The Duel

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The Duel

Post by Harrie » Wed Jun 29, 2005 3:51 pm

The Duel

It would happen in a glade. The date was only a few days before the beginning of the new year. A good two inches of snow covered the ground.

A man, his name unknown, walked with slow sure steps. The confidence he held for his skills was clearly recognizable. He wore a sleeveless vest under a thick winter cloak. He was a burly man of nearly seven feet.

His icy blue eyes held no compassion. They held only a maniacal gleam, and a promise of bringing pain wherever he went.

He is incredibly smart, has extremely keen senses, and lighting fast reflexes but every thing boiled down to him being a murderer, pure and simple. He got pleasure from killing the innocent, from slicing the skin off their bones, hearing their screams for mercy.

‘Mercy?’ he would laugh. ‘Mercy, is something God gives. I’m not God.’

He had turned torture into an art form, he knew how to cut a man’s heart out while causing immense pain but all the while keeping them alive long enough to see it stop beating in his hands.

On his back he carried an executioner style axe. With it he had a maximum of an eight-foot reach. He gotten his axe cursed by a Necromancer at the price of eight babies hearts. With the curse it would increase his strength twenty fold but because the price had been eight pure souls he would forever live a cursed life of death and destruction.

He entered the glade and waited. His opponent would be arriving shortly. In the mean time he removed the heavy cloak and checked the sharpness of his blade. Three trees fell with only one mighty swing.

From the other path the one he awaited walked silently in the gently falling snow. The common people called him Rächer or Vengeance. He was a hero of the people. He killed only killers. All of them though had done more damage than could be imagined. He avenged undue deaths of the innocent.

He was a heartthrob among village girls, young and old. Though when anyone made advances on him he politely declined and moved on. Rumor was that he had had a wife and two little girls. All of which were brutally raped and later murdered.

He had hunted the men who were responsible down and killed them. From then on he took to hunting down murderers and rapist. He would kill them and collect whatever bounty he could. It was widely known that he would keep enough to get room and board at the local inn and donate the rest to the local church or school.

He was roughly six foot two inches. With eyes darker than obsidian, other rumors said his eyes had been green until his wife and children were murdered. Then they darkened with so much anger and grief they turned black.

He wore tight fitting leathery armor that despite the ridged stiff look to was amazingly flexible. At his side there was a 32-inch Japanese long sword, one of the best the smith had ever created. A sage had enchanted it and would not bend, blunt, or break. When used correctly it would cleave through solid granite faster than it would paper.

Stepping into the glade he walked to the side opposite the murderer.

“Are you ready to die, murderer?”

The murderer smiled and gave a heartless laugh. “Don’t you wish, Rächer? No, I will be the one to kill you and then all through the land I will be feared as the one who defeated Vengeance.”

Vengeance growled, “Let’s get started.”

The murderer grabbed the handle of his axe and reveled in the demonic energy that filled him.

Vengeance calmly dropped into an attack stance. Gripping the hilt of his sword and its scabbard. The murderer charged at him.

Vengeance prepared to use his ultimate attack, the Bottou Jutsu or Sword Draw.

‘Just a little closer, that’s all.’ He thought.

The murderer suddenly flung his axe in an overhead toss. It hit the ground just right and flipped end over end faster than Vengeance could follow. Cursing, Vengeance attacked the spinning axe. The blades clashed and the axe was finally sent hurtling into the air. In a graceful arc it landed at the feet of the murder, he simply laughed.

Picking his weapon up he began to advance on Vengeance, drawing more demonic energy into him at the same time.

Vengeance had felt the demonic aura on the axe and wondered if his sword could contend with it. With grim determination he raised his sword.

Slashing it in a diagonal path he sent a wave of razor sharp air at the other man. It hit the murderer but did little more than push him back several feet. Behind him several trees fell over, as the wave sliced through ancient tree trunks.

Vengeance’s eyes widened. Never had that attack failed to do more that move his enemy. The murderer laughed harder.

With a roar Vengeance charged at his opponent. The murderer made several wild swings at him but caught only air. Vengeance jumped at him and disappeared. A searing pain on his back told the Murderer where his opponent had gone.

Behind him stood Vengeance, his sword covered in blood. The demonic axe poured more energy into its owner and the slash healed moments later.

“My turn.” The murderer said with a sadistic grin. He swung the flat side of the axe at him. The blow sent Vengeance flying into a tree, the tree ended up cracking and falling over.

“Damn” Vengeance muttered and coughed up blood. Wiping his mouth he stood, sword in hand.

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, looked down on the one she had chosen as her avatar long ago. He could still win this battle but he would have to lose first.

The murderer advanced on Vengeance once again. He got ready to swing once he was in range.

Vengeance stood up painfully. He had landed on his leg and it had ended up twisted in an odd angle underneath him. He was lucky it was not broken.

Swinging his sword in front of him he began chanting.

Snow whirled around the feet of the on coming murderer with each step.

The chanting increased in volume and in speed. The Murderer was right on top of him; the giant of a man swung his axe downward with enough force to cleave his opponent in half.

Suddenly a bird chirped, a beaver slapped the water, and a doe finished giving birth a new fawn.

All of this happened in a single instant.

In the second before the axe hit time stopped and of that second the world hung in suspense.

For that second every being unknowingly held its breath and waited.

Then… they sighed.

Demonic axe and unyielding sword clashed. Time resumed and the fight continued.

They duo fought, neither tiring nor caring. They both wanted to win.

Finally Rächer dropped to his knees. The murderer’s face still held the same sadistic smile.

“Finally Rächer, you have given up.”

Above them Nemesis smiled sadly. Her avatar had figured it out.

Vengeance heaved a great sigh, “Yes I…” he could not bring himself to say he had lost. “You win.”

The Murderer walked up beside him and raised his axe up to perform the killing blow. With a yell of fury, he swung the axe down.

In the blink of an eye, Vengeance twisted onto his back and lashed out. His sword sliced cleanly through the murderer, cleaving the man in half, but it was too late to save himself. The axe plunged deep into his chest, shattering his ribs and cutting vital organs to pieces. They both died instantly.

Nemesis looked down from the heavens on her fallen champion, then turned to his spirit and smiled softly. “Come Warrior, you have rid the world of evil long enough. It’s time you met the ones you fought for. I also have it on the highest authority that your daughters and wife are anxious to see you again.”

Vengeance smiled happily, his eyes lost their darkness as happiness replaced his grief and sorrow, soft forest green replaced midnight black. “Yes… Please, lead the way.”


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good Imagery Harrie a truely injoyalbe read

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