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reminiscing bout the old days

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:33 pm
by cecilzero1
anyone got the old old ST forums the one that wicked was admin in? i was reminiscing bout the old days and i get sad to see whats happening in this community :(

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:37 am
by MajorPayne
How could you forget 8) I still have the first mod I did back then (which was giving the dominion destroyer (bug) to the federation). Ah fun days to be had by all. But does anyone remember the first 3rd party model made by another user??

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:56 am
by steviegirl
Nope.My firstmod was for armada 1.Battlestations 4.3.I had hours of fun.Alas thoght...peaple get to make better ones.I would like to submit i screenshot of r5d5's constition study model in action,but don't know how to post it here.Any suggestions?Well...hope next year is better.Keep up the good works guys!! :)

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 4:19 am
by cecilzero1
Miranda Class? by p81? u still got the link to the old old forums?

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:28 pm
by phasertech
i remember when i first joined several years ago, the community was bustling with activity. now, there are times when a whole day could go by without a post. it's a shame. most of what keeps the community going now is Future Tense.

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 3:39 pm
by Elrond
Change is something to both be grieved with and something to embrace. Armada still has Future Tense coming soon like phasertech said. Things could be worse, like there could not be a Future Tense at all, or a Fleet Ops, or anything like that at all. I dread those times, and it's scary enough that that's around the corner. By 2010 Armada will obviously be a decade old, and that's old, like in the category of Super Nintendo or N64 old (though I grew up with the really old games; anyone ever hear of a Commodore 64).

Chances are, it'll be 2020 and some folks out there will still be popping in Armada once in a while.

They do need a fresh start again though. I'm not saying Armada 3 (that will obviously not happen), but it may be another Star Trek RTS game. Imagine if EA produces it this time (they absorbed Westwood and Activision just took Blizzard; hey, EA might even take Activision for all we know, like Nintendo took Sega).

A fresh start is needed, in every way by this point. The community is flustered over a variety of different issues, past and present. Unfortunately not much posting goes on here. Perhaps a new style for the site, nothing too insane to begin with, but perhaps something that brings the markup (html) up to Xhtml 1.0 Strict and CSS. Having a Digg thing for topics here would be good as well, and perhaps some sort of RSS / Atom XML Feed from the site so folks here who have Blogs may post some of the latest and up-coming news on their blogs. Some of that stuff is quite complicated but feasible.

The first Trek thing we think about is what the new title of the next Star Trek RTS will be; no doubt it'd spark up some interesting discussion if nothing else. Or just put Adam on the team and make the next RTS Star Trek: Future Tense and get all of those things enabled just the way we'd want them. It's bound to happen someday, unless Star Trek is really actually as dead as it seems since they killed Enterprise. When the last series ended with the words "Computer, End Program", you gotta be able to tell right off the bat something went really really wrong.

BTW, what were the old forums called where Wicked was? I distinctly remember something about that back in my college years I used to visit another forum before being here, but never joined up there. My first-ever forum post was here on AFC before the April? 2003 update. It was sometime like December 20th of 2002 I think I made a post in response to Numbazix. Those where the days. A lot of good old folks here I miss. Twitch was a good one too. There were others like Jokerplay and Westworld (in fact I think Jokerplay was here recently if I'm not too much mistaken). Heck, I can't remember that much about the old times right now. Capt Syf (when he was Capt Syf) was around here all the time back in the day. And then Porty left in 2006. Mav got put in the hospital around the same time Adam did this past year which sucks. I got put in the hospital on December 7th (the day to indeed live in infamy). Who didn't get put in the hospital in the past year...2007 was just a lousy year for both the community and pretty much most of everyone it seems like.

That's why the old times were good, barely any disasters happened. Seems like after 9/11 all that poop just started coming down.

I just like to sometimes sit here and look on the Waybackmachine on the webarchive site and just look at pages the way they were back 8 years ago and imagine that I'm back in those times, reminiscing.

Times are strange indeed. I'm sure somehow it will turn out alright though. Every generation has a great task ahead of itself. Obviously this entire decade is just one big giant test.

But I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'll be a lot happier when they 1. come out with a new RTS Star Trek game, 2. when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comes out, and 3. when Star Trek 11 (let's go back in time instead of forward like we're supposed to) movie is out and they announce Star Trek 12 will take place in 2395 or something, like it probably should. The whole prequel thing worked for Star Wars (well not really LoL), but won't really work for Trek I don't think.

