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Post by MajorPayne » Tue May 17, 2005 3:36 am

Failure to follow these rules will consitute post/thread deletion and/or possible banning:

Due to the nature and fact that certain elements that are used could have been created by other members of this, or other communities, you WILL respect the rights of the individual and prodive clearly defined credit in your posting. If you are unable to provide credit then DO NOT POST THE IMAGE or IMAGES you plan to.

If you plan to post another persons work, OF ANY SORT, then attempt to obtain permission. Failure to do so will result in a single warning and the original creator of the work will be informed. Either way the original creator will be contacted to make sure that permission has been obtained. If, in the unlikely event, that you are unable to obtain permission, or the said person cannot be contacted then you will still provide credit for any and all materials used

This forum does not tollerate such postings which contain racist and/or nude images of any sort. Make sure you refrain from posting such materials as this will constitute one warning and then permanant banning, if the warning is not listened to.

Posted images will be checked for their original source. Do not post images which are directly hotlinked from the original site. Use your own webspace (there are plenty of hosting places that provide a limited amount of hosting space. is one such hosting place). Images found to have been hotlinked will be removed and the original site owner will be informed of the infraction.

Criticisms. Now no one likes to have criticism made against their work, but it is expected that people conduct themselves accordingly and use CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. This means that it will not be tollerated when members post "it sucks" or some other such nonsense.

Also by definition of forum I do not want to see ANY 2d based drawings in this forum. There is a specifically created 2d forum for that usage.

Now I would like to make it made perfectly clear. It takes about 30 seconds and about 6 clicks of the mouse to make a banning of someone who breaks these rules, and ladies, it would pain me not to have to do this, so read them and use them.

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Post by cecilzero1 » Tue May 17, 2005 4:32 am

look at his sig u can get the general idea :wink: he would love to ban someone lol


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