Battle for the Alpha Quandrant......An alternative DS9 story

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Battle for the Alpha Quandrant......An alternative DS9 story

Post by MajorPayne » Sun May 01, 2005 7:16 am

Currently this remains unfinished as I've not had time or chance to finish it. However, I've posted what I have done so far, not only as a bit of short entertainment (and yes, I do know the grammers a little off and the spellings a bit incorrect at times but still...), but a means to show what this forum is about.

This story is what I would consider to be a better ending to the Dominion war. There may be dialogue and/or scenes taken from DS9 itslef but suffice as to say it won't end before its begun, and expect a little suprise...........

Battle for the Alpha Quadrant by Major A Payne

The silence of space is a strange thing, and as I sit here writting this I tend to reflect heavily on the past two months which must have seen the worst battle in the history of the Federation and I'm sure it will earn itself a place in the hearts and minds of all those who survived............
(two months earlier)
"Sir, we have an incoming message from Admiral Hanson"
"Captain Jacob's. How are those upgrades comming. I want you to go to deep space nine and await further orders."
"Well with all due respect admiral. I don't assume section 31 mean't this ship to go into battle."
"Captain. I don't care what section 31 want or don't want. You have 6 hours to make the rest of your repairs and head to DS9. You have your orders."
"Yes, sir."
"Ensign. Engage the cloak and engage at slipstream plus six."
"Aye Sir. Engaging cloak."
The USS Darkhawk, quietly seemed to just vanish and to the naked eye it would have been almost impossible to see. Seconds later the vessel was gone leaving a very faint ion trail.
Meanwhile, onboard Deep Space Nine, everything is quiet. Perhaps too quiet. Suddenly, a loud claxon sounds.
"Attention. All personal please report to duty station. Attention. All personal please report to duty stations."
"Somebody turn that dam siren off. Mr Worf. Report."
"Sir. There's a large fleet of dominion vessels on the very edge of sensor range."
"Commander. A vessel is decloaking of upper pilon two and requesting docking permission."
"Open a channel."
"Channel opened."
"On screen."
Jacob's image suddenly appeared and although the captain was young, you could tell that he was experienced from the look in his eyes.
"Commander Sisko. I'm Captain Richard Jacob's of the Starship USS Darkhawk. I know you've got many questions which I would love to answer, but I think it would be better face to face instead of via this view screen."
"Very well Captain. Permission granted to dock at upper pylon two. I'll have a small party to greet you."
"Thankyou Commander. Jacob's out"
The image flicked off."Helm. Move us into docking position and power down systems." "Aye sir."
The Darkhawk moved slowly in as docking latches thudded into place securing the vessl.

