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Who has the best AI

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:12 am
by M514R
Ok I just want to know everyones thoughts on AI. It can be both a2 or
a1 and any bodys mod out there. I know FT will be awsome but till then
I want to find the hardest , smartest and best adapting AI out there .
So every one chime in , oh by the way I don't need any bashing of someone elses work just an AI that when you played it gave you a run for your money.

u dont need to shout in the topic line i fixed it this time -Cecil

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:16 am
by steviegirl
You can also look over @,I think they have one over there. 8)

Killer AI

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:50 pm
by Cliff
Nothing against Achilles' Alliance mod, it was decent, but if you want a mod with an killer AI download Achilles' Art of War mods from the a2 site. The 3rd version will have you wanting to smash your keyboard against your screen.

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:23 pm
by steviegirl
8)Thats when you just say,"Ramming speed!!!",and frak it!!Have all ships attack!! :P

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:54 am
by steviegirl
Defense first vs.that one."Watch yer arse!".It works very well,if not prepared!!Good journy!! :lol:

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:01 am
by M514R
thanks for the input. have been playing alliance and have enjoyed it . more often than not it gets to the point that after 2 hours and still have 2 of 3 ai players to go after when the whole thing shuts down. I did finally find his art of war and will download next week , use net at work,dial up at home.sorry Cecil didn't realize I had done that