EAS ENFORCER - Episode II: Hatred + SPECIAL: Service History

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EAS ENFORCER - Episode II: Hatred + SPECIAL: Service History

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EAS Enforcer, Episode II - HATRED

Okay, here it comes: EAS ENFORCER Episode II: Hatred

A Minbari ship crashes on an uninhabited planet near the Earth Alliance border. Just a few days later the ENFORCER strands due to a hyperspace distorion in the same system.
They detect the Minbari, but are Colonel Vassiliev and his crew willing to safe members from a species that tried to exterminate Humanity just one year before?

Teta Venturi IV, December 22, 2246

A Minbari Tinashi War Frigate enters an atmosphere. Enlightened by the heat, the ship dives very fast into the atmosphere.
Marenn: "Alyt, we are diving to quickly into the atmosphere, we will not survive a crash if we do not correct our course NOW!"
Alyt Sorann: "Yes, then correct the course. This ship is not even build for atmospheric flight, so I don't think that many of us will survive anyway."
Marenn: "Entering stratosphere now. The temperature of the outer hull is about 500,000 standard units. We will hit the surface within the next minutes!"

The command deck of the frigate trembles from the turbulences, when they are diving through the clouds downwards the rocky planet.
Now even inside the ship the heat grows.
The holographic screen shows a great plain, scarved by rivers, canyons and smaller hills. The surface comes closer and closer.

Marenn: "We are about 10 kilometers above ground. Hitting surface in 30 seconds!"
Sorann: "Everybody prepare to crash!"

Sorann, even if never showing any emotions, has the fear in his eyes. Paralized he stared at the landscape coming closer his ship.

The Minbari warship rammed a mountain with its rear fins and crashed with the nose on the dry surface. The ship slided more than 5 kilometers over the ground, before it came to a stop.

M-308, EAS Enforcer, December 24, 2246

In the Mess Hall everything is decorated for the upcoming christmas party. In some corners, little clouds of white fake snow covers parts of the interior.
Lower ranked crewmans are preparing the dinner for the command officers. Cpt. Vassiliev scheduled his unofficial dinner for the next year's january to benefit the christmas party.
Vassiliev and Aymes are entering the Officer's mess hall to watch the preparations.

Vassiliev: "Hm, I can still remember my first christmas in space."
Aymes: "Christmas with the Marines in space, nice. What was your present? Drills, a one kilometer zero-g marathon through a ship?"
Vassiliev: "Not exactly. Thousand Marines on board an Artemis class destroyer..."
Aymes: "Hell, I served on an Artemis ship before the war. It is only planned to house hundred crewmembers."
Vassiliev: "Yes, they emptied every little storage and supply bay. I tell you, if this damn thing had a fighter bay, they would have used it to transport us. We should have been transfered to a planetary assault ship, that was ordered to bring us to Io, but it never came. It simply disappered in hyperspace. Then, Earth Force send us an Artemis destroyer, while more then twenty Nova large scale dreadnoughts orbited a near planet and waited. Hell, I could space General Hookenbow for that."
Aymes: "Hookenbow? General Laurencius 'Cannonfodder' Hookenbow?"
Vassiliev: "Unless there is someone else being a legend with this wonderful name, yes."
Aymes: "He's an uncle of me."
Vassiliev: "That explains everything."
Aymes: smiling "What does that mean?"
Vassiliev: "I mean, you..."
Vassiliev is disturbed by his comlink.
Vassiliev: "Ya?"
Ivanova: (intercom) "Sir, the EAS Amundsen has entered the system. Captain Smith wants to talk to you."
Vassiliev: "Put him through to my office!"
Ivanova: (intercom) "Aye, Sir."

The CO enters his office and sits down. After strapping himself with the seatbelts, he opens the com channel.

Smith: "Good day, Colonel. And congratualtions to your promotion and your new assignment."
Vassiliev: "Thanks, Captain Smith. What is the reason for your call?"
Smith: "Ah, very direct. Typical for a Marine. We want every piece of information about the Raider assault and their strategies. Earth Force command wants to initiate a more or less secret campaign against organized space piracy. So the Raiders should not be informed until they are torn apart by our heavy guns. Vice-President Clark said in a secret meeting with the Intelligence Chiefs, that maybe even aliens try to assault humanity in supporting the Raiders. However, we are assigned to investigate. So your information is required."
Vassiliev: "Alien influences on the Raiders? Well, that's nothing new. It seems that they may have Narn contacts. I would not go so far and accuse the Drazi, but the Raiders try to gain techs from them. Why does Clark make a big note on that?"
Smith: "Mr. Vassiliev, Vice-President Clark's opinions are not important right now. You will give me ANY information you have and that you will discover! Is that clear?"
Vassiliev: "Yes, Captain. I will do as you order."
Smith: "Very good. You can continue our primary mission, Colonel. EAS Amundsen, out."

Smith faces fades out, when the screen returns to the normal EA desktop.

Vassiliev: "Vassiliev to C&C: Berrens, send any information about the Raiders to Captain Smith!"
Berrens: (intercom): Yes, Sir. Any other orders?"
Vassiliev: "Order old course and jump to hyperspace. We fly to Sector 89."
Berrens (intercom) "Yes, Sir. Did Smith killed you with his green eyes?"
Vassiliev: "Nearly. I will brief the officers at 1400. Out."
He relaxes and shuts his eyes. Vassiliev suddenly remembered the hard man-to-man-fights during the Minbari war. He saw the Minbari assault vessels flying over him to the landing zones, the Minbari beams cutting into the Military garrison two kilometers away from him, when the Minbari weren't able to take the garrision by ground forces. He saw the face of Dexter Smith on the comm screens of his tank, when Smith ordered the retreat of all space forces from Beta Durani. Vassiliev hates this man. This man, that left the ground forces allone, while the Minbari commenced orbital bombardement of the EA Marines.
Vassiliev (in thoughts to himself): "Do not let those pictures take custody of you. You are closer the the old gulf-war-syndrome then anyone else here."

Teta Venturi IV, December 24

Alyt Sorann openes his eyes quickly. He sees the destroyed screens and consoles on the command deck of his former ship. Crewmembers and Officers are lying around. Most of the will never wake up again.
He tries to stand up, but his right leg broke during the crash. Full of pain he stumbled to the next console to support his weak stand.
Sorann: "Marenn, Marenn?"
He looked around, trying to find his second in command. Now, he sees a huge whole on the starboard side of the bridge. Picking up a stick-like debris to sustain his walk.
When he reaches the huge hull break, he sees, that the breach covers every single deck of the command and control and the crew sectors on starboard.
He hears the sound of the splintering bridge door. A Minbari security team comes into the room.

