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Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:07 pm
by WarrenG12 will nice to see ure new weapons in action......i hope u can get a good pic of the Web though

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 4:32 pm
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 22/12/06 2:29PM CST (8:29PM DST)

As you can probably see from the two times, I am now in the USA, atleast till the 15th January. I haven't worked on the mod since my last update, due to personal issues with using the PC too much, but I thought I would update you all just so you know it is NOT dead, still very much alive, just with the mod team numbering 1, when I stop work, nothing gets done. Rest assured, this mod will be finished, I would say realistically by the beginning of February. Depending on its final size, may be released only on, but rest assured, its spiritual home will be here.

I will be here periodically to answer mod related questions, although maybe only once every 3 or 4 days.

Don't be a stranger! See you back at work in January!

Squire James

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:51 am
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 19/01/07 12:49 AM CST

Well, I have veeerrry nearly completed my move to America, and as such KA2 is further delayed until my PC finally gets here and is up and running again. Maybe till March, I'm not sure. I HOPE sooner, but things are still wobbly regarding shipping arrangements.

Rest assured I am working on whatever I can; planning, writing the manual etc, so don't think i'm resting on my laurels or that i've given up, far from it my friends!

Squire James

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 7:42 pm
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 29/01/07 5:40 PM CST

Well, my move to America has hit a hump, but, despite that, still staying here. My grandparents have posted me some DvDs of the current release of KA2, and a copy of my Star Trek Armada II, so work can reccommence in about 5 days.

So, good news, and bad news

Lets just say, thanks to the drugs companies and such, I may not live long enough to finish KA2.

Squire James

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:16 am
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 03/05/07 10:29 PM CST

(Thought i'd finally go MM/DD/YY in my formats!)

Well, alot of progress both in personal life and mod.

Personal life, filing for a Green Card, and we got a joint bank account today (as you may have read, Karli and I were married on the 14th Feb), so thats a huge step closer to permenant residency.

Mod wise. Well, ISC are ingame and virtually finished, just need AIPs. The Fed missions 1 through 5 are virtually done, just need the afforementioned AIPs, and a little rejig after the last overhaul (more on that next)

The overhaul involved the following:-

1) Adding Electronic Warfare Equipment. This comprises of two parts, ECM and ECCM. ECM is essentially the Sensor Scrambler from stock A2. The ECCM is a modified Death Chant that enables a ship to hit a target more accurately. If the enemy activates ECM, you can activate the ECCM and burn through it, and re-tip the balance.

2) Sensor ranges. Short, Standard and Long Ranged Sensors for each race (so there are 18 possible sensor ranges, short mid and long for each race) Starbases and Mines have standard sensors, Sensor Probes have long ranged sensors and all other stations have short ranged sensors. Torpedo Cruisers, Command Cruisers and Scouts have long ranged sensors, all other warships (including troop/assault transports) have standard sensors, and non combat ships have short ranged sensors.

3) Adding Scout Ships - These ships have Electronic Warfare Equipment and long ranged sensors.

4) Hull compared to Shield strength. I have reconfigured all shield and hull strength to better match KA. Thanks to a few folks on the A2Files forum, I have a better way to balance hull and shield strength. I'll explain

Old System
KA Hull Strength x 10 = Each System Hardpoints
KA Shield Strength x 10 = Shields

New System
KA Hull Strength x 10 = Hull
KA Shield Strength x 10 = Shields
Total Primary, Secondary, Heavy and Advanced Weapons x 20 = Weapons Hitpoints
Ship Hull Class (see below) x Race Coefficient (see below) = Other Systems Hitpoint

Ship Hull Class Values

Escort = 1
Frigate = 2
Destroyer = 3
Light Cruiser = 4
Cruiser = 5
Command Cruiser = 6
Battlecruiser = 7
Dreadnought = 8
Battleship = 9
Experimental Battleship = 10

Race Coefficients

Klingon = 10
Federation = 12
Romulan = 11
Sha'Kurian = 12
Gorn = 13
Tholian = 14
ISC = 11
Orion = 12
Civilian = 6
Hydran = 13
Lyran = 10
Mirak = 11

5) KA Weapon system. Rather than firing in massive alpha strike volleys, I have reconfigured the weapons in KA2 to fire like those in KA. Each weapon type fires in sequence, so for example each phaser fires one after the other. When a ship fires for the first time, you still get the alpha strike volley, but I think this realistic, as it gives an advantage to cloak using ships, as it would do. The Romulans can use this technique to blast the enemy with a volley of Plasma Torpedoes, cloak and strike again when the torpedoes are charged. Notice, that seperate weapon types are not linked in this fashion, only weapons of the same type.

So, as you can see, i've been rather busy!!

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 1:15 pm
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 05/18/07 12:13 PM CST

Right well, after a short break to have a rest from ODF files and the like, I am back. The Federation campaign is done, I am just finishing the last sound files as we speak (and adding a TOS/TMP Era Bridge Ambient noise to the voice recordings to sound more like the original STA2 ones)

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:14 am
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 06/26/07

Rumours of my death are greatly exaggurated ;) But seriously, KA2 is still around, just haven't got around to updating this site for a while (been busy with real life!)

