"Armistice at Organia"

Take control of one of 6 races in a galaxy wide war in the TMP Era

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"Armistice at Organia"

Post by SquireJames » Mon Oct 15, 2007 3:50 am

I'll tell more in the news thread, but this shot showcases the new Yamato and Excelsior Class models. I was going to include the new model for the ISC Star Cruiser, but erm, I forgot.

The setting is Organia, July 2292. After 4 long years of warfare, the ISC and the Federation are of all places, back where it started, in orbit around the planet of Organia. However, there have been many changes in those 4 years; No small fry Frigates sent to diplomatic rendezvous. Now the Federation responds to the ISC with 2 Excelsior Class Battlecruisers and the most powerful starship in the fleet, the USS Yamato, lead ship of the Yamato Class Experimental Battleship. This time the roles are reversed. The mighty ISC is on the brink of collapse, and now the Federation stand ready to decide who lives and who dies.

Only Commander Nortene knows the true gravity of the situation however...


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