POLL: UES Ticonderoga CVM-44: A pre-TOS storyline

Do you have creative writing skills?? Think you can charm the masses with a story or two?? Perhaps you can create a mini-toon based on Armada. Then give it a go right here.

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Post by EAS_Intrepid » Wed Jan 18, 2006 9:45 am

At first I will announce, that I probalby change the name of the Fanfiction from "UES Ticonderoga CVM-44" to "Romulan War:Task Force 12", as I can cover a wider basis of events and ship classes. (The Yorktown carrier was introduced in 2158 and I want to start 2151.)

There's now a website on the net: Click here!
The site is still in a construction stadium, but everything will be online soon.

***Updated Episode List***

Season One: "Echoes"

"Pride and Honour" - Year 2151
The Ticonderoga is, together with the UES Yorktwon CVM-5, underway to Ventir 7, a planet with a medium distance to Earth, to pick up the 101. Air/Spaceborne Division. 101st was deployed to counter riots on the Earth colony, that tries to become independent from Earth politics.
Meanwhile encounters the UES Pheonix during a follow-up survey of the as unoccupied presumed Zeta Reticuli System a ship totally unknown to the UE's Space Navy. The military is highly concerned.

"Fallen Gods" - Year 2152, April
A Starfleet exploration vessel with the latest technology on board is presumed lost in the Tomak system. After UES Yorktown was called back to Earth, UES Ticonderoga CVM-44 is accompanied by the UES Archer and UES Corona and sent to investigate the disappearance of the explorer.

"Warhawks" - Year 2153, February
A short smirmish between the UES Kursk, her escorting scouting party and a unknown aggressor triggers a potentially hostile situation and alarms the public opinion and the Chiefs of Staff on a high level. Is the United Earth on a path to war?

"Echoes" - Year 2155, January
The Ticonderoga get's the long-term order to head to the Qalor System and hold the line until further UE task forces arrive.
While on their way to Qalor, the Ticonderoga must turn and wait for a convoi heading to Qalor. After commencing the escort assignment, they detect an echo.

"Times of Suspense" - Year 2155, October
For a relativly long time it was very quiet and the sighting of alien ships calmed. But suddenly the task forces placed in the Qalor system become involved in some minor, but brutal, skirmishes with the aliens, now designated as "Romulans".

"Deep Strike" - Year 2156, January-May
Together with its Task Force 12, the UES Ticonderoga is send to a deep strike mission against a Romulan compound to scout the enemy's military strenght.
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Post by kai121 » Wed Jan 25, 2006 2:53 pm

make that 5 yes :wink:. keep it up :D
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