EAS ENFORCER Character Bios

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EAS ENFORCER Character Bios

Post by EAS_Intrepid » Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:50 am

EAS ENFORCER Character Bios:
There's not much to say. Part III - 36 hours, will be released around Christmas and reflects two days á 18 hours (for that, read the story) onboard the Enforcer.

Commanding Officer (CO):
Arkadij Vassiliev
Arm: Earthforce Marine Corps
Place of birth: Murmansk, Russian Consortium
Last Assignment: CO Platoon Bravo, 322nd EA Marines Infantry Division, 5th Army, deployed on Mars
Special Interests: Military History, Politics, Military Technologies
Notes: A career officer who always know what he wants. He is a very cynical person, what maybe is a result of its hard life on the many battlefields of the Earth Alliance. He is presumed to be a gulf war syndrome candidate, even if that information is not veryfied through the Earthforce psychological service.

Executive Officer: (XO):
Mike Berrens
Rank: Commander
Arm: Earthforce Star Navy
Place of birth: Alice Springs, Australia
Last Assignment: Dock commander, Earth Alliance Military Drydocks, Io
Special Interests: Zero-G sports, engineering
Notes: Cmdr. Berrens is maybe not the best first officer you can have, but he can show engagement and is a person command level officers can trust.
Though he is sometimes too busy with reading engineering articles, he fulfills his duty roles.

Weapon Systems Officer (WSO)
Laura Aymes
Rank: Lieutant Commander
Arm: Earthforce Star Navy
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Last Assignments: EAS Theodore Roosevelt HHD-85443, Executive Weapon Systems Officer
Special Interests: Military tactics/strategy, Psychology
Note: Lt.Cmdr. Aymes is one of the finest Earthforce officers, that reached Command Level ranks. She is a very engaged person, though her left-pending political attitude may cause her some problems in analysing certain situations. She saw many ships and many commanders had their problems with her. However, Colonel Vassiliev seems to be quite happy to have this person on his side.

[Pic To Be Added Soon]
Commander of Operations (COMOP):
Michail Sostchenko
Rank: Commander (promoted in January 2249)
Arm: Earthforce Marine Fighter Corps
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russian Consortium
Last Assignment: EAS Lexington HHD-55323, Flight Deck Command Officer
Special Interests: Sports, politics
Note: Another Russian Marine on board the Enforcer. He is a very quite person, that dedicates his life to serve the Marines and to fight for the Earth Alliance. He proved his Command abilities on many occasions, for example when taking command of the EAS Buccaneer OCC-83285 after being target of a Minbari ambush. He's a veteran of the Koulani expedition.

Communications (COMM)
Susan Ivanova
Rank: Ensign
Arm: Earth Force Star Navy
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russian Consortium
Special Interests: Russian history
Note: A fine officer, even if a bit too self-confident regarding situations with superior officers.
But if she maintains her character build-up, she maybe be part of the starship commanding officers one day.

Science/Sensor Officer (SSO)
Walter McFerson
Rank: Lieutenant
Arm: Earthforce Star Navy
Place of Birth: London, Great Britain
Special Interests: Stellar Science
Note: Even if he joined due to his father's intervention, he is probably one of the best scientifical officers on board an Earthforce warship. His knowledge about stellar science and other physical-related scientifical topics is stunning. As his service records contain many classified data, there is not much to say here.[/img]
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