Star Trek: Fighter Command

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Star Trek: Fighter Command

Post by WhtStr468 » Sun Feb 12, 2006 4:28 pm

This takes place in 2408 with Jake Janeway, the son of Admiral Janeway.

Star Trek: Fighter Command
Warning: Prequels to Follow After This Novel, If You Don’t Want to Spoil It, Don’t Read IT!

2364: Enterprise D is Launched
2367: Borg Destroy Federation Fleet at Wolf 359, Enterprise D Stops Incursion
2369: Deep Space 9 Becomes a Federation Administrated Station
2371: Voyager is Transported to Delta Quadrant, Enterprise D is Destroyed
2372: Klingon Invasion of Cardassia
2373: Borg Incursion Stopped by Enterprise E, Beginning of Dominion War
2374: DS9 Captured, Voyager Makes Contact with Starfleet, DS9 Recovered by Joint Starfleet/Klingon Fleet
2375: Ba’ku Insurrection aided by Captain Picard, Dominion War Ends
2378: Voyager Destroys Borg Transwarp Hub and Returns to Alpha Quadrant
2380: The Reman Incident Occurs

Caution: Spoilers Ahead!!

2382: Jake Janeway, Son of Admiral Kathryn Janeway and Calvin Hayes, Born, Jean-Luc Picard Retires
2385: First Contact with the Trios Imperium in Gamma Quadrant, Romulan-Federation Alliance Signed, Trios Wars Begin, Dominion/Cardassian-Federation Alliance Signed, Cyber Warp Created
2387: Trion Prime Captured by Federation/Cardassian Fleet, Trion Liberation Force (TLF) Formed, Trion Insurgency Begins
2389: Peace Treaty Signed with TLF, Section 31 Attempts to Reignite Conflict, But is Stopped by Admiral Janeway, Section 31 Attempts Failed Hostile Takeover of Federation Senate, Alliance Formed Between Trios Republic and Federation, Section 31(S31) 1st Fleet Invades Earth and Kills President Tyson, Federation Civil War Begins
2390: USS Titan is Destroyed, USS Colossus is Destroyed After Obliterating the S31 8th Fleet, Federation Elects Former S31 Head Agent Blake President in Rigged Elections, President Blake Enacts Martial Law, Defenders of the Federation (DOF) formed by Admiral Janeway, Captain Kwame, and Captain Thra’r, DOF Marines and Army Forces Take Titan, Mars is Retaken by S31 Forces and DOF Forces are Wiped Out, DOF Lose 1st Battle of Bajor
2391: USS Atlas Launched, USS Atlas Captured by DOF, S31 12th Fleet Defects to the DOF, DOF Wins the 1st Battle of Vulcan, DOF Forced out of S31 Space, The Cardassians Fascist Gov’t Joins the S31 Side, DOF Loses Battle of Jupiter, DOF Wins 2nd Battle of Bajor, DOF 3rd Armored Division Captures Vulcan after Decimating the 7th, 11th, and 25th Section 31 Armies
2392: DOF Invades the Sol System, DOF Fleet Obliterates The Cardassian Reinforcements, Coup on Cardassia led by Elim Garak, DOF Special Forces Team Captures President Blake, Admiral Janeway Made Commander in Chief of Federation Forces, President Horsok V’tanna Elected
2397: Jake Janeway Graduates from Picard High School, Enlists in Marine Corps, Hyper Warp Tech Invented
2398: Jake Janeway Joins SpecOPS Delta, Jake Janeway Stops Section 31 Plot to Destroy Federation-Cardassian Alliance and Admiral Janeway
2399: SpecOPS Delta Implicated in Plot to Assassinate President Gorun, SpecOPS Delta Uncovers the Plot and Destroys Admiral Riker’s Command Ship
2400: Jake Janeway is Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, Jake Janeway Enters Starfleet Academy, Galactic Union (GU) Formed
2304: Jake Janeway Graduates from Starfleet Academy
2405: Borg are All but Destroyed by Species 8472 (S8472) Invasion, Lancus Prime, the Borg homeworld, is Destroyed by Species 8472, Borg Remnant Forces Join GU, Species Wars Begin, Task Force 12 under Commodore Thra’r Takes Borg Base at Lancus III, Node III is overrun 3 Weeks Later, Commodore Thra’r Captured by S8472, SpecOPS Beta Rescues Him, General Ken McGee Captures Ricos IV with Zeus Cruiser Squadron, USS Prophet, RIS Remus, and IKS Gorkon Infiltrate Fluidic Space and Destroy the S8472 Queen
2406: S8472 Goes on a Rampage in the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Quadrants, S8472 Attack Ricos IV, The Siege of Trion Prime Begins, Rath Kon, a S8472 Leader, Joins the GU and Helps Turn the Tide at Ricos IV, the Trion Prime Siege is Lifted, Peace Negotiated
2407: Rebuilding Effort of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Quadrants, Exploration of Andromeda Galaxy Begins

