Stargate Revival Fan Book

Do you have creative writing skills?? Think you can charm the masses with a story or two?? Perhaps you can create a mini-toon based on Armada. Then give it a go right here.

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Stargate Revival Fan Book

Post by Firefly1 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:43 pm

Recently Sci-Fi channel announced its intentions to cancel SG-1. I’m creating a fan book to submit to Sci-Fi channel in response to this.
These are the rules, I’m going to right one section then anyone can add sections after me. The plotline should be continuous. Your segment must written with Microsoft word/works, times new roman, size 14 font and in that font be no less then one page and no more then two pages in length. You can only submit once and only one person can build off the previous entry, you can’t split the story into two stories you can however tell what happens to a character In an older entry if it isn’t discussed in later entries. Although you can only put one section in you can put in as many comments as you wish but when you add a comment indent it and write OOC: before your comment, OOC stands for Out of context and indicates that its not part of the story. When a minimum of 50 sections have been submitted (although there can be more if the story is unfinished) I will be submitting it via E-mail to MGM studios and Sci-Fi channel along with the names of everyone who helped create the story. If you give your name after the article I will add it to a list to submit along with the story, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this its not required but if you want to add your name without writing a section then its fine just be sure to indicate what you want any comments you want with it and that its OOC. Lastly, Stargate can be a very humorous show and feel free to add some humor into it but please remember we’re trying to save the show so don’t just write something goofy or it won’t be added.

SG’s one and four stood in the Gate room preparing to embark on their next mission.
“So where to today?” Cameron Mitchell asked as the gate was dialed.
“P3Y-2792,” Carter replied, “the MALP picked up some strange energy fluctuations, the IOA is breathing down or necks for a solution to the Ori problem so we’re checking out anything unusual.” The Stargate opened in a burst of energy.
Just as they were about to depart, Vala arrived standing out in forest fatigues that contrast sharply with the winter camo that everyone else was wearing.
“Sorry I’m late,” she remarked feeling a bit odd to be the only one not prepared for arctic warfare. Daniel sighed and rolled his eyes before turning and walking up the ramp. The rest of the group followed shortly.
P3Y-2792 was a barren wasteland, the gate stood in the middle of a barren plain of snow with a small hill behind it, wind gusted and blew across the low hills and plains that stretched to the horizon.
SG-4 secured the gate area while carter began playing with the handheld scanner she was carrying.
“Energy readings are coming from this direction,” she remarked as she began climbing the hill behind the gate. Mitchell and Daniel followed leaving Vala shivering with Teal’c and SG-4 as she reached the top of the ridge she stopped in her tracks. In a small valley below them an Ori, ship lay smashed to bits. Its hull was covered with scars and burn marks and the rear of the ship lay shattered and twisted. A debris strewn burn mark in the ground indicated how it had crashed and buried itself in snow.
They quickly gathered the rest of SG-1 and set out for the crash site.
“I’m not picking up any life signs,” Carter said as they neared the wreck.
“Alright, Teal’c, Vala, your with me, Carter take Jackson and find that energy source of yours.”
The ship was quiet the hallways covered with frost. Bodies lay everywhere but for some reason they looked like they’d been there for ages and had mummified in the deep cold. In fact, the entire wreck had the appearance of having occurred long ago. Cameron’s radio chirped.
“SG-1 come in,”
“This is Mitchell any trouble?”
“No sir but Stargate command wants you back at base ASAP.”
“Alright we’ll start back,”
“Not SG-1 sir just you,”
“Alright Lieutenant I’m on my way.”
He changed frequencies and called Carter
“Something’s up at base I’m heading back keep up the good work I’ll be back shortly.”

Carter and Daniel were working their way aft towards the ship’s engines. This far aft damage from the crash had torn jagged holes through the ship letting the white diffuse glow of the snowy plains outside filter through. Carter stopped and entered a large room with a huge green crystal at the center.
“What is it?” Daniel asked.
“It’s our mysterious energy source,” she said slowly moving around the crystal to see the far side.
Daniel was glancing around the room when his eyes fell upon another body on the floor he looked at it then stopped dead in his tracks.
“Daniel?” Sam asked, moving towards him, “is something wrong?”
“Sam I think you should see this,” he said still not moving. She moved towards him and noticed the body lying on the ground recognizing it instantly.
“Oh my god…its…me.”

Mitchell waited as SG-4 dialed the gate; he then entered his iris code and stepped over the threshold. When he looked around the gate room there were several marines standing around with their weapons trained on him.
“Something wrong?” he asked innocently.
General Landry stepped up the ramp.
“Cameron Mitchell you are under arrest for treason against Earth and the United States you have the right to remain silent.”

OOC: there’s my section remember to follow the rules and have fun
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Post by bisk » Sat Jul 21, 2007 6:27 pm

Thanks alot for removing the 'answering' post to this fanfic! This isn't even my site - my husband encouraged me to post the 'next chapter' and I come along to see how it's doing - and find it removed! If you didn't want it here, why did you post it here? And why remove my addendum without saying anything?! I work hard on that, and took time out to join in on something that was suppose to be fun - and here it is a few months later - and my work is gone! WTH!?


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Post by doci7 » Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:06 am

That's completely unrealistic! Everyone knows that Daniel would never end up in a different group then Vala! (Ha ha.) Great story, though! I'm also sorry to see that there is no posty thingy for next chapters.



Post by uss_shanker » Sun Apr 20, 2008 1:54 pm

NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo stargate being cancelled nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they aint even made a sencond movie for it.

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Post by doci7 » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:31 pm

That depends entirely on what you mean by "second movie." There was "Stargate the Movie", and recently the "Ark of Truth" that ended the show. And while both are different types of movies, certainly, one still must concede that indeed there already has been two Stargate movies. What's more, a "third" is coming midsummer of this year: "Stargate: Continuum", and from what I've heard it's supposed to be a GREAT movie (in spite of the fact that Baal, aka the bane of my existence, will be playing a crucial role). Hope that brightens your day (it brightens mine just to talk about it)!

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