Taronn: "Alyt Sorann, we need to leave the ship. It has heavy structural damage and will collapse within the next hour. Everyone needs to be evacuated."
Sorann: "Understood, Taronn. Beginn with the evacuation. Take as many people as you need to transport the death out of the ship. I want no living or dead being on this ship when it collapses."
Taronn leaves the bridges. A few minutes later, he returned with additional crewmembers to safe the corpses and bring them outside the ship.

About an hour later, the crew stays near an old river bed. The ship collapsed as Taronn said, now the group of Minbari is stranded in a huge rocky, dry, desert.
A few Minbari are trying to find water. For Sorann, it seems that they are lost.

Hyperspace, EAS Enforcer, December 24

The officers of the EAS Enforcer are in the mess hall, to celebrate a Christmas party.

Vassiliev: "My fellow comrades. This is the first Christmas party we all celebrate in space after the War. But for the next hours, we should now forget any war that is or has been fought. Now, it is time to be happy and think of the beautiful snow lying around here in our flying Christmas dreadnought! Chief, have you painted a red-nose raindeer on the hull of the shuttle bay?"
Chief of the Boat Hopkins: (he's the Chief Engineer) "Of course, Sir. I heard, that pilot Lt. Massy painted a very well build Christmas woman on his starfury wing."
Vassiliev: "Everyone should have his kind of celebrating Christmas. As the cook told me, he tried to make a very special dinner from the normal tube-packed food. Let's see what he managed to do."
The cook throws small aluminium packed lunch packs to the officers. Everybody is laughing. All in all, the officers have a great time.
While they eat, they talk about their homes and families.
McFerson: "I heard, London is under heavy snow, so that they cannot even maintain the normal flight and public ground traffic. This year is much colder than the years before."
Aymes: "Mr. McFerson, is it possible, that you are happy not to be on Earth right now?"
McFerson: "Yes, it's cold, you get the damn flue and you can't go out without being packed in clothes thicker than the armour of this ship."
Vassiliev: "Go to Australia."
McFerson: "Even Australia became colder."
Sostchenko: "Ah, in Moscow, we have the coldest temperatures. I think the Russian Consortium has for McFerson the most terrifying weather conditions."
Aymes: "We all should be happy to have snow anyway. I mean, a year ago we stood at the edge of extinction!"
Vassiliev: "Commander, I said we should forget every war that is or has been fought!"
Aymes: "Sorry, Sir. But I thought that should be said."
Vassiliev: "I hope you all called your families. It is the first time your in space during Christmas again."
Sostchenko: "My little son started to cry, when he saw me. He wanted the CO to turn the ship and fly back home."
Berrens: "I think so, too. Lets change course and fly back home. To hell with our orders!"
Vassiliev: "Ah, the Christmas revolution of 2246 ."
Berrens: "Universe Today headline: Warship crew putsch government due to Christmas holidays!"
Aymes: with the voice of the ISN speaker "A warship of Earth Force has deserted. The Crew demands full payment AND full Christmas holidays. After these events, a large citizen movement has been initiated. With slogans like 'Give the troops their Christmas holidays' they demonstrated in Geneva."
Vassiliev: "Later, there are congress hearings, Intelligence dossiers. The full scale!"

Hyperspace, EAS Enforcer, December 25

Vassiliev entered the C&C and moved to the command chair.
Vassiliev: "Status?"
Lieutenant Lieu: "We maintain course to sector 89. Every system runs within normal parameters."
Vassiliev: "Fine. I suppose it's time for the next watch. Turn off the redlight, maintain day shift."

The officers for the watch are coming to the C&C and having their seats. Most of them are looking quite tired. The mess hall christmas party was a very long one.

Vassiliev: "Every sensor still there?"
McFerson: "Yes, Sir. Ahm, I pick up a distortion!"
Vassiliev: "Specify!"
McFerson: "Coming our direction. It will hit us in thirty seconds, it is very strong, we should jump, or we will suffer heavy damage!"
Vassiliev: "Navigation, did you hear that?"
Nav Officer: "Yes Sir. Initiating emergency jump."
Vassiliev: "Good. Time until the distortion hits us?"
McFerson: "Fifteen seconds, thirteen, ten!"
Nav Officer: "Jumping now!"

A jump point formes and the Enforcer exits hyperspace. Right after the ship left hyperspace, the vortex collapesed due to the distortion.

Vassiliev: "Report, Mr. McFerson!"
McFerson: "Sir, we escaped the distortion. If we would have jumped out a few seconds later, we wouldn't have this conversation now."
Vassiliev: "Did you recorded the incident?"
McFerson: "Of course, Sir. I don't think any Earth Force ship encountered a hyperspace distortion like this one before."
Vassiliev: "Navigation, where are we?"
Nav Officer: "Sir, we encountered the VERY low possibility to jump out of hyperspace without any nav beacon on range and land in a solar system. However, i will need a few minutes to correlate our position and compute the data to find a direct way to Sector 89."
Vassiliev: "No, wait. I suppose your watch is over now. Commander Berrens should be able to do this as well."
Nav Officer: "Yes, Sir. Request permission to leave the C&C."
Vassiliev: bored "Granted."

The young Navigation Officer leaves the command center. A moment later Berrens appeares.

Berrens: "Good morning, Colonel."
Vassiliev: "Commander,due to a hyperspace..."
Berrens: "I have already been briefed, Sir. I will now start to correlate our position."
Vassiliev: "Fine. Mr. McFerson, any ships or stations in this system?"
McFerson: "No, Sir. I read a solid planet about fivethousand kilometers to port, two moons... Wait... There are debris, it seems that they are Minbari origin!"
Vassilev: turns to McFerson "Minbari?"
McFerson: "Yes, Colonel. They are in the orbit of the planet."
Vassiliev: "Commander, I suppose it is possible to correlate our position while we are in motion?"
Berrens: "Yes, Sir. But it will be a bit harder."
Vassiliev: "Ah, delay your work. Set a direct course to the planet, two-third ahead!"
Berrens: "Aye, Sir. Setting course and engaging. We should be there in two hours."

Two hours later. The Enforcers shuttle swarmed out to secure the debris. Fighters are securing the shuttles and the Enforcer.
Vassiliev is in his office drinking coffee, when Berrens enters with a digital starmap.

