s voice over the com, “Captain, there still has been no receipt for the transport, and we beamed the stuff down nearly fifteen minutes ago. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t even moved off the surface pads.”

“Acknowledged.” Jackson replied, and then with a demanding face spoke over left his shoulder towards Operations. “Jarvis, Scan the colony for any anomalies.”

The Operations console chimed a dual high-speed tone, to which Jarvis quickly responded. His hands flew over the keys, trying to make sense of the data his panel was feeding him.

“Sarah,” He questioned, “Can you confirm my readings of the surface? Somethin’ ain’t right here.”
“On it.” She replied.

The entire command staff turned their attention from Jarvis and looked over at Strahl as she also used her nimble fingers to decipher the data.

“Readings are confirmed.” She stated. “What the...”
“Is anyone going to share their findings, or do I have to send a wideband subspace invitation?!” Jackson stated, forcefully annoyed.

“Well, Sir,” Jarvis started, “There are signs of an aerial bombardment on the surface. Weapons signatures have a slightly elevated transwarp energy spike imbedded in the residuals.”
“And,” Strahl continued, “There are no life-signs anywhere on the surface!”
“What?” Commander Jensen replied, as he tapped the controls on the central console between the command chairs. “That’s impossible! Double check your scans, and recalibrate the sensors. They’ve got to be down there. They couldn’t just vanish.”
“All our systems are functioning within normal parameters, Sir, no anomalies on this end.”
“Any signs of another starship in the vicinity that could have evacuated them?” O’Riley queried.
“Nothing on long range sensors.” Jarvis reported. “Wait... Sir, I located a faint ion trail leading away from the surface and heading towards the Argolis Cluster. It looks like a small ship, possibly the size of a class eleven shuttle or a runabout. Maybe some of the colonists left in that. There are two Runabouts listed in the colony’s inventory, and both are missing from the docks. However, Sir, according to the plasmic decay rate, they left about twelve hours ago...”
“Captain,” Sara added, “I am detecting signs of an aerial bombardment on the surface. The three phaser cannons have been destroyed, and the colony’s shield generators are just... gone.”
“Commander Jensen,” the Captain stated, “I’m going down there with an away team to find out what is going on. You have the Bridge.”
“Understood.” Jensen responded.
“Captain,” O’Riley interjected, “I must officially object to you accompanying the away team in this mission due to the circumstances. Starfleet Regulation…”
“Your objection is noted, Marcus,” Jackson replied, “But you and Jarvis are with me.” He then tapped his combadge and spoke into it, “Medical and Security teams, report to Transporter Room Two.”
“We’re on our way, Captain,” came the reply over the com.

--- ---

The away team materialized on the transporter pad inside the main colony hub building. The sight was not what they expected. There was considerable destruction to the area. Blackened walls, floor, and consoles destroyed where power conduits had overloaded. Doors bent, and ceiling beams collapsed, almost as if attacked from a low orbit or from the inside.

“Any sign of survivors?” Captain Jackson asked.
“No, Sir, I’m not detecting any residual life signs.” Strahl replied. “However, I am reading a large energy source behind that bulkhead.”
“What kind of energy source?” O’Riley asked.
“It seems to be a... well... a Transwarp Power Cell.” Strahl commented hesitantly.
“Transwarp energy? Are you sure Sara?” Jackson queried.
“Confirmed, Sir,” O’Riley added, “It seems to be coming from the next room... from what looks like some kind of nano-matrix. I have never seen anything like it.”
“Jackson to Armadillo... Jensen I want you to do an immediate sweep of the area for Borg ships and energy signatures!”
“Borg Sir?” Commander Jensen queried.
“You heard me! We’ve found evidence of a Borg presence down here, and I want no surprises, understood?”
“Aye, sir. We’ll let you know if anything turns up. Jensen out.”
“Now...” Jackson instructed, “Let’s go take a look at this Borg ‘artifact’. I want to know what we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

Captain Jackson and the rest of the away team moved the debris away from the doorway leading into the next room to the left of the transporter platform. It took some doing to get through, and the sight they saw next made them all gasp. Seventy of the eighty-two colonists’ bodies lay in various, contorted positions, all partially assimilated. The fact that not one had been left alive was just the beginning. The Borg somehow getting into Federation space without detection caused fear and dismay in the away team. The strange thing was that after the medical team finished their preliminary examinations, they did not find a single injection tubule mark on any of the bodies. How was this possible?