A huge ship seemed to glide magestically, as it moved seemingly without motion towards its final destination. Behind it were hundreds of much smaller vessels. Each one carrying the dreaded Jem'Hadar soldiers. On board the flagship Harishta, the changling moved about the bridge knowing that many of the ships would be destroyed and many warriors killed, but not before the Federation was brought to its knees. The Dominion infiltrations had been extremely successful, what with the information they had provided concerning the evacuation of the Cardassian station deep space nine, and the removal of the minefield, from the entrance to the passageway, the changeling new it would be an easy matter to bring through this fleet and the Alpha quadrant would belong to the Dominion.
Little did he know what would be awaiting him and his soldiers when they emerged from the wormhole................
"So what your telling me is that the USS Darkhawk is a prototype then. And how in the hell did Section 31 integrate the Slipstream technology. I thought it wasn't possible."
"Well Commander. It's just down to the way the four nacelles produce a non fluxuating resinance field over the ship and the negative polorization thats produced from the secondary deflector array thats the key to producing a stable slipstream."
"Well all I'll say Captain is it's an impressive ship. Should prove to be an asset."
"Ben. Look's like there's a large fleet of Federation ships headin towards the station, and it looks like they were successful in persuading the Romulans and Klingons to lend a hand, but theres a Romulan vessel I've never seen before."
"Okay lets have a visual."
"Punching it up now, sir."
On the view screen was what can only be described as the biggest fleet ever mobilised before. There were simply to many vessels to count, but strangest of all was a massive vessel within the Romulan side.
"Give me a reading on that vessel, old man."
Jadzia reached over and tapped the necessary control. She's couldn't believe what she saw before her, and here disbelief showed as she gave the command staff the vessel specifications.
"Well it looks like a dreadnought class of starship."
"Strange for the Romulans to make such an aggressive move."
"I know, and it gets better. Its armed with four tri-plasma phaser turrets, and what looks like some sort of modified Plasmatronic cannon"
"Hmmm, sounds like greek to me."
"Apparently sensors are telling me that the power of the beam from that cannon would be enough to destroy a Borg cube with a single hit. The power output must be massive."
"Sir, the lead federation vessel is hailing us. It's Admiral Hanson. Putting him onscreen."
"Admiral, glad you could make the party. Thats quite a fleet."
"Ben. There will be plenty of time for pleasantaries later. Once we dock we'll begin debriefing immediately. There's been some disturbing news. I've got Captain Kathryn Janaway onboard. Unfortunately the USS Voyager was far to badly damaged to be used but the Prometheus is on its way from charting the Darius cluster. Apparently, she found something which might turn the tide of this war totally, and it's not good. We'll be there in about sizteen minutes. Hanson out."
"Okay Richard. We'll be waiting. Sisko out."
"Commander, the wormhole is opening. Sensors indicate a heel of alot ofwarp signatures in there."
"Well it looks like this could be it. Open a channel to the Repulse."
"Channel open."
"Admiral. The Dominion fleet is making itsway through the wormhole.How far are you??"
"We'll be ther in aproximately three minutes."
"Understood. I'm sure we can hold them off until then. Sisko out."
Meanwhile, the crew of the Darkhawk had returned to their vessel and were already disengaged from DS9.
"Helm, bring us to two-oh-four point one. I want a complete status report."
"Captain. This is engineering. We've got a slight power variance in the warp manifolds, but I'll have the problem sorted in a few minutes. Harkana out."
"Dina metric phaser system on full stand by. Multi-adaptive shields at one hundred percent. Tri Cobalt torpedos loaded. All stations standing by."
"Prepare to engage."
"Sisko to ops. Detach moorings."
"Kira to Sisko. You are clear to depart."
"Very good Major. Helm bring us on a parallel course to match point with the DarkHawk."
"Understood. Moving."
The Defiant slowly moved into place as the first of the Dominion vessels appeared. This vessel was quickly followed by another, and another until there seemed to be too many to count.
"Sir, the Dominion fleet is just holding position. There not making any attempt to attack."
"Hmmm, I don't like it. Whats the status of their weapon systems."
"Negative Commander. Their weapons are not powered up."
"What are they playing at. Raise our shields just to be on the safe side."
"Shields up. Sir the fleet has just arrived."
"Admiral Hanson is hailing us, Captain."
"Give me a visual."
"Admiral. For some reason the Dominion are not attacking."
The two fleets of starships just seemed to be poised, ready for something to happen but neither side was willing make the first move. Then, without warning a vessel from the Dominion fleet suddenly took of at high impulse toward the federation fleet.
"Admiral. The destroyer is arming weapons."
"Hold steady. Open a channel to the DarkHawk."
"Channel open."
"Captain. Prepare to engage."
On board the DarkHawks bridge Captain Jacob's was waiting with mounting anticipation for the command. Thankfully it wasn't long in comming.
"Captain. Engage that ship."
"Yesir. Helm. Bring us about. Yousaf. Target that ship, aaaaannnnndddd. FIRE!!!"
A strange blueish glow eminated from the front of the vessels saucer and in the blink of an eye, two phaser bolts fired and struck the destroyer leaving it listing apparently devoid of power. Seconds later it disappeared in a brilliant flash, leaving very little in its wake.
Within seconds of this event both sides begun a massive assault on each other.
"Reeves. Tell Sovereign wing three to head for that dreadnought. I want it taken out ASAP. Send in Akira wings two and six to engage the Breen command ship, and......."
".....sir. We have incomming dominion destroyers!!!"
"Evasive pattern theta. Enagage."
"Sir. Our ports nacelle has taken a direct hit. We're venting plasma. AAAAAAaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh......."
Onboard the lead dominion destroyer, Weyoun watched with satisfaction as the second shot, hit with enough force to take out the Federation Flagship bridge.
"Excellent. Now with that vessel removed the rest shouldn't be a problem!!"
Sisko watched with horror as the USS Potemkin blew into a million pieces.
"Ensign. Prepare to engage. Attack pattern Sisko-three-zero. Engage."
"Aye, commander."
The Defiant moved with easy grace as she turned to fall in behind Weyoun's destroyer. Two shots was all it took for Weyoun and his vessel to be vaporised.
"Good shooting Mr Worf. Take us in for pass on nearest dominion vessel. Lets see what this ship can REALLY do!!!"
Worf was unable to supress a grin and he went to work. Two minutes later the Defiant had cut a massive wave of destruction across the front of four breen vessels.
"Well done Mr Worf. Bring us around for another pass. Just to be on the safe side.|"
By now the battle had intensified to a point whereby ships from both sides were being destroyed or badly bamaged every few seconds. A huge explosion suddenly lit up the area where the Dominion Dreadnought had once been.