Berrens: "Sir, I was finally able to compute our position with the help of the position of the different stars. I just..."
Vassiliev: "Mr. Berrens, I could not follow your eplanations about mathematics, even if I had the deep wish to do so."
Berrens: "Ah, yes, Sir. We are here..."
The starmap zooms in and shows a star system with five planets.
Berrens: "It is named Teta Venturi. We once had a jump gate on Teta Venturi III, but it was destroyed, when a Olympus corvette flew a bonehead maneuvre to destroy a Minbari cruiser."
Vassiliev: "A what? Bonehead maneuvre?"
Berrens: "Yes, Sir. You open a jump point in an already activated jump gate. The following explosion is immense. For a slow ship like an Earth Alliance warship it is a suicide run."
Vassiliev: "Oh, hell. You Earthforce Navy guys are crazy. Never go to the Navy, my father told me!"
Berrnes: "Sir, with all due respect, my father said that about the Marines."
Vassiliev: smiling "And here we are. A Marine commanding a warship. So, what's up with this solar system?"
Berrens: "This solar system seems to be clear, but if we simply jump back into hyperspace, we would be lost."
Vassiliev: sighs "Lost? We cannot follow the beacon pair beam any more when we are back in this red hell?"
Berrens: "Yes, Sir."
Vassiliev: "Why can't we use the starmaps?"
Berrens: "Colonel: "The starmaps are great, when we are in normal space. But in hyperspace they are nuts. Obviously because we do not have any stars to navigate with."
Vassiliev: "Ya, it's clear. We will come together in the Briefing Room in half an your."
Berrens: "Yes, Colonel. I will inform the officers."

Teta Venturi IV, surface, December 25

Sorann eats a rat that has been caught in the night. He hates the taste and the smell of the dead animal.
His second in command, Marenn, died yesterday evening. He suffered to much from his wounds, he did lost to much blood to survive.

Tovann: "Alyt Sorann, the group that where ordered to scout the mountains in the west is back. They say, that it is too dangerous to wait there. They encountered a sentient lifeform.
One of the Warriors is dead. Killed by those people they encountered."
Sorann: "How advanced are they?"
Tovann: "I don't know. I will send Regann to you, he is in a better position to explain."
Sorann: "Yes, do so."
A few minutes later Regann sits near Sorann in the sand.
Regann: "Alyt, you wanted to speak to me?"
Sorann: "Tell me about the life forms you encountered!"
Regann: "We discovered them, when we entered a small dry valley. They tried to hide themselves behind stones and dead trees, to ambush us. At first we wanted to communicate with them, but they attacked and killed Tarinn. We fought back and killed them but two. Their weapons are now part of our equipment. So far, they are not very advanced. They developed some sort of communciation, but I do not think that this does matter now."
Sorann: "Do they..."
Minbari Warrior: "Alyt, we discovered something. One kilometer to the south. Somebody touched it and died immediately!"
Sorann: "Wait, I'll be right there."

The black piece of organic material was about two meters high and seemed to belong to a larger object hidden in the ground. Sorann stood in front of it.
Sorann: "Where is the dead warrior?"
Minbari Warrior: "Here. His eyes went black. He screamed and simply fell down. One minute later he was dead."
Sorann: "His eyes are totally black, not just his iris."
Minbari Warrior: "We did not dare to touch him. He died in this position: open mout, the left hand forming a fist."
Sorann: "I want everyone to go back to the camp."

EAS Enforcer, December 25

Briefing room.
Vassiliev: "Okay, tell me what you got, Mr. McFerson."
McFerson: "Thanks to Mr. Sostchenko's pilots, we brought the Minbari debries in. They're storaged in one of the troop hangars. My staff is examiníng it right now. Until now, it seems that they have been cutted of from the ship they belong to by an explosion."
Vassiliev: "Do you know why this ship went off?"
McFerson: "No, Sir. I would need more of it. At least, I would need the whole ship to find that out. Right now, we do not know what can cripple a Minbari ship effectivly, besides a nuclear warhead."
Vassiliev: "Okay, the Minbari ship is only secundary right now. What is about our hyperspace problem?"
Berrens: "As I told you before, if we jump back into hyperspace, we are lost. If we use normal space to reach the next Earth Alliance facility, we are too old to enjoy our live on Earth again, but possibly we will hold record in service time of the whole Earth Force Navy, Marine Corps and Army."
Vassiliev: "So we need more than onehundred years to the next space installation."
Berrens: "Exactly."
Vassiliev: "Any suggestions?"
Ivanova: "Sir, we can still comunicate through hyperspace."
Vassiliev: "So we can call our families next Christmas when we are still here."
Ivanova: "Yes, Sir. But we could also call in assistance. We could send a distress call into hyperspace. The EAS Amundsen should be in range, also the many freighters travelling in hyperspace. When somebody receives the call, their may contact an Earth Force ship or installation and report. I think the tricky command huys back home should know what to do."
Vassiliev: "Yeah, good idea. Send a message into hyperspace. Anyone who receives the call, shoulld first report back to us. Okay, let's go. You are dismissed."

Hyperspace, freighter Dallas, December 25, three hours later

Freighter pilot: "Henry, we're receiving a message. Coded for an Earth Force ship."
Henry: "Put it on screen!"
Ivanova: (on screen) "This is the Earth Alliance Warhsip EAS Enforcer. We are stranded in the Teta Venturi and need emidiate help, please respond and report this distress call to any Earth Alliance ship or station in range, I repeat..."
Freighter Pilot: "The message is repeated over and over again. It is send on a broadband transmission, you cannot miss it."
Henry: "Did we encounter any Earth Force ships in the last few days?"
Freighter Pilot: "Yes, the EAS Amundsen, the New Orleans and a corvette."
Henry: "ah, the Amundsen CO wanted to inspect our ship, no, he's too nasty. Call the New Orleans. Let's hope they are in the area."
Freighter pilot: "Aye, I'll call 'em."