Prologue: The Species Wars, 2406

“Convoy 193 just reported in, E.T.A. 5 minutes,” said Lieutenant Commander Jake Janeway from behind his tactical command console on the bridge of the battleship USS Los Angeles in orbit around Trion Prime. He looked around the bridge. Who’s going to survive this one, we’ve already lost 18 ships and 3300 men. Can we make it through this one, too?

“Launch the defense shuttles,” said Commodore Lakal, the Vulcan commander of the ship and Battleaxe Squadron, a mighty task force that used to consist of forty cruisers and destroyers, now a motley squadron of 25 frigates, cutters, and the occasional battle cruiser.

“Launching defense shuttles and submitting orders, ma’am,” replied Janeway as he passed on the order for the other ships to launch their shuttles. The defense shuttles were essentially unmanned moving shield platforms that strengthened the shield bubble at key points, with massive power supplies and shield generators and armed with pulse phasers as a last resort. “Though with all due respect ma’am, I don’t believe it’ll work. Those Species 8472 Bioships pack one hell of a punch,” he said with a grimace, but he quickly received a look from the Commodore and recovered. “Ma’am.”

“Ahead 2/3rds, Order Battleaxe to stay on our “asses” as you humans say, but not so close to attract a Bio-Bomb volley,” ordered Lakal as she stood and walked to the Helm station. The spear shaped ship started forward, breaking orbit, and quickly accelerated to 2/3rds Impulse Power.

Janeway smiled at her, but received no response back. It’s nice to see her out in space doing what she does best instead of cooped up, lecturing at the academy. He relayed the orders to the squadron and charged the Quantum Phase Beam Cannons and loaded the torpedo launchers with Spiral torpedoes. She’s right about the Bio-Bombs, we get hit by one of them, we’re toast. He quickly sobered upon realizing that. Bio-Bombs were basically giant torpedoes fired from the Species 8472 Frigates. However, instead of the normal Matter/Antimatter detonation of most other races torpedoes, they threw out living creatures that latched onto ships shields and drained their energy, effectively eliminating their defenses. “Orders relayed, ma’am, Battleaxe is standing by for further orders,” he replied as he looked at Lt. J.G. Jak’ef, his Klingon friend since the academy, at the Helm. They had been rivals in their freshman year, but they soon grew on each other and soon had become close friends.

“Sir, new ship incoming out of warp, type unknown, Launching torpedoes!” shouted the sensor officer as she switched the viewscreen to the new ship. The ship was oblong and wide in the middle, but Janeway’s attention was focused on the objects hurtling. There were dozens, each one of them looking like a smooth dagger with wings. It’s a swarm! Suddenly each one fired a Bio-Bomb and erupted into light, firing multiple Bio-Beams. Oh, shoot!

“Activating alblative armor! All Decks, brace for impact!” Janeway screamed as the entire bridge crew hit the deck. Consoles exploded in a shower of sparks and the ship shuddered from the impact. Looking up, Janeway saw Lt. Jar’ef and Commodore Lakal stand up. Jar’ef nodded grimly, but Lakal collapsed. “Sir!” Janeway ran over to her and checked her pulse and saw green blood oozing from a wound on her stomach. “Grab her left side and I’ll grab her right,” He said as liffted her up, but without assistance. Janeway looked over and saw Jar’ef stumble and fall down, out cold from, as Janeway saw, a horrible shrapnel wound in his back. “Oh, freck!” Janeway said as he headed toward the escape pods at the back of the bridge. After the panel refused to open, he stepped back, pulled his phaser and vaporized the panel. Placing her in the pod and jettisoning it, he ran back to Jar’ef, who was still bleeding from the gruesome wound in his lower back. Lifting him up, he scrambled as fast as he could as sparks shot out of ruined bulkheads.