Ahhh, but I loved those good old days, eventhough I was pretty bitter about those times as well. I'm just a grumpy person and that's all there is to it. :lol: By any luck, I'll be calling 2008 "the good ol' days" in about 10 years or so. But I hope not. These times certainly are among the worst times there have been. Oh well, what is.


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 5:52 pm
by pal23
i wonder who created the battlestations mod?

EDIT:major payne did u make the mod? if u did it was good. warning below-Cecil

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:13 pm
by cecilzero1
no he didnt Skynet2000 did :)

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:29 pm
by MrVulcan
Elrond, well said. You bring up many great points and I agree with most of what you said. But Josh, and Stephen, and everyone else who is reading this and finding it relevant; please, rather than longing for the good old past, rejoice in the fact that you had the opportunity and the privilege to have a great time.

It is unnecessary for me to say that change is inevitable and that change is not only grievous but oftentimes overwhelming. Nonetheless, I repeat these well known things to point out that change is the only means of moving forward. I cannot say that I welcome it as I doubt that this is the sort of change that we will embrace in the years to come. Unfortunately, "all good things must come to an end", as a different Star Trek series ending reminded us. Do keep in mind, however, that the ending of that series made way for more great things to follow, things we now cherish and hold dear.

What the future will bring I do not know; but I'm confident that better things will follow. Be it a new ST RTS game, a Star Trek XII, or something we cannot yet imagine :)

But what am I saying? This community still has plenty of life left in it. With any luck, 2008 will be a good year.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:27 am
by Elrond
Yep, "All Good Things" - best episode of, anything ever, maybe almost tied with Best of Both Worlds. Funny thing about All Good Things is they mentioned anti-time, that's almost like saying anti-energy LoL, doesn't exist in my opinion (the Vulcan Ministry of Science has judged time travel to be impossible). :lol:

Just today ended my global online use of the username "Elrond". I'll be keeping it here of course, but everywhere else I'm pretty much going to be going to a new screen name. I'm going to make that a complete mystery. As some here know, I was called something else on AFC before I was Elrond, but that was over half a decade ago. Since Armada is upon its demise, I've also closed up shop on my site and will be getting a new domain name for what will replace it. There were about 300 reasons for doing it too (members loathed me with a passion, but not as much as the community in general did).

One thing I think can be brought up in this is that maybe some of the things changing are changing for the better. Obviously, the earth is being taken out by global warming (not caused altogether by humanity, but we're sure not helping), political bs, the end of days, asteroids, gamma ray bursts, pandemics of disease that will make people explode by the millions just weeks after getting it, God saying "check mate" on this realm of existence, etc. But besides that, some other things are changing for the better.

Think of how AFC once was - just html pages for the downloads, then it got Nuke for the system and a forum and all that stuff. I don't think it's the end for AFC, not in the least. Armada Fleet Command won't just be for Star Trek Armada in the future. There's already some discussion about Legacy (which is a game that fails at life, but regardless, other games will inevitably replace those available). The next Star Trek RTS game will not be called Armada. I don't doubt that EA Games wants a shot at picking up something having to do with Star Trek, in order to be taken as heroes in the Star Trek fan base (as they've done with C&C and the Lord of the Rings games).

The next Star Trek RTS (or series of them), when we get it, hopefully will be released around the time Star Trek 11 comes out this December (don't quote me on that figure of time). Who knows who's doing it though. I've heard of Bethesda thinking about it and even Maddoc perhaps. EA definitely wants its hands on it (here we go, another EA absorbs Westword / Activision absorbs Blizzard event). No matter what, with a better engine, probably more dynamic scripting and stuff, it'd be one hell of an awesome Christmas present! But, unfortunately it's pretty hard to ask for a Christmas present 11 months ahead of time whilst not even knowing IF that game will even happen until years from now.

Change is sometimes necessary as well. I can label about three hundred things about the United States that can stand a vast improvement. The way it's going now, this country will be dead in a matter of a decade. We have an extreme economic collapse to look forward to, not to mention the increasing level of crime, ignorance, and arrogance in the nation (some of which I've been guilty of myself). Too much concern over what celebrity did this and that instead of the concern over healthcare, education, the court system, balance of power issues (which every realm of government and corporate entities especially, have), family values, abuse of religion in and of itself (a condition often attributed to terrorists), abuse of funding, and doing things that waste a lot of time. #1 is survival, #2 is security, and #3 is freedom. We're failing at #1 because we don't concern ourselves over what is really happening to the environment and the fact that, eventhough we may not be responsible for all of it, we still have the ability to put a stop to it if we try, but alas we do not try. We're failing at #2 because we're basically opening the nation and our allies to attacks now and in the future; defense is best done by actually *cough* defending through covert means and defending the shores and borders, and pretty much doing your job (if you're a security agent or whatever) and not being too lazy to do something to stop things from going wrong. We're failing at #3 because health care is something that's left to C average doctors who know less than some citizens do about medicine. They tell you to pop pills - they get a big kick back from that, but I'm not saying from what source. And of course the uninsured are left in devastation when things start to go wrong. Terrible, just terrible.