EAS Enforcer, December 25, two hours later

Ivanova: "Sir, a tranmission form a freighter!"
Vassiliev: "Put it through!"
Henry (intercom): This is the freighter Dallas, we heard yours distress call. Right now, we try to contact the EAS New Orleans to find assistance. We wait near Jumpgate EAJ-552 for your response. Dallas out."
Vassiliev: "Okay, respond and send them a detailled descirbtion of our situation. They should transmit it to the New Orleans."
Ivanova: "Aye, Sir."
McFerson: "Sir, I found something on the planet's surface."
Vassiliev: "What is it?"
McFerson: "I detected a larger Minbari structure on the planet, as well as more then fifty Minbari life signs!"
Vassiliev: "Minbari life signs on that planet. I thought our scanners are not that precise."
McFerson: "Officialy not, Sir, but.."
Vassiliev: "Wait!" activates his intercom "Commander Berrens to the C&C!" to McFerson again "We will discuss that in the Briefing room."

Briefing room. Only Vassiliev and McFerson are in the room.
Vassiliev: "Officially not?"
McFerson: "Yes, Sir. Inofficially, our scanner and sensor systems have been upgraded to a Intelligence divison standard.."
Vassiliev: "We have the sensor equipment of an intelligence ship?"
McFerson: "I guess this has something to do with the order I received from Fleet Command."
Vassiliev: "You mean the order you received at EASTA Polo?"
McFerson: "Yes, Colonel. I was ordered to watch out for any unusual phenomenas in hyperspace and for debries of ships of more advanced races. The order came from top ranked officers in the science staff."
Vassiliev: "Come on, I know you have a security clearance that is far beyond the clearences of the other crewmembers. I think I am the only person that is allowed to read Top Secret documents, besides you."
McFerson: "Sir, as you may have read in my service records, I was a not very good in the standard lessons on the Naval Academy, science was always my profession."
Vassilev: "Why didn't you go to IPX or graduated at the university?"
McFerson: "Mainly because my father wanted me to go to Earth Force. He's a veteran of the Dilgar war and fought before against the Ch'Lonas invasion. We were always a soldier's family. My father, his father and so on. So I went to the EF science division. However, in the last year of the Minbair War, I and a few others were assigned to a special project to gain technologies to beat the Minbari. I cannot tell you any details about it, not right now, but the project was not closed after the end. It was even expanded to gain further techs to retail any aggression against the Earth Alliance. I guess, not even the government knows about this project or its outcomes."
Vassilev: "They ordered you to join combat units on deep space flight to steal technologies and plans when facing the League of Non-Aligned worlds and others."
McFerson: "Yes, Sir."
Vassilev: "You know that this could lead to an investigation and that you are court martialed!"
McFerson: "I'm afraid that is correct, Colonel Vassiliev."
Vassiliev: "Okay, maintain your operation."
McFerson: "Sir?"
Vassiliev: "I do not even have the slightest hint why they want this operation kept in secret, but I suggest we find it out. As long as we do not know anything about it, you continue your task. By the way, who are these people you worked with?"
McFerson: "Dr. Mary Kirkish, Dr. Knut Svenson, Proffessor Dr. Earl Doohan."
Vassiliev: "I suppose that these ones do not serve on ANY combat ship within Earth Force."
McFerson: "No, Sir. They were the analysts for the technologies we gained. I can't tell you more, right now. But when it is time, I will do so."
Vassiliev: "You speak like a politician. I will have an eye on this project - and on you."
McFerson: "Yes, Sir."
Vassiliev: "And what is this Minbari structure on the surface?"
McFerson: "I runned multiple scans on it, and we I think that this is, was, a Minbari Frigate. EA designation Type 7. The debries in our hangar deck are parts of this ship. I think it may have stranded for the same reasons here than we. But there is the question why a Minbari ship, far advanced than this Nova, crashes down on a planet. I mean, they can accelerate AND they can come to a relative stop much faster than a Earth ship."
Vassiliev: "Maybe they have been hit by a weapon. Systems failed, they weren't able to stop and thus they took a sightseeing tour of the planet's atmosphere."
McFerson: "Maybe, Sir. Maybe not. My staff is examing the parts, we will see, what did such a damage to a Minbari ship."
Vassiliev: "Good, dismissed!"
McFerson leaves the room, Vassiliev stays behind alone. After the door closed, Vassilievs sighs.
Vassiliev: loud, to himself "I hate the Intelligence Agency guys."
Vassiliev: through his comlink: "Mr. Sostchenko, prepare a shuttle for atmospheric flight."
Sostchenko: "Aye, Sir. May I ask why you need an atmo-shuttle?"
Vassiliev: "No, you may not ask. Vassiliev to Commander Berrens, send a special forces team to the shuttlebay and get there. Commander Aymes is in charge as long as we are away."
Berrens: "Yes, Sir. I suppose you will inform me there."
Vassiliev: "Exactly!"

The atmospheric shuttle launches from the bay and heads to the Teta Venturi IV

Teta Venturi IV, December 25

Tovann: "Alyt, a shuttle flying into our direction. It is not Minbari!"
Sorann: "So what origin is it?"
Tovann: "One of the gunners identified it as an Earth shuttle."
Sorann: "Earth? Surprises seem to be a special attribute of this world..."
Tovann: "Maybe. Their coming closer."

Vassiliev: "How long until we are there?"
Berrens: "About two minutes. Sir, you have kept asking this question over and over. Please let me concentrate on this shuttle, Sir."
Vassiliev: "Sorry, I 'm a little nervous, last time a saw a living Minbari I killed him with a rifle."
Berrens: "I guess the source of your feelings is the rifle in your hands."
Vassiliev: "I guess this rifle bewares me of getting crazy."

The shuttle lands about one hundred metres away from the Minbari group. The door opens and the special forces moved out and secured the shuttle. Then, Vassiliev and Berrens exited the vehicle.