“Structural Integrity Field Losing Power, 15 seconds till power failure,” said the calm computer as the ship rocked again. Finally making it to the escape pods, he shoved Jar’ef in and climbed in himself. Activating the pod, the door closed and the pod shot out into space as the battleship broke up. Janeway looked out as the ship fell apart, explosions wracking its shattered skeleton. There she goes. My pride and joy. The ship plummeted into Trion Prime’s gravity well and Janeway passed out.


Jake Janeway woke up in the medical bay of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E. Looking around, he saw the medical techs rushing by, grabbing gurneys and treating patients.

“Hey, how you doing?” one female tech asked him.

“Okay. How’s Commodore Lakal?” he asked her weakly.

“She pulled through, she wouldn’t have made it without you,” she replied with a smile.

“And Lt. Jar’ef?” Janeway asked weakly.

The tech suddenly became somber. “I’m sorry. His injuries were too extensive and he bled out internally before we could get him into surgery. He died,” she said sadly. Unable to comprehend for a moment, Janeway look confused and then broke into tears, the tech attempting to comfort him.

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Post by kips » Mon Feb 13, 2006 4:22 am

Not a bad read, a little short are you going to post more of the story?
life is life and death well thats a pain in the neck.

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Post by EAS_Intrepid » Mon Feb 13, 2006 3:01 pm

I agree to kips.

Keep it up. Sounds like a cool fanfiction series!
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Yeah, this is only the prologue.

Post by WhtStr468 » Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:35 pm

This is just the prologue of the story. The 1st chapter should be done tonight or tommorow.

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New Chapter

Post by WhtStr468 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 7:49 pm

Chapter 1: Interesting Proposal, 2408

Commander Jake Janeway stepped nervously on the Turbolift on Starbase 67, near Vulcan. The Starbase was home to Starfleet’s Tactical Command, the tactical think tank, coming up with new strategies and tactics. Gotta calm down, I did my homework on this proposal. It’ll be good. The turbolift stopped at deck 2, and Jake stepped out. Walking down the corridor, he walked into the briefing room. He immediately recognized Admiral Kwame and Vice Admiral Lakal. There were three other flag officers of varying rank and one Captain, but he didn’t recognize them. smiling at Lakal and receiving nothing back, he sat and prepared for the briefing to start.

“You may proceed, Commander,” said Kwame in her South African accent.

“Thank you, ma’am. As you know, I have been pushing a proposal for experimental new tactic, Carrier Warfare. All of you know of carrier warfare. In WWII, the US and Japan fought using carriers and they were a staple of earth navies until the mid 21st Century. However in recent events, we have seen a resurgence in carrier warfare, with Federation Civil War and the Species Wars. For example, when I was serving with then Commodore Lakal,” he said as he gestured to her, “on the USS Los Angeles at the Siege of Trion Prime, we were attacked by a Species 8472 Swarm Cruiser.”

“May I interject here a moment, Admiral Kwame?” asked the female captain. She received a nod and continued, “There has never been a documented sighting of this ‘swarm cruiser’, as I’m sure you’re well aware, Commander. If it exists, no one has survived long enough to document it, have they?” She sneered, obviously with a loathing for Janeway.

“Actually, ma’am, recently Starfleet Intelligence was able to use a new computer system to unscramble the Los Angeles sensor recordings and they managed to recover this,” Janeway replied as he pressed a button and on the briefing screen showed a massive cruiser with hundreds of swarm fighters speeding away from it. There was a collective gasp from the officers and Janeway pressed on. “This is a picture of the damage the Los Angeles took after the fighters attacked. This is from the USS Tel Aviv, the only ship to survive the attack by these fighters,” said Janeway as he put the picture up and watched the shock on their faces. The ship was essentially in 5 pieces, with only bits of it’s hull, still intact. “This damage occurred after we had defense shuttles deployed and had activated our armor.”

“Take it off the screen, if you please. Now, what is your proposal, Commander?” asked Kwame in a shaken, but gentle, tone.