Anyways, Federation Campaign is done, Gorn Campaign is well underway. Published a few preview vids at A2files, including (not uploaded yet) the intro for the 1st Gorn mission.

Other than that, fixed a few bugs, added the Citrine Class to the Tholians (finally!!) and tidyed up a few things (reconverting old A1 station models used in stock A2 to use lightmaps and such)

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:36 am
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 09/07/07 11:31 PM CST

I thought i'd post again to let you know i'm still around. I've majorly revamped the physics again so that ships behave as their KA/SFC/ST VI Era counterparts would. This means slowly accellerating, a much lower top speed (for you coders, we are talking 40-ish for a Destroyer, which is incredibly slow compared to stock A2, these are more like naval vessels than space fighters) and when turning, gradually lean into a tighter turn (again so ships start to turn slowly, then turn quite tight, again like naval vessels).

To go with this, weapons have new ranges. As a rule, primary weapons are now the longest ranged, roughly 300f (Primary being Phasers, Gatling Phasers, and both Light and Standard Disruptors) but in order to give them their racial advantage, i've made the Mirak Scatterpacks long ranged too (even though they are a Secondary Weapon). This makes Mirak ships ideal for long range bombardement. After that are Heavy Weapons like the Heavy Disruptor, CFDIC, Hellbore and FMPA Cannons, in the 250-275f range. Photon and Heavy Photon Torpedoes are also in this range, despite being Secondary Weapons, as they realistically have a longer effective range than the majority of Secondary Weapons. Following these are the afforementioned Secondary Weapons. These include the Plasma-H, Plasma-M, Plasma-L, Plasma-G and Plasma-I, the Fusion Beam and the Photon Cannon. These have a range of 200-225f.

Advanced Weapons like the Assault Phaser, AMFP and GHRC are ranged according to their own unique limitations. For example, the QCB and GHRC are based on tractor beam technology, so they can only activate at the same distance a tractor beam could. The Assault Phaser is grossly overpowered compared to a normal phaser, so beam spread is less of an issue and it can fire at considerably longer ranges. Also, due to their enormous power reserves, starbase guns and other emplaced weapons have increased range over their shipborne counterparts. This is due to the stability of a fixed station, the ability to channel those power reserves to the main gun batteries, and the boresighting of the bases targetting on fixed reference points.

On the setback front, one particular ISC mission refuses to run. The mission in the original A2 where you are tasked with capturing the disabled Species 8472 vessel will load in KA2, and even play the opening cinematic, but as soon as the player would be given control, the mission crashes to a typcial 'Sorry for the inconvienience" error. The only such mission to do that before was the second to last Gorn mission, but that was traced to me trying to replace one of the planets. However, i've changed nothing in this ISC mission, haven't even reloaded the odfs (so they still have all their A2 stats) and it STILL crashes, so looks like that mission is cut. Ah well, the story can work without it.

Well, i'm moving into an apartment with my wife in the next few weeks, so I may disappear for a while again until we have an ISP. I'll try and keep you posted though.

Squire James

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 4:24 am
by SquireJames
NEWS UPDATE 10/15/07 02:55 AM CST

Well, its been a long day modding but, i've got some lovely results.

In this first pic, we see the new Constitution Class Refit, Salazar, Excelsior and Yamato Class models. The Yamato is straight from KA, but I had trouble with the Conny and the Excelsior, so I found some goodish models on A2files and then "SFC"ised them. Namely, I actually made them look 'worse' (in some peoples eyes) by replacing parts of the texture with the SFC textures. The areas where this is most apparent are the saucers and the nacelles of the Excelsior. I also did a spot of texture editing, changing names and registries, correcting mirrored text, darkening the torpedo tubes and so forth, and I made both sides of the warp nacelles glow, as per SFC. I wanted to keep the SFC feel but have more realistic looking Fed ships, and I think I have it. The only other ship that may warrant this treatment is the Ulysses Class.

As for the Salazar, I used my new hybrid conny to remake my very first kitbash. I changed the configuration slightly, going for two saucer top torpedo tubes, mounted on pylons above the impulse engines. To differenciate her further, I changed the registries (NCC-1137, USS Salazar) and I lowered the nacelles down to a Ulysses Class style configuration.

This second shot is less exciting but, it shows the two latest models for the ISC taken from my shiny new copy of SFCII:OP. None of the other X-Ships were of much use, they all looked too lost-era ish for me (if I were making a Tomed Incident Mod, then i'd be all over em) but I thought the Concordium DX made a perfect IDD Refit d in KA2, and that the CX would make a fine Star Cruiser. It makes the rather samey ISC vessels look more varied anyways. I also reclassified the Orion Blackjack DN as a BC, given new data in OP,and I will probably use the new light raider as some form of Orion Pirate DD or CL. A version of the Orion Trader has also been added as a Merchant Carrier. Sneaky buggers them Orion Pirates.

I have also added several Lyran, Mirak and Hydran ships, and a new Orion Pirate base I kitbashed myself. (see the Romulan and Orion thread) I will do one final update to the ship/station list to accomodate these changes. After that i'm not adding anything more to it! or i'll never finish!!!!