Sorann: "Where is the officer from the intelligence service, as veteran of the War he should speak their language."
Many Minbari are standing up and preparing to fight the human "visitors". The special forces team gets nervous but avoids to aim on an opponent.
Cayrinn: "Alyt, you asked for me?"
Sorann: "Do you speak their language?"
Cayrinn: "Yes, Alyt. I will try to translate if any communication takes place."
Vassiliev: "This is Colonel Vassiliev of the Earth Alliance ship Enforcer. Our sensors picked up debries of your ship."
Cayrinn translates what Vassiliev said.
Sorann: "I know that ship. I fought against it once."
Cayrinn: translating
Vassiliev looks confused.
Vassiliev: "Please?"
Sorann: "I tracked it down near one of you larger colonies during the war. Unfortunately a cruiser escorting you rammed my ship. After that, you and an other unit were able to escape into hyperspace."
Vassiliev: to Berrens, quite "So much for a good start. Maybe one of their crewmembers was part of the ground troops on Beta Durani!"
Berrens: quite "Do you think they still feel in this inferior situation superior to us?"
Vassiliev: "You can give your duty insignia on that!"
Vassiliev: to Sorann again "What happened?"
Sorann: "The ramming manoeuvre of the Earth cruiser killed nearly the half of the crew. The rest has been resuced by an other fleet ship."
Vassiliev: "No, I don't mean the war. I mean, why are you here?"
Sorann: stepping near Vassiliev "Maybe just to wait. To wait for your arrival and to kill you."
Cayrinn had not yet translated it, but Vassiliev guesses the meaning of Sorann's sentence. After Cayrinn translated it into English, Vassiliev remains quite and waits.
After a few seconds.
Vassiliev: "So what do you want to do now? Do you want to kill me? Or surrender before you finished the job?"
Berrens: "Colonel!
Vassiliev: "No, its okay. We..."
Sorann hits Vassiliev without any warning. Vassiliev falls down, while the security guards aim at Sorann, waiting for Berrens order to open fire."
Vassiliev gets up again. Sorann's face shows satisfaction.
Vassiliev: "I supose your are too proud to board this shuttle and fly with us to our ship."
Sorann does not answer first.
Vassiliev: "You are not afraid of being killed. Starving, being killed by one of the life forms on this planet, by the cold, the dehydration."
Sorann: "Your race should understand the meaning of the death. You killed our leader, killed the crew of the Drala Fi."
Vassiliev: "And you? You tried to wipe us out, tried to kill every child, every woman, every man belonging to the humans. Yes, we understand the meaning of death. I think you teached it to us whilst killing the population of entiry colonies."
Sorann: quiet
Berrens: "Sir, what your orders?"
Vassiliev: "To be honest, I don't think that these Minbari want to be taken away from here by us."
Berrens: "Sir?"
Sorann: "You should go now."
The translating Minbari stucks a moment. He looks at Sorann and ask something on Minbari. Sorann answers, the Minbari looks with anger at Sorann, while the others started to whisper to each other.
Vassiliev: "Mr. Berrens, take the security team back to the shuttle. We depart."

The Minari closed on Sorann, while the Human crew enters the shuttle.
Cayrinn: "Alyt Sorann, was this wise, they could have helped us!"
Sorann: "I would have dishonoured everyone of us."
Torinn: "What is the matter, Sorann? Is honour really more important than survival?"
Sorann: "Torinn, where you in the war?"
Torinn: ashamed "No, Alyt, I was not."
Sorann: "Then shut up."

Berrens: "Was it correct not to take them with us?"
Vassiliev: "You mean as a diplomatic gesture of peace? No, there is no peace between them and us. They did surrender, but did they sign a warrant not attempt the annihilation of humanity again?"
The shuttle leaves the atmopshere and docks onto the Enforcer.

About an hour later, Vassiliev enters the C&C again.
Ivanova: "Sir, Command submitted a transmission. They say, they can send a Wells-Fargo-Explorer, in, but the ship would be here in five weeks, minimum."
Vassiliev: "Oh, hell. There is no other way?"
Ivanova: "No, Sir."
Vassiliev: "Then I should do, what I should have done when I took command of this ship... (via intercom) Vassiliev to Chief Hopkins."
Hopkins: "Yes, Sir?"
Vassiliev: "Ahm, we have a briefing tonight at 1900. After this we will start a little tour through ALL vital and less vital ship systems."
Hopkins: "Sir, with all due respect, that would take about FIVE WEEKS whe doing this during the watch times!"
Vassiliev: "That is exactly the time we have, Chief!"
Hopkins: "Sir?"
Vassiliev: "I will explain that during the briefing." to Ivanova "Ensign, send a message to all command level officers, briefing at 1900, Mess Hall!"
Ivanova: "Yes, Sir!"

1950 board time. After the briefing ended, Vassiliev goes to his cabine, while Berrens takes command.

2034 board time:
McFerson: "Commander Berrens: I am reading a jump point, about five thousand kilometers away. Near the third moon!"
Berrens: "Really? The Explorer should not be here so fast."
McFerson: "Maybe another ship stranded, Sir."
Berrens: "Maybe... Put it on screen!"
McFerson: "I am reading only a siloutte!"
Berrens: "Yellow alert. Screens on stand-by!
WeaponsOfficer: "Aye, Sir. Screens on stand-by, weapons ready."
McFerson: "They're closing in. four thousand kilometers. Scanning details now. Ship is a Minbari Sharlin class warship."
Berrens: "Capt... Colonel to the C&C!"
Vassiliev (intercom) "What the hell..."
Berrens: "Sir, Minbari Sharlin closing in!"
Vassiliev: (intercom) "Be right there!!!"

A minute later Vassiliev took over command. The large viewscreen showed the siloutte of this massive Minbari warship.
Vassiliev: "Report!"
Berrens: "Still moving towards us. Stealth seems to be activated!"
McFerson: screaming: "Colonel, their weapons are hot, they seem to target us."
The light on the C&C becomes a hint darker and fades out.
Vassiliev: "Red alert! What the hell is going on?"
A dark red light fades in.
McFerson: "They scan us."
The weapons officer has been replaced by Aymes already. Every important Command deck officer is on his station.
Aymes: "Weapon malfunction. I cannot target anything nor fire a single shot. I am sorry, Sir, but we're totally defenseless."
Vassiliev: "Has someone else good news?"
McFerson: "Scanners working again... The Sharlin is directly ahead!"
Berrens: "Why doesn't he fire? He could destroy us, with a single shot."
Vassiliev: "I don't have any freakin' idea."
McFerson: "The Sharlin launchs a shuttle. It took course to the planets surface!"
Vassilev: "They must have searched the area for the missed crew, then he Captain of the Sharlin heard our distress call and putted the puzzle together."
Ivanova: "Isn't life funny?"
Vassiliev: "Otherwise we wouldn't be here, Ensign!"
The crew laughs quietly
Vassilliev: "Mr. McFerson, when he jumps out, can we follow him by using the mass detector?"
McFerson: "Yes, Sir. That should work. But we need to jump in the same second he jumps!"
Vassiliev: "Mr. Berrens, you heard it. Ready jump engines. Let's follow this blue guy!"

The shuttle returns from the surface and docks onto the Minbari Sharlin, that is preparing for jump.

