Star Trek Spacial Anamoly Storyline

Do you have creative writing skills?? Think you can charm the masses with a story or two?? Perhaps you can create a mini-toon based on Armada. Then give it a go right here.

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Star Trek Spacial Anamoly Storyline

Post by Zered003 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 1:33 am

Ok. I thought it might be fun to do a continous storyline. I will start the storyline and anyone who wants to pick up where I left off then go ahead. Just do alittle of the story and then post it and leave it for someone else to have a chance to add to it. Think this would be good and it is not an RPG but it will give everyone a chance to try out thier skills and imagination. Here is the Start of the storyline.

As the Enterprise's main power flickers back on. Captain Kirk is on the bridge barking out commands. "Spock report!" The captain yells. " Captain," Spock replied," Sensors detecting 10 ships ahead of us and 5 behind us. We have ended up in the middle of some battle." The captain turns to the helm and yells, " defense pattern Kirk delta 5, now!" Then He turns back to Spock, " Where did that spacial anamoly put us?" "Unknown captain," Spock responded, "star charts would suggest we are at the edge of Federation space. Sensors are also detecting a nebula 1 light year away. We should be able to hide there." Kirk did not wait at all to give the command, " set course for that nebula and engage at high warp. Get us out of here before we get caught in the middle of this." "Aye captain," the helmsman responded.
The Enterprise warps out of the battle and arrives at the nebula.
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