"Sir, we just lost the Archenine."
"Understood. this is Commander Sisko to all ships. Fall back and regroup at sector 317."
"Sir. The fleets responded. They're disengaging."
"Right, get us the hell outta here."
The federation fleet, or what was left of it, suddenly turned to disengage, but were still firing as they left. A few hits were successful but not enough for the remaining dominion forces to worry about.
"Founder. Should we persue??"
"Hmmm. No. Let them leave. We require to regroup ourselves. Inform the Nirauous I want the Wormhole to be created. We shall return back to the Gamma Quadrant for now to gather our reserves."
"Yes, founder at once."
A small Dominion vessel suddenly materialised and emitted a strange glow from its front. Minutes later a large artificial wormhole was formed and the rest of the vessels moved slowly into it.
Meanwhile, back at DS9 there was a heated arguement ragin between Sisko and Admiral Draskia.
"Look Admiral. I know the fleet was ordered to stay and fight but if we did do you think any vessels would have made it back?? I made the decision and I stand by it."
"Commander. If I had my way you would be thrown into a cell to rot for the rest of your life, but lucky for you Starfleet Command agrees with you on this matter."
"Well if theres nothing else Sir. I would very much appreciate it if you would let me continue to do my job."
"Hmmmm, sounds like Sisko is winning yet another battle."
"Maybe Chief. But he will not always win. One day he'll be wrong."
"I do not think so Major. He is always going to be right."
"O'Brien to Sisko."
"Go ahead Chief."
"Sir. I've got the Prometheus on Long range scanners. She looks like she's in pretty bad shape."
"I'll be right there."
With the departing of Admiral Draskia, Sisko emerged from his office.
"Shall I send out a vessel to meet her, commander??"
"Well let's see.........Hmmmmm.......Send out the Lakota."
"Yes sir. They're responding and moving to intercept."
The Lakota moved with easy grace and a few minutes later was accompanying the badly damaged Prometheus back to DS9. The ship itself seemed to have been hit by some sort of energy weapon.
Soon she was docked at the station where Sisko and Janaway where waiting for the crew to disembark with several medical crews.
"Ben. I've heard alot about this ship from the Doctor after he got back to us in the Delta Quadrant. Is it really capable of Multi-Vector-Assault-Mode??"
"Apparently so. I've not seen the vessel in combat myself first hand but apparently in the short time that your EMH and the Prometheuses emergency medical hologram were in command of it they managed to take out a Romulan Warbird. Not an easy task for any vessel."
"Well I'm just glad that they managed to get the vessel outfitted with....what was that drive again....??"
"Quantum Warp Drive. Well it took starfleet engineers long enough to finish the prototype drive."
"Still at least they managed to send it back to the Delta Quadrant with the specifications for the drive, and I'm glad it worked. to travel thirty seven thousand light years in a matter of days is incredible."
Just then their conversation was interrupted, by the opening of the docking port door. Several members of the Prometheus crew appeared battered and bruised. Sisko counted as only thiry three of the remaining crew members were escorted to the stations sickbay. The last crew member to appear was the first officer.
"Commander Sisko. I'm afraid to say that Captain Heartland died in our engagement and I think it was only because of the Multi-Adaptive shielding we got away with our lives."
"Commander. You can give me a report once doctor Bashir clears you for duty. For now report to sickbay. I'll probably be down later to find out what happened anyway."
"Aye, sir."
And with that he was led away for treatment.
"They must have been in a hell of a fight, and I have a nasty feeling I know what they were faced with as well."
"I agree Kathryn. I hope your wrong but we'll find out soon enough."

