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Take control of one of 6 races in a galaxy wide war in the TMP Era

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Latest Ideas and such

Post by SquireJames »

Well, my CDs arrived :) Armada II (ergo KA2) runs slow on this PC but hey atleast it works.

Soooo, I was wondering, what else could I add to KA2 to make it better?

Well, heres what I have so far...

I have introduced new sensor ranges for ships, something like this

Fed Short = 600
Fed Standard = 800
Fed Long = 1000

Kli Short = 400
Kli Standard = 600
Kli Long = 800

Rom Short = 800
Rom Standard = 1000
Rom Long = 1200

Gor Short = 600
Gor Standard = 800
Gor Long = 1000

Tho Short = 800
Tho Standard = 1000
Tho Long = 1200

ISC Short = 600
ISC Standard = 800
ISC Long = 1000

Now short ranged sensors are used by all non-combat vessels (except the APAs, they have standard sensors) and by all stations (except starbases and mines which have standards, and sensor probes/monitoring stations etc that have long ranged)
Standard sensors are used by all combat ships (except scouts, torpedo cruisers and command cruisers which use long ranged sensors)

Secondly, I have added a new class of ship: Scouts. Scouts are larger than Escorts, built on Frigate hulls usually. They carry less weapons and are fitted with long ranged sensors. They also carry Electronic Warfare equipment, which we will come to later. Generally the scouts of each race are based on the frigate of that race, and sacrifice torpedo tubes and in some cases a phaser emitter for long ranged sensors. There are two exceptions however.

Exception number one is the Federation. They have the Oberth Class Escort, and while definately not designed for combat, she is more of a Science Vessel, and so while fitted with long ranged sensors and specialised sensor equipment (detects cloaked vessels), she is not fitted with Electronic Warfare equipment. The Federations true scout is the Okinawa (S). She sacrifices the two photon torpedo tubes of her more combat orientated sister class, but mounts long ranged sensors and Electronic Warfare equipment. The Reserve Fleet has a Davids (S) Class Scout.

The other exception is the Klingon Empire. They have no new vessel, the pIH (S) Class Science Frigate performing this role. The pIH (S) is rather different to most scouts. While missing the heavy weapons of the Battle Frigate variant, the Science Frigate mounts 4 disruptors (as opposed to 2 disruptors and 2 heavy disruptors) and is also fitted with a Communications Jammer in addition to her other Electronic Warfare equipment. This Comm Jammer completely disables the sensors of nearby enemy vessels or stations for a short period. However the Comm Jammer can't be used until the KDF Vessel Research Laboratory is built.

Now, onto the actual Electronic Warfare equipment. This composes of two advanced (KA2s equivilent to Special) weapons: Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Electronic Counter Countermeasures (ECCM)

ECM scambles the enemies sensors, and makes it much harder for them to get a lock on. Essentially, this is the Sensor Scrambler from Stock A2.

ECCM allows your own sensors to lock onto the enemy that much easier, and while it can be used on its own to boost your own ships in combat (after all, all these two systems are are different ways to boost power to sensors) it is also very useful when an enemy scrambles your sensors with ECM. This ECCM effectively neutralises the effect of enemy ECM.

Ships fitted with Electronic Warfare equipment are as follows. (Name, race, role)

Okinawa (S) Class - Federation - Scout
Lexington Class - Federation - Command Cruiser
Ulysses Class - Federation - Dreadnought
pIH (S) Class - Klingon - Science Frigate
Suvwl'QeH Class - Klingon - Command Cruiser
pumwl Class - Klingon - Dreadnought
Gladius (S) Class - Romulan - Scout
Centurion Class - Romulan - Cruiser
Senator Class - Romulan - Command Cruiser
King Snake (S) Class - Gorn - Scout
Beowuulf Class - Gorn - Command Cruiser
Feldspar (S) Class - Tholian - Scout
Sapphire Class - Tholian - Dreadnought

Also a number of ISC vessels will have it, but the full shiplist for the ISC hasnt been decided yet.

I also added the following new vessel for the Tholians: Citrine Class Defence Monitor. Since the Tholians don't have an APA, I thought this slow moving but heavily armed defence ship would be a good replacement.
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Post by WarrenG12 » always Squire.....and good to see u back on here
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