Star Trek Enterprise Time's Mergence (Version 1.0)

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Star Trek Enterprise Time's Mergence (Version 1.0)

Post by jetnova16 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:11 pm

This is an original Star Trek Novel that I have written sometime ago, well Star Trek Destiny Books 1 - 3 were still coming out. This novel was my attempt at making all Star Trek canon. This included all the books, TV shows and the movies. This novel is the result.

This novel is still in the process of being revised to fix a few mistakes that I found in my one and only published copy. The final version is still in the works and I will admit is taking years to complete, this version Star Trek Enterprise Time's Mergence is the first version and was written and published back in November 2008. I know, almost 3 years have past since but coming up with ideas for the revisions and to make the novel alittle longer has taken alot of time.

When this novel is complete, I am giving it a new title:

Star Trek Legacy: The Rise and Fall of The United Federation of Planets

For now though, I give you my original draft/work:
Star Trek Enterprise Time's Mergence

To get the novel, just follow the Download link at the end of this page, but first, here is the Synopsis for the final version of the book (both the original and new synopsis fit this version):

*******Star Trek Enterprise Time's Mergence Synopsis*******

With the aftermath of the Star Trek Destiny series, Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets are in massive disarray. Starfleet itself has few ships left to defend the tattered fleet, the USS Voyager NCC 74065 herself is badly damaged with only one remaining warp nacelle. The starships USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E, USS Aventine NCC 82602, and USS Titan NCC 80102 are among the few ships still in active service and ready to defend the Federation. The only good news that the Federation can take greatness in is the fact that the Caeliar have erased the Borg from existence from the known universe, all that is left is Caeliar. The Caeliar have begun their new mission of finding and protecting cultures of peace and nonviolence so that perhaps someday in the distant future, the meek really can inherit the universe.

With what Starfleet is hoping will be a new found peace for the entire Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrants, also brings about more despair. The past is now in danger of being destroyed. With the destruction of one ship all that was to be never existed. As the old Earth starship NX-02 Columbia gets ready to return to Earth orbit a scourge from the farthest off galaxy makes its move on the Milky Way and the entire Federation and its allies.


From the early days of Starfleet, one thing was clear; no member of Starfleet was to interfere with the timeline or directly with alien cultures. Centuries later that very directive was tested and broken to protect the outcome of history.

War, a devastating war has come to the Federation and before it is over, history will have been forged and broken, lives will be changed and companionship will come out of despair. For those who couldn’t legally have a relationship without suffering the consequences, this is their undying hour, the moment to let their love shine through.

Witness as history unfolds through the eyes of the Guardian of Forever as only it can recall and to span the generations to tell the story of the past to two young Starfleet Officers who are at nothing more than a crossroads in their careers and their relationship.

*******Follow the Link To Download*****
NOTE: This is in a PDF format, you need a PDF Reader to open, most computers come with Adobe PDF Reader installed already if tehy are Windows.

Finally, please leave comments or citisism if you want to. I will also appreciate any ideas if you want to share them.

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