(Three days earlier)
"Proceed to grid 221, and assimilate all individuals and technology into the collective."
The Borg cube quickly changed course and begun heading for a small cluster of some six planets. On Baradus III the Federation colony had already picked up the cube and were evacuating the colony inhabitants.
"Commander. Borg cube is aproximately sixty three minutes from entering the sector."
"Dam. Okay send word to Starfleet. Emergency channel Theta. Tell them to get someone out here ASAP."
"Transmitting now sir."
Moments later the signal was received by the USS Prometheus, as she was surveying an L-Type planet.
"Captain. We're receiving a distress call from Baradus III."
"On screen."
"Punching it up now sir."
"Starfleet, respond. I repeat....Please respond. There is a Borg cube heading in our direction. We have aproximately sixty three minutes before they arrive. We have limited vessels and are incapable of protecting ourselves. Please send help immediately."
"Helm. lay in a course. Engage."
A golden glow eminated from the Prometheuses nacelles and within seconds she was gone.
"Helm. What's our ETA."
"Twenty four minutes sir."
Very soon the Prometheus had emerged from Quantum warp, even though the cube hadn't yet made it into visual range.
"Sir, the cube in within range. Its hailing us."
"Ah to hell with listening to them bleat on about 'Assimilation'. It gets right on my nerves. Switch to Multi-Vector-Assault-Mode and ready all hands for engagement."
"Aye sir. All stations report ready."
"Disengaging in 3......2.......1.......Lateral locks disengaged."
The vessel suddenly split into three sections, as the cube came into range.
"Attack pattern Alpha. Target that cube."
"Sir, the cube is attempting to lock on but is having problems with the multi-adaptive shields."
"Good. let's make sure they don't get the chance to adapt."
With that wll three section begun to press home a heavy attack and a large section of the cube suddenly blew of and exploded causing a quick chain reaction throughout the cubes interior.
"Helm. Get us the hell away from that thing before she blows."
With a great fury the cube exploded but the Prometheus couldn't move out of range of the shockwave which caught the centre section side on. A large stantion beam collapsed under the extra pressure and Captain Heartland fell to the ground under the beam. He didn't move. Although the combat had been brief the ship had been badly damaged.
"Sir. The centre section has taken very heavy damage to both nacelles. She's dead in space."
"And the other two sections??"
"Lower section sustained heavy casualties, and theres a large breach in section thirty two to fourty seven. The emergy forcefield didn't hold. The Command section has damage to the warp drive and main power is offline."
"Anything else??"
"'s the captain.....He's dead!!!"
"Dam what happened to him??"
"Looks like when the shockwave hit the centre section a large stantion beam fell ontop of him. Doctor Malenchie couldn't do anything for him."
"We'll grieve later. For now lets get this vessel back in one and think about getting our collective asses back home. Signal the colony. Tell them the cube has been destroyed but they should still get out of this area just in case."
"Aye sir."
And with that, the Prometheus slowly re-intergrated itself and proceeded slowly out of the sector.

"Founder. May I indulge you for just a moment??"
Weyoun entered a large round hallway, which was lit by several hundred candles.
"Yes, Weyoun. What it is??"
"Well, three of our destroyers have found a huge vessel apparently derelict. Upon closer investigation there appears to about three thousand crew on board. All in hyper sleep."
"Hmmm, interesting. Have a towing ship sent out to retrieve the vessel. I would like to see what this is about."
"It's already been taken care of."
"Very well. Leave me now."
With that Weyoun bowed, turned and left.

Meanwhile, a large contingent of deligates, from several areas of the Alpha Quadrant had gathered at Starfleet HeadQuaters, and massive argument was brewing.
"Mr President. With all due respect the Federation seems no longer able to protect its own people, let alone help those smaller areas which have been under attack, over the past few months. How do you expect to do this??"
"Well to answer that question I would like to introduce you all to what we hope is the answer to our problems."

