Star Trek XI Announced

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Post by Elrond »

Wow! I've looked through this thread and I agree - perhaps this thread should be locked! Throughout the whole thread, the point of it's original heading just completely lost all meaning after about 3 pages! Sure, some of what is being said the last two pages relates closely to the target, but not much of it! xxxxx is right - let's get back to the film!
Sure, it's easy to get immersed in another topic, but if we need to have a debate about time travel or whatever it is that's being discussed, let's create a new forum just for whether or not a trillion timelines are possible/not possible. I think anyhow the point of the discussion has probably been made - that Star Trek XI has been announced and how the Star Trek community reacts to the details of that announcement.
It sounds like a lot of us want to see how many posts we can make so we can beat the top, which is like 714 or something! Let's just make sure if that's our aim, then at least we must keep to the forum topic at hand - with that said, I agree with Alohaman and xxxxx. Oh, I know I'm new here, but I'm not trying to sound like one of those know-it-all starfleet cadets! :wink:
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Post by MajorPayne »

Its nice to see that people think they can go off the topic of a thread without anything happening to stop it. Well let me be equally nice. If I see this kind of off topic posting again there will be other "things" that happen aside from a locking of the thread. I do hope I've made myself perfectly clear on this matter.
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Post by Phantom »

Im going to reopen the topic in General Discussion for the Film ONLY

It is obvious that people wish to discuss the matter but it has been spoiled by a few and methods of Hertzburg and other theorys that have been bombarded at us.

This thread will be relocked and MAP's intensions will remain - The thread has esculated way out of hand since my last post.

Trashman - why did you go off topic and start the entire debate over Star Trek 11? - Please do not spoil threads in the future with unrelated matters to topic. If you wish to discuss conciquences or debate wether timetravel is possible then do it on a new thread and in the debates forum, please do not 'hijack' other threads as this has esculated way beyond the inital topic dispite people trying to reform and apologise for the esculation