Roleplaying in Armada2

Do you have creative writing skills?? Think you can charm the masses with a story or two?? Perhaps you can create a mini-toon based on Armada. Then give it a go right here.

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Roleplaying in Armada2

Post by SunTzu1988 » Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:07 pm

Well to start off I will introduce myself, I am Lord Suntzu of the eXtreme Gamerz Community. We play a variety of Startrek and other SciFi games. This post is not ment as an advertisment for our community though, please do not delete it.

To continue on our community hosts fun nights on Armada2 at least three times a month and we were wondering if anyone would at all like to partake in our Roleplaying Games. Basically we try and create a sort of prelude to a rek-based story involving what ever races are on the mod we are gaming with, after that is done we go ingame and reinact it.

We also use Temaspeak so that we arent typing everytime we want to say something. We try to go as much indepth as we can. With diplomacy, trading, spying, and so on. We currently have only three members involved including myself and we are on the look out for peeps that want to roleplay with us. You dont have to be in our community. This is a global community thing involving all who wish to get involved. As long as you RPG and dont cause problems..

If you wish to join in on the fun, lemme know at

or just visit, and send me a PM

Well hope to see ya'll soon

- Lord Suntzu

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