A large view screen, suddenly appeared behind the President and a large gasp went through the crowd.

"Mr President. Surely you can't expect any type of alliance with the Borg, can you????"
"This is not an alliance. We have been in constant contact with this Borg sphere as it is apparently not part of the Collective any longer."
"Sir, this can't be possible". There were a few angry shouts, and the president held hinds hands up for calm. Eventually, he got it. "Maybe Captain Janaway can explain this better than I can. Captain."
"Thankyou Sir. You may all have seen the Voyager's last encounter with the Borg, in grid 971 of the Delta Quadrant. Well this Sphere is no longer part of the Collective due to a virus which we successfully implanted, which caused all Borg which were able to have access to a place they described as Unimatrix-Zero. This sphere is commanded by a Klingon Commander, who was assimilated in the Gamma Quadrant. My crew was able to rescue myself, Lt. Tuvok, and my chief Engineer from what Seven of Nine referred to as a 'Class 4 Tactical Cube', with their help, so we can safely say that we have an ally here, and they may not be the only ones. Suffice as to say that we have also contacted them since and we have been able to gain much knowledge of how Borg technology works. We have also begun constrution of a new Borg-Federation hybrid vessel which has the capabilities of both species."

With that the screen changed to show a new vessel. This time murmers went through the gathered crowd, and someone stood up at the back.

"Captain Janaway. What are these capabilities you speak of??"
" She is called the USS Excalibur. The vessel is aproximately two and a half times the length of the Galaxy Class, carries the standard warp capable drive, but is also fitted with Transwarp and slipstream technology. Its carries twelve type nineteen phasers and is also armed with eight rapid fire multi-targetting Nova Torpedo launchers."
"And how long before this vessel is ready for launch??"
"She's ready for launch now. The final testing is complete."
"Very good Captain. Now back to buisiness."

With that Janaway left the hall, bound for her first duel command of the new Excalibur.

"Well this should be a hell of a trip. Janaway to Excalibur. One to beam up. Energize!!"

And with that she was gone.


"Proceed to sector 882. We have monitored a large battle between federeation vessels and a currently unknown species. We must determine if this new species has viable technology to assimilate."

A class 4 tactical cube quickly moved to comply but a sudden brilliant flash lit up the area of space where the cube once was. In close proximity to this dissapating explosion a large vessel materialised into space.

"Commander. The Borg cube has been destroyed. Sensors indicate no survivors. However, the larger fragments may contain items which we can adapt and use."
"Excellent. I want a full search done for the borg transwarp coil that we require."

Meanwhile, the Excalibur had picked up the very quick battle.

"Captain. Sensors indicate a massive explosion just outside the Jatara Nebula."
"Very well. Set course. Maximum Warp. Engage."
"Aye sir."

The Excalibur swung around and immediately zipped of into the blackness of space. A hour or so passed whilst the Excalibur was in warp.

"Sir, comming up on the coordinates. Dropping to impulse."
"On screen. lets see whats been happening."

The view screen suddenly flicked on to show what was left of the borg cube.

"Okay, so perhaps someone can tell me whats going on."
"Captain. Scans of the wreckage indicate a type of Romulan disruptor. Something I've never seen before."
"Hmmmm, Romulans eh. Notify Starfleet ASAP. Scan for any Romulan vessels in the area."
"Yes captain. Sorry to report but no Romulan ships located. Perhaps its already left."
"Yeah right, and I've been promoted to head of the federation. Keep scanning, and narrow the beam if necessary."
"Aye sir."

"Commander. The federation ship hasn't scanned us as yet, and we have at least six transwarp coils."
"Very good. Make ready to leave this area. I don't want to test this ship against the Excalibur yet, until those coils are installed."

"One of these days Ben, they're going to make you an admiral. Then we'll all be in trouble.". Admiral Thompson laughed at the final part of his sentence.
"If you say so admiral. However, you know how I feel about that."
"Dax to Sisko. Ben. I believe you might want to see this."
"I'll be right there. Sisko out."

To be continued.............

(sounds like a bloody episode with that on the end :lol: )

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Post by fetalmonkey » Sun May 01, 2005 7:20 am

when its finished i would love to be informed it was getting really really good to

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Post by JPKTrekker » Thu May 19, 2005 7:01 pm

Me-sa really like. Please continue.
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Post by MajorPayne » Sun Sep 11, 2005 4:30 am


Sisko, was soon in ops.