McFerson: "They seem to load their jump engines. Mass detector online. We can even track him in hyperspace."
Vassiliev: "Good. Commander, wait for my command to jump into hyperspace."
Berrens: "Aye, Sir."

The Sharlin turns slightly and opens a vortex. In the same moment, the Enforcer also conducts a jump, following the Sharlin into hyperspace.

McFerson: "I read the Sharlin on the mass detector, I have a clear lock on."
Vassiliev: "Fine, send the coordinates to Navigation. Berrens, compute a course based on the coordinates!"

The Enforcer slowly changes her direction to follow the Minbari, that accelerates fast.

Berrens: "Sir, we need to put more energy to the engines. The Sharlin accelerates too fast."
Vassiliev: "Do so. Mr. McFerson, scan for any hyperspace beacons in the area."

After one or two hours of following the Sharlin.

Vassiliev: "How long does this take? Maybe we should have waited for the Explorer. This Sharlin will also take the next five weeks to a beacon."
McFerson: "No, sir. I have a beacon on the scanner. Sending the coordinates to Naviagtion."
Vassiliev: "Great. Mr. Berrens, set course and engage at best speed!"
Berrens: "Aye, Sir."
Vassiliev: "I'll take my sleep. Wake me up, when we rendez-vous with an EA combat vessel. You're in cherge, Commander Berrens!"

In the next episode, I just want to show a part of the day-to-day-life of a space combat ship of the future, like how the crew handles the zero-g environment, watch shifts etc.


The EAS Enforcer has been launched in 2229, prior to the Dilgar War, as an Earth Alliance Nova Alpha Dreadnought. It was a part of a major military build-up of the Earth Alliance, to counter the strong Dilgar fleet activities before the war in 2231 (The EA 4000 ship program and the Nova class project).
When the Dilgar started their invasion of the Non Aligned Worlds, the Earth Alliance military branch, Earth Force, prepared to counter this aggression an hold the Dilgars back. The Dilgar infected whole worlds with biogenetic plagues and used Drazi, Narn and Vree for experiments to produce new even more effective biogenetic weapons of mass destruction.
The Earth Alliance entered the war officially in 2231and defeated the Dilgar in the first battle fought. Many more followed.
During the first part of the war, the Enforcer, maintained normal patrol duties, until it was called to Orion VIII to protect the colony from a planned Dilgar raid.
The EA forces succeeded in defending the colony, the EAS Enforcer was able to cripple at least two large battleships and destroy three heavy cruisers of the Dilgar invasion forces.
Until then, the Enforcer was a successful part of the Earth Force divisions fighting back the Dilgar and freeing the Non-Aligned worlds.
After the final battle near the Dilgar border, where the Dilger forces had been decimated to almost zero, the Earth Alliance ordered more than onethousand ships to the Dilgar homeworld to "present" their victory to the Dilgar. The Enforcer fought in this last battle and was also part of these onethousand ship in orbit around the Dilgar Homeworld.
After the war it primarily maintained patrol runs near the EA/Narn border.
In 2234 the Captain that commanded the Enforcer during the Dilgar War, Captain Alissa Hudson, was promoted to General and joined the Fleet Strategic Center as chairman.
Upgraded to the Nova Beta standard and commanded by a new CO, the Dilgar War veteran Captain Malcom Rusk, the EAS Enforcer was again on patrol run near Narn territory to keep an eye on the highly expansionistic territorial policy and the military build-up of the Narn regime.
From the year 2235 to the year 2245 the Enforcer was three times in spacedock, one time for a major computer and engine refit and two times for minor refits of the Command Deck and the crew quarters.
In 2245, when a EA scouting party attacked a Minbari ship and damaged it badly (the Prometheus-incident), the Enforcer was again called to Orion to defend the colony from an alien aggressor.
However, the Minbari came and destroyed every ship in their way. The Enforcer was, along with the Hyperion class EAS Euripides and the EFNI-Nova Hammerhead, able to escape into hyperspace. Later, the convoi was attacked in hyperspace by a Minbari frigate. The EAS Euripides was destroyed, the Enforcer and the Hammerhead could escape again with heavy damages.
Later, the Hammerhead was destroyed when trying to protect the Io colony from the Minbari advance.
The EAS Enforcer NCD-25 was in spacedock and was ready for flight just one day before the Minbari tried to strike on Earth itself. This Nova Dreadnought was the only ship of its class to survive the Battle of the Line, most of the surviving 209 men and women were crewmembers of the Enforcer or the other Hyperion cruiser that participated in this last battle. Just before the Minbari did surrender, they cutted off the engines. A Minbari WindSword fighter hit the fighter bay and disabled it.
After one battle, it was time to an overhaul again.
Being one year in spacedock, the Enforcer was a completly new ship. The only part that remained entirely untouched by the workers, was the ships frame.
The Enforcer was fitted with the C&C of a Hyperion cruiser (the older Command Deck was to small and to unefficient), new jump engines, that could take more strain and were a lot more powerful than the ones used in the War. Earthforce R&D even sponsored a new sensor suit...
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Good work man. Can't wait for the next one.
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The next episode of B5:Enforcer is already underway and will be released around Christmas! (It is no Christmas episode, we already had Christmas on the Enforcer.) As stated earlier, it is about the normal day-to-day life of an Earthforce warship.
Intrepid out.
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Release date: EAS Enforcer's next episode

Post by EAS_Intrepid » Fri Dec 02, 2005 3:12 pm

SORRY; double post. ignore this one....
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Post by CaptSyf » Fri Dec 02, 2005 4:44 pm

Great story. I now look forward to the next one.
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Post by kips » Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:33 am

Another great story for the series. if the next Enforcer episode is just half as good it will still be amazing your a good story teller.
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This one is nothing big I would do a new topic for:
This is actually the day-to-day-life of the Enforcer's crew and I write on it when I have time and an idea for it. These little stories won't be that interesting than the big episodes, but will provide some insight on the boredom on an EA ship.
The next REAL episode will have the title "Points of Authority - Harsh Training" and will feature the brand new EAS Achilles OCG-01 Omega class destroyer. Also it will be part one of a two-parter and spoil the next episode that will have some politic explosives in. You thought Clark was the first one to order shooting at other EA ships? You were wrong!

EAS Enforcer NCD-25, en route to the Gliese 772 system, January 8, 2248

Vassiliev: "EAS Enforcer NCD-25839, Computer Log, January 8, 2248. We are underway to the Gliese 772 system for a tactical reconaissance mission. Further information can be found in the classified Captain's log, number twenty-two bravo foxtrot. ETA is about 48 hours, our scheduled arrival is around 0105 board time, January 10. No further special notes, no incidents. Computer log entry by Colonel Vassiliev at 0102 board time."

