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next episode to armada 1

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 2:51 pm
by assainator
just before the joined forces of the federation, klingons and Romulans destroyed the Omega Particle, the borg finished their ulitmate assimelation weapon: a single borg drone that could suvive without the hive-mind. He is 2 times stronger than a normal borgdrone. and is actualy also a ship. He could be deployed somewere and he uses his, mini-drones little robots that inject poeple with nanoprobes, telephatic array so he can lure poeple and ships to a simple to assimalate location, mini-replicator he can set any material into energy and use the energie to produce weapons or components. and many more abilety's

In the beginning he is easy to defeat but if not discoverd in time he could produce entire army's whitin day's. At the time the shockwave of the explosion came, he transported himself to the other side of the shockwave so he would not be destroyed, he flew to a system with little technolegy but interstaller travel. he began to upgrade himself, the he assimalated some ships and the crew. He was growing, he became undefeateble. The borg created another "borg-commando" and sended him to the alpha quadrant. he started assimalating some small spicies. But when the federation did not heared enything from a culture that wanted to join the federation they sended a ship to investigate with 5 open comm. singels so they could here every transmission.

"We are the Borg, you will be assimelated. resistans is futile." furtunantly the borgship was a primetive ship with no warp- or transwarp core. so the ship could flee. but the next target of the "borg-commando" was the federation.

frotunantly, diplomacy was going good, the Klingons were tring to join the federation, the romulans were oficial allies and no one did not like the brotherhood. The ferengi had just invested in ship production and have the best shipyard in the quadrent and they are intrested in a trade-pact and there are rumours that they want to join the federation. Also the thing no one ever tought of happend: the dominion rised again, but this time in a federation like empire. and above all else: they wanted to be allies with the federation. Odo was one of the leading ambasadours. there is a time of peace and happynes.

once the message of the borg invasion 2 reaced everyone, everything almost fell into chaos. but because of fate in eachother it didn't. but the federation wanted that every leading race would rule itself again because if the federation would fall, the rest could fight on........

sorry for my bad English :oops: !!! but i want to know if what you think of it.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:50 pm
by doci7
I like the idea of friendly Dominion... I certainly never would've thought of it. Are you going to continue the story?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 2:48 am
by assainator
depends on how much time i have and if i just want it.
but i probely will :D

Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 8:22 am
by doci7
Good deal.

and now the contiuation

Posted: Fri May 02, 2008 1:23 pm
by assainator
previously in Star Trek armada: see below

and now: the contiuation

I don't like waiting! that's what the federation heared a lot. They wanted to build defences, but the Klingons who have the largest fleet at this moment, wanted to fight instead of waiting and building defences and ships.

Fortunatly they did what the federation wanted: training soldiers. Every empire had a own assignment. The klingons must train every soldier until it was as good as a klingon worrior. The federation was leading and fortifying all empires. The dominion was seeing for many, many ships and untrained soldiers. The Romulans were doing a lot of research about how to fight the borg and improving cloak systems so even the borg could not find them. The ferengi were building the very large ships.

The Alpha Quadrent became more fortified every day. Many spishies that hated each other in the past were working side by side as friends. At a day, the romulans did a discovery: they found a cloak that could hide entire fleets in sub-space with no indication a rift was ever opended. every ship was equiped with it just in time. the argolis array spotted the enemy borg fleet comming!

the first battle was short. The Alpha Quadrent won, but the a small borg fleet flown into klingon terretory, destroying a lot of defences. This was the beginning of a lot of defeating battles for the federation. fortunantly every spiecie modyfied their system to blow up as soon as the borg infiltrated them. This was the reason the borg advanced slowly. When the borg were launching a attack at Ferenginar, the thing happend no one ever tought of: the Cardasians came into battle. For some reason the borg never attacked the Cardasian Union. The best thing is that they modified the paralysing weapon they used in thier war against the joined forces of the federation, the Klingons and the romulans. It could disable the borg shields with just 5 shots!

(again sorry for my English)

Posted: Fri May 02, 2008 7:39 pm
by doci7
It's a good continuation, but if by paralysis weapon you are referring to the one used in the Dominion War, I think that the only race that really had that was the Breen. Not to say that the Cardassians couldn't have one or get one.

Posted: Sat May 03, 2008 3:42 am
by assainator
yes that's the weapon but the dominion orderd that every ship must be equiped with it. breen, dominion and cardasian. so it is very possible.

Posted: Sat May 03, 2008 11:13 am
by doci7
I guess I shouldn't have said anything. After all, I've only watched a very little bit of DS9 and virtually everything I know about the Breen and the Dominion War has been from reading about them on the internet. I knew that the Dominion successfully had the weapon installed on one of their "fighters", but I never heard that ALL Dominion-allied ships were to be equipped with the weapon. I guess you learn something new every day.

Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 1:17 am
by assainator
well, i don't care, you tought i had something wrong, you tried to correct me, but i knew what i was talking about. so ? everyone has that in a while


ps. i will write new episodes, expect them to cover less time in the war because this point is were the game should begin.

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:08 am
by assainator
I made the begin of this just after i posted the previous part, but never continued it, so in a cleanup of my pc i found it, and because i was in a mood to write (i'm in such a mood for a week now) i tought i continued it
You see that this is written like it would be a firstmission/tutorial, well that was the idea. Tough i'm not realy sure i will complete this ( i don't think so, i'm a little to busy with constructing my game (no, it's not a mod, it's a full game. (do some of you guys know: ogame ? it's going to look like that only with a little more freatures) but here is the beginning anyway

+you, the admiral
-a officer
*the computer voice (the voice explaining every thing)
<>story teller (me)

-Sir incoming transmission from the conbined dominion klingon fleet nr.6 , they report that the borg has broken trough the defences of the klingon border, they request imidiate help!!

+Set a crouse for the: naq'ur system, that's just after the border, and since the borg can still only travel at warp 1,6 , we have plenty of time to build our defences their. and contact the Rijn(a river in the netherlands) runabout squadren, tell them to go with us. -Yes sir!!

<>and so they've gone to the naq'ur system, at their arival they started to build defences.

*welcome to the naq'ur system, here you need to build defences against a borg fleet, and learn the basics to learn the game (*1). You see youself in a star field, with 2 planets around you, naq'ir and naq'ihun. Both colonised by the klingons. you also see 1 ship the "Berlin" and you see tiny little ships flying around it. these are runabouts, small transport ships to transport personel and equipment. they have a keyrole in every base.

*now you will need to know you to mover your ships before starting to build. select the "Berlin" bij left clicking on it. you see 2 green circles moving around it. This means you have selected the ship. Now, hold the right-mouse button, and drag it into a direction......Good, now you can view the "Berlin" from every side. now, select on of the runabouts the same way as you did with the berlin and move around it.
Nice, now you should select 2 of the runabouts, by selecting the first, then hold shift, while you left-click on the second. You have now selecte 2 runabouts. now you know how to select and rotate, would it be easy to have a look at the whole system? now rotate the middle mouse button to zoom out. but sometimes, when you have a moment of rest between the battles it is nice to take a close look at your ships, move the middle mouse button again but now zoom in to see the small details of you ships.

*1 i don't give it a name, think one of youself :P