"Okay, old man. Lets have it. Whats so important to drag me away from....."
"Well take a look for yourself.", she pointed at the viewscreen.

It was a strange feeling for Sisko as he seemingly gazed at....himself.

"Hello there Ben. I assume you know me."
"Of course, but I was under the impression you were killed the last time I was there."
"True but then I'm not who you actually think I am.", and with that the person on screen slowly changed into a liquid like form. It then changed again to reveal a new form.

"So your a changeling!!??!!"
"That I am Ben."
"Okay lets get straight to the point. What do you want??", Ben asked even knowing what the answer would be, but was surprised by the reply.
"Well for a start I am not here to order your surrender. More so to issue some information that should help you.", and without waiting for a response continued, "Basically, as you've already bared witness the Dominion currently has a substantial fleet available to its needs. Of these ships many you have seen in combat but there is one that you have not. It is a seemingly small and insignificant vessel but carries the capability to create a wormhole to any area in the known galaxy. This ship carries no other weapons but is heavily shielded.", at this the changeling leaned forward and pressed several buttons, "as you can see. It is extremely well protected. If you truely want this war to end, before it goes any further then I suggest you use this information to your advantage. It will be the one and only time I will be able to contact you."
"So why should I believe a word you tell me??"
"Simply put, you have little to no choice. Unless you trust me then you'll find that there could be a wormhole opening up directly inside Deep Space 9."
"Commander. If that happens then it would open up the entire station to space and likely destroy it in the process.", O'brien stated flatly.
Sisko, looked thoughtful for a few moments before turning back to face the view screen, "Very well. I'll take it under advisement." The viewscreen became blank.

"Okay then people. I want suggestions. Just incase this changeling isn't wasting our time I want everyones input."

"Janeway to Karok. Are you reading me??"
"Yes, captain. I am heading for your rendevouz and will be there in around 37 minutes."
"No worries. We'll be there very shortly. Did you contact any others??"
"Just a few captain. You may be surprised at what we're bringing along for the ride. Seems your dominion friends may have something 'interesting' to contend with. Karok out."
" Understood. We'll see you shortly. Janeway out."

Meanwhile a somewhat secret meeting was in the process of taking place within the confines of the Romulan Senate.
"Are you sure the information is correct, preator?"
"Valkis. How many times have I told you. Information I receive is always correct. Now do as I request, and launch."
"Very well preator. And what if the humans should intervein??"
"If and when that happens I expect you to eliminate any threat to the empire. Do I make myself clear."
With that Sub commander Valkis made her way from the chamber.

