Problems With Armada 1

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Cadet 3rd Year
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Problems With Armada 1

Post by sgtrevill »

Hey, Sorry if ive posted this into a wrong topic area.

But, ive been trying to play armada 1 with the M-P mod, but there are some graphic proplems and sound proplems as well.

The graphic proplems are that the ships and stations are mixing together, and when i move them apart the graphics stretch, and cover the hole screen.

also when i click on a ship/station, i hear some of the unit sound then it cuts off mid sentice, so when a station is built it suppost to say something like "station complete" but all i hear is "Station"

I hope someone can help me with this.

Just to let you know how i installed the mod.

Installed Armada, put 1.2 patch on, then installed the mod.

Anyway thanks.
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Post by Greathor »

Same thing happens with me, weird.
My God!

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Post by CaptSyf »

Ok, the Sound issue is with the systems sound card. If you Have an intergrated soundcard on your board, and running XP, you just can't really fix it. But de-accelerating the sound settings will help a little.

The graphic issue is related to the videocard settings. You'll need to de-accelerate it.

Between the 2, slowing down your system will allow the game to run better. However, this will not completely fix the issues.

Armada 1 is old, I think it was originally built around DirectX7. There is also major compatabilty issues with DX9
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Post by USS_Nova »

And some geforce 6xxx cards dont work with A1.
Its been a while.
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