So when change does happen, somehow, it must be for the better, because though things aren't as bad as they can get, there's very little more humanity could do to screw it up worse than it has been. So change is needed, in almost everything.

Standards aren't always a bad thing to follow. Some say that standards are bad - well if they're standards that result in tons of errors then I'd agree. But it's not standards that are the problem (I would prefer it if America switched everything to the metric system overnight). We need professional jurors in court - those whose money is on the line - if they screw up, they're fired. We need the court system to promote evidence over bogus add-on charges that come with many court cases (most of those aren't monitored so closely anymore by higher forms of government). In education, yes, there can be standards. But now there is also structure - too much structure not only creates a race of zombies who are blind to reason and logic, but presents an obvious challenge - no one's personal talents and gifts are ever recognized. For those who are gifted, No Child Left Behind (the act thrown into law in 2002 or something) leaves them behind. For those who are minimally exceptional, it increases the likelihood that the average and gifted students will not learn all that much and will be left behind. The gifted will get bored and get lower grades. And they lower the standards whilst promoting endless structure. See, every school system gets paid by the government by how "well" their students do. If you lower the standards, then the government pays more for different schools because it's more likely for students to pass these standardized tests (with the standards lowered I might add).

I might quote Gandalf (loosely of course, to add more emphasis to the condition of things): "All has turned to vane ambition.......Once this nation was great, yet under the will of a madman it will fall, in the grip of complacency and bold arrogance."

Yep, change, if we don't change with it, we'll be left behind, for change is the only constant of this universe and all of its realms, known and unknown, conquered, explored, or otherwise unexplored.

AFC seems empty at the moment, and has seen better and brighter days. In mid-2005, there were probably 200 to 300 posts a day some days, and thankfully it wasn't all in general discussion either. Back then, when the mods being worked on then were just getting started, there was a lot to talk about. And now it's pretty sad to see most of those mods have already been canceled. Teams like Future Tense and Fleet Ops are keeping it going.

I might remind some of the Armada II Patch Project that's been recently released. It includes a great number of new features, along with fixing Armada II Patch 1.1 that was released in 2002. It's backward-compatible with Patch 1.1, but prevents out of memory errors, stack overload crashes, multiplayer/online with Vista crash fixed, enhanced exception catching engine as a plus, and now modular stations and stuff you originally saw in Armada 1. I tested it and it's looking more and more promising. It's the patch 1.2 project, now at version 1.2.5.

The point of showing that is that despite what may be thought, Armada isn't quite dead yet. Future Tense for Armada 1 and the patch project for Armada 2 will help keep the games around, for a while.

But it is still sad to report that a couple of modding teams, which shall go nameless in the context of this post, have just decided to call it quits as of the last 48 hours. For the many that start, very few finish these days.


Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:49 pm
by pal23
Well i hope future tense is all good the only shameful thing is that the galaxay uss challanger cant reintigrate after seperation

EDIT: by the way i want to change my usser name how do i do that? no more ill delete both of ur posts and ill give u a 10 day temp ban last warning-cecil

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:52 pm
by rodglas
Pal stop spamming posts

Just use one post to get the job done or edit if you need to.


Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:58 pm
by Elrond
1. Agree with Rod, pal, please don't post twice. Edit previous post. Acceptable limit for bumping a post by double-posting to update a thread is about one week.

2. I doubt the username change will happen. If we changed one person's username, everyone would want their username changed. I myself would prefer a different username because my reputation is...acceptably the worst reputation throughout the community right now, well at least in one context of it.

Remember this though about double-posting, at least it's not the worst thing you could do. Still, don't do it. :)

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:04 pm
by rodglas
Look at the times on the post Elrond, he posted once and then posted again within a minute. It annoying, its spam and he does it all the time.

I have no problem with necrobumping, its just annoying to read the same guy posting iver and over and not saying anything at all.


Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:11 pm
by cecilzero1
no user name change will be allowed end of story dont ask agian