A lone Borg sphere moved at a seemingly low speed to wards a small red planet. On board its captain, Karok, stood prepared for the meeting.
"Karok. The USS Excalibur has entered sensor range. The ship appears to be under attack by an unknown Romulan vessel."
Karok's hands moved swiftly over the control console in front of him, and the sphere immediately moved to intercept.
"Karok to Janeway. We are here to assist."
"Thankyou Karok. Feel free anytime. This ship has been on our tail since we left Federation space."
"Engage that ship."
At that command a phaser beam fired from the spheres front, striking the Remora on her bow. On board the Remora, Valkis didn't seem concerned.She smiled and issued the order to fire.
A swirling blue beam of energy fired from the ships front and struck the sphere. It sliced straight through the sphere hull cleaving it cleanly in two halves. Small explosions were happening all over the spheres surface, and it suddenly exploded in a whirling ball of fire. On board the Excalibur, Janeway stood paralised with disbelief at the destruction. At this point the Remora slowly disappeared. On board, the sub commander seemed overly pleased.
"Most satisfactory. Set course for Romulus. I must inform the Praetor immediately of this triumph."
And with that the Remora was gone.
"Helm. Set course for Federation space. We've got to get out of here now."
"Hold on captain. Theres another ship heading at high warp towards this location."
"What type??"
"Unknown but its signature reads as Federation. Hold on. Theres a message coming in, verbal only."
"Okay lets here it."
"Excalibur, this is captain Fortez of the Courageous. We're here to escort you back."
"Courageous?? Never heard of the class."
"Not to worry captain. All will be revealed.". With that the comm went quiet.
"On screen. I want to see this ship."
With a sudden blue flash the Courageous appeared.
"The Courageous is hailing again captain."
"On Screen."
Before the screen could change the Excalibur was rocked by a hit.
"Captain. Sensors indicate a Dominion battleship, baring astern."
"Why didn't our sensors detect it earlier??"
"They may have been using the planets pole as a means to hide themselves."
Another hit shook the ship.
"Shields down by fifteen percent."
"Prepare to engage. Fortez. Seems our chat will have to wait."
"Not to worry captain Janeway. Leave this to us."
At those words the Courageous headed in towards the Dominion vessel. Janeway watched thinking that the Courageous could not hope to destroy such a huge vessel. On board the Courageous, however, events were being forced to take place.
"Shields up. Power weapons and prepare to fire."
"Shields up captain. Phasers fully charged and torpedos are ready to fire."
"Hold it,"
At several points on board the much smaller vessel weapons ports opened. It seemed that phaser fire and torpedos came from everywhere on the front of the ship.
"Close to point blank. Fire at will."
As the ships closed the Courageous weaved with easy grace around the larger ships hull. In the meantime the battleship continued to fire and whilst seemed to hit the smaller ship there was little damage being caused. Several minutes passed while the Courageous and the battleship continued to exchange fire. Eventually the federation ship managed to punch through the battleships shields and several shots penetrated the hull. At this the Courageous fired one last time and moved quickly away. A brilliant flash lit up the space where the battleship once was.
"Excellent shooting. Now bring us back on a parallel course with the Excalibur. I have a feeling Janeway will want to know about my baby."
"Yes sir. Coming about."

"Founder. A signal is being received from Battleship xesnis. It states that this ship has engaged two federation starships - The USS Excalibur and an unknown class of ship."
Suddenly the signal stopped.
"Apparently the signal has been cut off."
"How astute you can be at times. Did it ever occure to you that the battleship may have been destroyed??"
"How can that be founder. The Dominion cannot be beaten."
"Weyoun. If theres one thing I've come to learn, its that you never underestimate the Federations need for survival, or there innate sense of initiative."

"Okay then captain Fortez. Perhaps you would care to explain how a ship this size can beat a Dominion battleship."
"Come this way captain Janeway. My chief engineer should be able to explain any questions you need answering."
"Ah, captain Janeway. So good to finally meet you. So how was the Delta Quadrant??"
"Captain. You'll excuse Savris. She has something of a strange sense of humour."
"Yes. I kind of noticed that. Anyway, so tell me how this ship survived intact then."
"Well, its down to the reflective shield technology. The basic premise is that due to the shileds being directly tied into both the deflector grid and warp core the shields can deflect almost ninety-eight percent of the energy discharge of any weapon. Even Borg phasers and tractor beams have trouble with this ships shields. Besides. Only the Excalibur is more advanced than this ship."
"Very good Savris. Head on back to engineering. I need those scan reports ASAP."
"Aye sir.", and at that she left.
When she was gone, Fortez turned to face Janeway. "Captain. We managed to take several scans of that Romulan vessel that destroyed Karok's sphere, and it seems we're dealing with a new type of plasma based ionically charged pulse beam."
"Hmmmmm, I think we had better get back to Deep Space nine."
"Agreed. We'll see what Sisko has to say about this."

With that Janeway returned to the Excalibur and both ships zipped of a high warp.


.........TO BE CONTINUED (at some time in the future).

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Post by kips » Tue Sep 20, 2005 9:42 am

More, more thats getting good when is the next instalment? 8)
life is life and death well thats a pain in the neck.

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The name Draskia

Post by Draskia » Sat May 29, 2010 5:59 pm

is my name. Why did you use it?

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Post by MajorPayne » Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:21 pm

Draskia. Your point being??

Bare in mind that you've responded to this thread which was made aprox 5 years ago, with YOUR FIRST POST after registering 3 days ago on here, and kindly don't try the "but I've been lurking here for years" statement that I've seen so many times from new posters.

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Battle for the alpha quarant

Post by Franko » Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:47 pm

Sounds Great I look forward too its completion and Distribution.

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