B5: EAS Enforcer Fanfiction series

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B5: EAS Enforcer Fanfiction series

Post by EAS_Intrepid » Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:15 pm

Yes, it is still alive :-)

Again a short introduction:

EAS Enforcer is my fanficiton about an Earth Alliance ship shortly after the Earth Minbari War. The first episodes of it will deal just with the time between 2246 (in the year the series started) and 2255. Then we go on with the developments until the Civil War - when everything runs as I expect...

Here are all released Episodes (aren't many yet) in PDF files:
(Acrobat Reader needed; click on the episode title to open/download the file. Right click and save as... to download.)

I finished the "Points Of Authority" Two-Parter. Part Two is now available.

Episode I: The M-308 Incident

EAS Enforcer gets a new commander and is made spaceworthy again. The first mission leads to an outpost outside of Earth Alliance territory.

Episode II: Hatred

When the Enforcer crew detects a crashed Minbari warship on a desert planet they have to decide if to help someone wanting to eradicate humanity. And for question of rescue the Minbari have an own answer.

Episode III Part Two: Points of Authority

A new ship, the Omega Class Destroyer EAS Achilles OCG-1 is in service and due for deep space tests. And because the Enforcer is patroling in deep space, it is chosen to play the baby-sitter. Meanwhile heats the situation between a striking mine colony and the Earth Alliance up. An Earthforce ship decides to mutiny and stand by the colony.

New Episode: Episode III Part Two: Points of Authority

As the crisis reaches a peak, Enforcer is ordered to set a course the crew does not really like. But the Achilles' CO puts the Enforcer's command officers under pressure.

Next Episode will most likely be titled as "Wolf Pack". We see consequences from the former episode as well as a new mission to the EAS Enforcer.

All PDFs are about 100kb to 200kb large.

Questions, comments, ideas?[/u]
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