January 8, 2248, 0000 board time

A annoying clock sounds through the whole quarter of Commander Aymes. She wakes up and sighs loudly.
Aymes: "You damn thing! I was dreaming of a cool army guy on a Carribean beach."
Computer: "Good morning commander Aymes. It is Zero-Two-Hundred Board Time. Your watch commences in one hour."
Aymes: "Ah! Shut up, dammit!"
Computer: "Unable to comply. Please repeat."
Aymes: "Uogh!"

She unstrapped herself from the zero-g bed and hovered to the shower.

Aymes: "Not even hot water I have here. What retard designed that ship, I gonna kill him!"

After having her shower, she puts on her uniform and leaves her small quarter, heading for the mess hall.

0013, board time

Aymes is underway to the mess hall. She hovers through the corridors. Due to upcoming watch shift, many officers and crewmen being also underway to the mess halls look quite tired.
Lt. Bryant: "Oh, Commander Aymes. Nice to meet you!"
Aymes: honestly excited "Lt. Bryant, do you have a new watch schedule. You should be sleeping."
Bryant: "Sleep is for the weak, Commander. Actually, I have a new schedule, seems that I have to train the night watch of the Marines."
Aymes: "That might be wrong, Lieutenant. Without sleeping your trained Marines body may collapse."
Bryant: "You sound like the doc!"
Aymes: "Nothing intentional." in thoughts: "Well, Lieutenant Commander Hereford can have her fingers on you. I knew it, I should have studied medicine!"
Bryant: "Commander?"
Aymes: "Eh, yes, Lieutenant.?"
Bryant: "The mess hall is in this direction."
Aymes: smiling brightly "Oh, yes, of course!"

Both sit down on the mess hall. The breakfast for the 0400 watch is served.
Aymes: "Bah! What the hell is that?"
She looks at a small package of yellow gelatine-like mass.
Bryant: "I suppose it is that what the package promises: scrambled eggs!"
Aymes: "No, that can't be scrambled eggs. I saw scrambled eggs on the Belt Alliance Supply Depot, it looks absolutely different."
Bryant: "Give it to me, if you don't like it. You may taste the cheese."
Aymes: "Well, that could be an alternative."
She opens a package of cheese and puts it on a bread, so that it looks like hot dog with cheese instead of the sausage. After looking on it for a while, she took a bite.
Bryant: "Enjoy the food, you did not tasted the 'Coffee' yet!"
Aymes: "Didn't they say, that they only serve you the best when being part of Earthforce. I must have misunderstood that, maybe it is reserved for the CO!"
Bryant: "S.U.A.E.I.!"
Aymes: "Shut up and eat it? Yes I heard that from Officers before..."
Bryant: "Well, I have to go. It was nice to chat with you, see you later."
He smiled later and totally cought Amyes' attention for him.

0100, board time

Amyes enters the C&C.
Aymes: "Commander Berrens: Reporting for duty!"
Berrens: "Fine, Commander. You have the command. I need my bed."
Aymes: "Don't worry, Sir. I need my bed, too!"
Berrens: "In six hours, Commander. In six hours!"
Aymes: "Yes, Sir."
She took place in the command chair, while the other crewmembers on the bridge also changed.
Aymes: "Okay, people. Give me a staturs report!"
Nav: "Navigation, we are still on course 667 by 231 by 936. Maintaining standard speed, Ma'am."
Aymes: "Don't call me Ma'am, again or you may regret it!"
Weapons: "Weapon System control, all weapons are shut down, ready to be heaten up in any situation."
Sensors: "Science and Sensors, everything all right. We have a clear lock on onto the hyperspace beam. Reading no objects in our path or near us."
Chief of Operations: "COMOP, everything in order. No tasks for me, Commander."
Aymes: "Don't be too happy, that may change."
COMOP: "Maybe."
Engineering: "Engineering, all clear. All systems are running within the normal paramteres."
Aymes: "Fine. Maintain your tasks and inform me about anything unusual."

0201, board time

Aymes stares bored onto the main viewscreen.
Aymes: "Time?"
Computer: monotone female voice with German accent "Zero-two-hundred-zero-one board time, next watch shift in four hours, ninety-five minutes."
McFerson: "Commander, would you please be so kind and stop doing that?"
Aymes: "Doing what, Mr. McFerson?"
McFerson: "During the last half hour you asked around eight times for the board time and the next watch shift."
Aymes: "I am the current officer in command, I can ask the computer for the time everytime I want!"
McFerson: "Of course you can, but you should not. It makes the crew nervous when they are disturbed."
Aymes: "Oh, boy."
She turns away from McFerson and watches again the red hyperspace waves on the viewscreen.
Aymes: "Computer..."
McFerson: "Commander!"
Aymes: "...turn off viewscreen."
The viewscreen turns off.
She activates her com-link and calles for a cup of coffee and an electronic pad.
A few minutes later a crewman arrives and brings her the coffee and the pad.

0300 board time

Lieutenant Commander Aymes still reads the outcome report from the last use of the Enforcer's heavy guns. She does not really know what she is looking for, but she contiunes.
McFerson: "I am reading a smaller freighter in our path. We should encounter it in about 15 minutes."
Aymes: looking up from the pad "What does that mean? Does that freighter collides with our hull in fifteen minutes or does he simply be in range of you artillery?"
Nav: "The second one, Commander."
Aymes: "Okay, I think we have enough time to evade. Navigation, commence evasive actions! I
don't wanna ram that sucker!"
Nav: "Okay, Navigation to engine control: Initiate starboard thrusters in five, four three, two, one... initiating!
Engine Control: "Thruster engaged!"
Nav: "Starboard thrusters burning twenty seconds ... fifteen seconds ... ten, nine, eight, seven six five, four, three, two, one, shut down starboard thruster!"
Engine Control: "Thrusters shut down!"
Nav: "Okay, in thirty seconds, we engage port thruster and let them burn for twenty seconds, again!"
Engine Control: "Roger that, nav!"
Nav: " ... That's now twenty seconds, ... ... ten, nine eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, engage port thrusters!"
Engine Control: "Port thruster engaged and burning!"
Nav: "twenty ... fifteen ... ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Shut down!"
Engine Control: "Shut down."
Aymes seems to enjoy that little break of the boredom. The calm voices of the Navigation officer and the engine control officer through her headseat makes her calm down, too. She even feels a bit relaxed.
Aymes: "Okay, well done, gents!"