“Jackson to Armadillo, we’ve got some bad news and some worse news. For starters, we have accounted for seventy colonists... all dead. Fortunately, that’s the extent of the bad news. Now for the worse… they all appear to have come in contact with the Borg.”
“Are you absolutely positive it was the Borg, Captain?”
“As sure as I’m standing in front of seventy partially assimilated drones. Furthermore, we do not even know how they were assimilated. There aren’t any injection tubule marks!”
“Captain, I think we should get all of you off the surface right now!”
“Agreed, Commander. Stand by to beam us up.”
“Captain,” O’Riley said, “I recommend we take the nano-matrix up to the ship for analysis, but in quarantine.”
“Agreed, Lieutenant. Jackson to Armadillo, one piece of equipment and the rest of the away team to transport directly into quarantine.”

--- ---

“There’s no sign of any thing wrong with any of you.” Marquette said, “You are all free to leave quarantine.”
“I would like to see the object we brought up with us.” Jackson requested, “What have we found out about it?”
“Not much, Sir.” Strahl replied, “We can’t even scan beneath its exterior material. For all we know, it could be a transponder or a malfunctioning piece of technology. We really have no idea, Sir. Lieutenant D’Rela tried to access a panel on the left, lower corner, but was unsuccessful.”

Captain Jackson moved closer to the nano-matrix power cell. Kneeling down, his face came close to the side as he felt his way around the base of the object trying to locate the panel his tricorder detected. His gaze went to the pulsating light and dark green flashes of light. He found himself transfixed upon it. He was taken by surprise when the pod ejected something into the air around his face, making him sneeze. He wiped his hands across his mouth as he stumbled back, away from the mechanism. Then it hit him. It felt as if something had moved under his right cheek. He again rubbed his face, kind of in wonder and slight alarm at what it might be.

“Marquette, get everyone out of this room. Whatever is in the air must be contained!”
“Aye, Sir. Everyone out! Now!”
“Jarvis, report to the bridge, and inform Commander Jensen of the situation.”
“On my way, Captain.”
“Marquette, beam a few of those bodies up here for autopsy. Let me know what you find out. Leave this room quarantined for a few hours, or until there is no sign of any other problems.”
“Yes, Sir.”

--- ---

The sickbay doors slit apart, and Jarvis began to move toward the bio bed within the isolation corner surrounded by a forcefield. Upon his entry, he interrupted a conversation between Doctor Marquette, and the Captain. She seemed to be giving him a final exam, and reporting her findings.

“...The most interesting thing is that for some reason, the assimilation didn’t take. All three bodies appear to be in good health, and no apparent trauma is present to warrant rejection. However, when I analyzed the coding within the dissected nanorobes, I found something very odd. They were all programmed for only a single DNA sequence. When they encountered anything else, they terminated the assimilation process.”
“What DNA were they programmed to assimilate?” Jackson asked.

She finished her scans, put her tricorder away, and moved toward the center console. Noticing Jarvis in the doorway, she gingerly rounded the console, and entered the key sequence releasing the forcefield surrounding the quarantine bed.
“Lieutenant, in or out, but don’t keep that door open. I don’t like outside air in my Sickbay.”
“Sorry, Ma’am.”

Jarvis stepped forward, allowing the doors to close behind him.

“You are fine, as far as I can tell, Captain, but you let me know if anything weird starts. There is something in your bloodstream I cannot identify, but it is not communicable. You are not a threat to the crew. I do however advise that you rest for a good eight hours.”

The light hum from the forcefield died in a sharp tilt as it died out. Jackson slowly rose from the bio-bed, and got to his feet.

“Doctor, I feel fi...”
“I can make it an order, if you wish, Captain. I’d rather not have to.”
“Ok, ok. You win. Anything I can do for you Jarvis?”
“Oh. No sir, I just wanted to see how you were.”
“Well, Lieutenant, as you can see, I am perfectly fine. Any response from Starfleet?”
“No, Sir, nothing yet.”
“All right. Well, I’m going to my quarters to rest for a while,” Jackson said, throwing a spiteful glance at Marquette, “And I do not wish to be disturbed. Tell Jensen that I want that colony obliterated. Nothing left. Got it?”
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