Star Trek:Isint it communisim?

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Post by Warmaster_Rob » Sat Jun 26, 2004 7:19 pm

the thing about st is that it is centred on the 'military' side of the federation (even if it does seem a bit like of a civilian militia). now i'm not sure about other countries but when your in the military in the uk you want for nothing, all food, uniform and accomodation is payed for and appears (from an outside perspective) as if there was no money. as i see it starfleet is no different, i think captsyf was trying to say this earlier. as for the fed as a whole we have seen throughout the shows evidence of money. in voyager (in the odd episode when , for one reason or another it was centered on thier lives on earth, there are shops and cafes) in ds9 siskos father ran a cafe resturaunt and sisko had fears about his dad being able to survive if he shut up shop to follow him on his orb hunt.

would love to 'rant' longer but duty calls

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Post by Atlantis » Sat Jun 26, 2004 7:46 pm

Yeah Starfleet is the military side of the Federation, but this is more of a scientific military. They're explorers with a command structure.

The militaristic side did become more apparent in the TMP era (if you read the tech manuals, at least) and the Dominion war, but in peacetime you'd hardly think they were military units.

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