“Simple, Admiral. I wish to put together a squadron of fighters and a carrier to be put on exploratory duty in the Andromeda galaxy. We can scout multiple areas at once and also be ready for offensive or defensive action at a moment’s notice,” replied Janeway as he brought up a schematic on the briefing screen. It showed a sleek fighter armed to the teeth with phasers, torpedoes, and powerful engines. “We have already designed and built a prototype fighter design, the SFC-1 Raven fighter. We also have designed and built a new module prototype for the Nebula class, essentially a hangar module.”

“May I ask who is we, Commander?” asked Admiral Lakal.

“Myself and Lt. Cmdr. Kalar Tynos, a member of Starfleet Corps of Engineers,” Janeway replied. He knew that would impress them. Starfleet Corps of Engineers, along with Utopia Planitia Yards had produced some of the most successful combatant and non-combatant ships ever used by Starfleet.

“Admiral, may I interject again?” asked the female captain and she plowed on without even receiving a nod from any of the flag officers. “What I want to know is why you did this without consulting Starfleet Command or the Federation council?! Did you steal the funds for this little project of yours?!”

“That is an baseless accusation…” Admiral Lakal began, but stopped after receiving a wave from Janeway.

“Do not bother, Admiral, I’ll answer the questions. First, I did contact the Federation Council on this matter, but they decided to make it a “BLACK” program. With tensions as high as they are with the Romulans and the Trion Republic, they decided that if they knew of a military build-up, they may suspect an offensive against them. Second, the funds were secured from my private accounts I inherited from my father after his passing. So are you done chastising me ma’am, or are we going to go another round?” Janeway retorted with as much respect as he could inject into his tone.

“You may continue, Commander,” she said trying to keep the contempt from her face.

“Thank you, as I was saying. The prototype is heavily armed, well shielded, and very fast and extremely maneuverable. It also is fielding the experimental Pulse Micro-Torpedo Launchers. The prototype was transported here with me, and Mr. Kalar and I have planned a little demonstration for you, so I’m going to suit up and get ready to fly, with your permission, Admirals?” Janeway asked. He received a chorus of yeses, albeit a reluctant one from the captain who had badgered him throughout the presentation.

“Thank you, but I do have a request for you, Admiral Kwame,” Janeway said tentatively.

“Yes, I would ask that you join Lt. Cmdr. Kalar In the pursuit shuttle. You would get a much better view there than through a viewscreen,” Janeway said with a grin.

“Very well, in that case, I really am looking forward to this,” she replied as Janeway saluted and walked out of the briefing room.

Janeway walked into the starbase’s main shuttlebay. He saw Kalar, performing maintenance on the Raven prototype. He smiled and tapped him on the shoulder, while Kalar was fine-tuning the sensor array. “Oh, hi. So how’d it go?” Kalar asked with a grin as he continued to fiddle with the sensor palette.

“It went exceptionally well. Admiral Kwame is going to monitor the demonstration from the pursuit shuttle, so make sure you look your best,” Janeway said with a grin, pointing at Tynos’ dirty clothing.

“Oh, this! I can clean up in a millisecond, sir, before the Admiral even comes down. The fighter is ready for combat, sir,” Kalar replied with a smile as he closed the sensor palette’s access hatch and dogged it shut.

“She’ll be down in 2 minutes for your engine start-up sequence,” the commander said with a smirk.

“Huh?!” replied Kalar, a look of shock on his face.

“I’m going to begin the start-up sequence. Good luck, lieutenant,” responded Janeway as he climbed into the cockpit of the Raptor, the name of the prototype fighter

“Yes, sir. I better get changed, then?” said Kalar as he looked down at his uniform.

“Yeah, that might be a good idea,” said Janeway sarcastically as he locked the cockpit. “Comm. Check 1, Comm. Check 1,” he said as he pulled on his helmet and his headset.

“I read you. You have clearance for launch, Commander,” replied Tynos as he gave him a thumbs-up. Janeway fired up his impulse engines and thrusters and the fighter shot out of the bay at full impulse. The Raptor rolled on its side, and he brought up his shields and began to charge up his weapons for the demonstration as he circled and looped for a few minutes. He stopped dead in space, and waited for Kalar’s pursuit shuttle to catch up.

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