Has the Star Trek Armada fix been found yet for windows 7?

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Has the Star Trek Armada fix been found yet for windows 7?

Post by FulhamGaz »

Hi folks,

New member here and was reading with interest to some of the solutions but not having any joy with them. As has been said in an earlier post I have been having the same problems running in the compatibilty modes for W7. Game freezes as soon as the enterprise comes on screen and thats as far as I can go. If i use task manager the screen just pops up in it's proper state befor eit switches.

Has there been a fix found?

Many Thanks FG
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Post by MrVulcan »

I think this has more to do with the video card than with win7. Are you running a newer NVIDIA card?

Running in XP SP2 compatibility mode helps with startup problems. If you're able to get as far as the mission cinematics, I think compatibility settings are ok. See if you can get older drivers for your card. Other than that, there's not much that comes to mind.

I know there's a 3rd party tweaking application for Nvidia cards that lets you change some settings that normally are not available. For some games, tweaking these settings helped with excessive lag and freezing. I can't be more specific without doing the research again :P
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Post by AFC »

You can get windows ultimate and then run http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtua ... fault.aspx which has Windows Virtual PC and xp mode built in.

other one is duel boot system windows 7 and xp there is a 64 dit version out there that nice
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