Staying on focus...

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Staying on focus...

Post by Surma »

The first game i modded for was armada. Then i found Star wars battlefront 2 and wanted to try that too. Then i found Star Trek Bridge commander that i wanted to try too. Now recently someone has showed me garrys mod which i gant wait getting my hands on and make stuff for. Top of that theres a pile of other games next to my computer of whom all i wanted to mod when i played them regularly and whom i know i am probably quite capable of modding.
So my question to this fellow community is how do you focus on one project, one game, one mod so that it eventually reaches completion.
I think i got about three mods in the air, so to speak which i switch between, and i cant seem to devote my energy towards one. I always think that its the journey, not the goal that matters, but you want to reach the goal eventually. Get a new start. But without focus that will never happen...
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Post by MrVulcan »

You must absolutely have the end goal in mind, and in sight potentially. If the goal is so ambitious that you can't even estimate how many years it'll be down the road, you'd have real difficulty staying on track. Start with something not too overwhelming, but always challenge yourself to try something unusual or different in regards to one mod that you're working on.

For example, give yourself the goal to make special weapons for all federation ships. Once you're done with that and you don't feel like modding armada for the time being, move on to a different game and do the same there. Afterwards, you can move back to armada and add specials to other races. By then, you'll also be full of new ideas to try to keep things exciting.

That being said, there are mods that have run on for many many years. Most notably Future Tense ;) But never have the people behind it lost track of where we are and what still needs to be done. We're always working on some kinda timeline, albeit we don't always stick to it.

So, good luck with your mods. If you have the time, its not the end of the world to work on 2-3 mods at the same time, especially if you can reuse some materal everywhere. It also helps a little to dissipate the tedious bits when you're eitehr bug hunting or making buttons or somesuch :P
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