0403 board time

Aymes is bored as always. She daydreams of her army guy from the night, while her thoughts carry on to Lt. Bryant.
A alarm signal yells through the whole ship. Aymes is from one second to the other absolutely concentrated again.
Aymes: "What the hell is going on? Status report!"
Nav: "Navigation: Everything all right!" via intercom: "Engine control please report."
Engine Control: "I don't know. Engines seem to be all right. You may need to ask engineering!"
Aymes: "Hell, people, talk to me! Who the f*ck initiated that damn alert?"
Weapons: "Weapons systems: Everything in order."
Comm: "Commander, the Colonel wants to speak to you."
Aymes: "Comm, ask around what is going on in the different sections! The Colonel will space me."

same time

Vassiliev is waked up by an annoying alert. He activates his commlink and calls for Amyes.
Vassiliev: "Come on, get me the Commander at once. Does nothing function with you Navy guys?"
Comm: "Sir, her she is!"
Aymes: "Colonel?"
Vassiliev: angry "Commander, what are you doing there in C&C? When this is some kind of bad joke, you'll be doomed!"
Aymes: "Sir, this is no joke, I can assure you that."
Vassiliev: "Report!"
Aymes: "We do not know what happened, Sir. But we try to find that out."

Aymes: "Comm, tell somebody to shut down that bell. It makes me wanna go amok!"
Comm: intimidated "Yes, Commander."

After a few minutes the alert goes off.

0500 board time

Vassiliev is underway to the mess hall. His watch commences in one hour.
After entering the mess he sits down and has the same feelings about the breakfast as Lt.Com Aymes.
Berrens takes his seat near to Vassiliev.
Berrens: "Did she assaulted your sleep?"
Vassiliev: "Huh? Aymes? Yes, kinda. I know why her former commanders had such problems with her. But I doubt that she caused the alert."
Berrens: "I took a look on the computer systems. There were probably just a few contradictions that led to a system alert. A small overheated relay here, a computer delay there."
Vassiliev: "Our board computers show human attitudes: they intend to fail."
Berrens: smiling tiredly "Yeah, maybe we just don't want our computers equal to us, the computers would fail more often then."
Vassiliev: "How was your watch?"
Berrens: "Quite annoying. Boredom, every six hours a day."
Vassiliev: "Be happy, that we have only an 18 hours day. I had that boring eight hours watch shifts on the planets."
Berrens: "War, that's hours of boredom, of waiting and seconds full of fear, panic, confusion."
Vassiliev: "Where did you get that from?"
Berrens: "Old saying in my family."
Vassiliev: "Soldier's family?"
Berrens: "Ya. Back to the Gulf Wars at the beginning of the 21st century."
Vassiliev: "Sounds like tradition. I know a few people who joined the Belt Alliance, becuase they thought the Belt Alliance would be some kind of Robin Hood organisation."
Berrens: "Quite naive. Wasn't it founded to protect the Corporations in the colonial belt?"
Vassiliev: "Yes, just a few years after the establishment of Earthforce. First base was set up at Proxima III."
Berrens: "And you? Why are you in Earthforce?"
Vassiliev: "Pride. I was the weakest guy in my class. And just ten years after, all my classmates hurraied for the Dilgar War. None of them were there, at Brakos, Vree."
Berrens: "But you were? I suppose they did not think that you were part of the combat operations."
Vassiliev: "No. Besides, I was just a small soldier."
Berrens: "I remember the first time I was at the Earthforce Aerospace flight show at the tenth anniversary of the Battle of Dilgar Prime. I was so proud. Seeing all the Starfuries, our Hyperions and Novas. Just a few years later I was at the Officers School, waiting to take on the whole galaxy!"
Vassiliev: "I think that was one of the greatest problems Earthforce had, and has. We think we can fix anything. We won the first skirmishes in space. We strengthened our borders against Narn raids, Ch'lonas invasion and so on. Earthforce thought, that the combination of Hyperion, Starfury, Nova as firesupport and the Marine Corps could handle anything Earth will encounter. Here we are."
Berrens: "Let's just hope, that some of our adversary are scared of our heavy guns."
Vassiliev: "Scared, yes. Intimidated, no. We proved that we failed."
Berrens: "We won."
Vassiliev: "Maybe."

0600 board time

Vassiliev enters the bridge and heads towards the Command chair. Aymes turns around and unbelts herself from the chair.
Aymes: "Colonel, the problem that occured has been fixed. I did send a report of it to your database."
Vassiliev: "Thanks, Commander. Anything else?"
Aymes: "Negative, Sir."
Vassiliev: "Okay, dismissed."
Aymes leaves the C&C.
Vassiliev: "All right. Give me the status reports. Navigation, you start."

0755 board time

Navigation: "Colonel, we approach the hyperspace beacon of Theta Phi 13."
Vassiliev: "Noted. Lay in next course."
Nav: "Aye, Sir. Following hyperspace beam to Frederick's Sun."
Vassiliev leans back and relaxes.

0800 board time

Aymes is underway to the mess hall to get lunch.
Underway, she meets Bryant again.
Aymes: "Lieutenant. Finished your watch?"
Bryant: "Yes, Commander. I hope you recovered from your breakfast."
Aymes: "Nearly. I was up to forget it whilst being on duty...."
Bryant: "Nice to hear that."
Both reach the mess hall.
Bryant: "And? What about the family back home?"
Aymes: "Hm, I don't talk to them very often. Basically their too busy, I am to busy. You?"
Bryant: "Oh, there's nobody I really have a relationship to."
Aymes: in thoughts "Direct hit!"

0900 board time

Vassiliev is bored. He has nothing to do, except watching the different crewmembers doing their work.
Like Amyes, he orderes a 'coffee' and a pad.

1000 board time.
The bridge was quiet. Only the noise of the engines roars through the ship, the controls peep sometimes. The data projected on the viewscreen had a hypnotic influence of Vassiliev's concentration. About an half hour he sits there, not moving, watching the screen.
He shook his head, eliminating the image of the screen in his brain. There's no greater boredom then flying in hyperspace.


As said before, next real episode will follow and it will take some time.


Oh, and if someone wants to describe the mentioned recon mission the Gliese 772 do that and send it to me via PM. I'll report back.
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