What do you think of Shatner on Enterprise

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Shatner on Enterprise?

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Shatner... who-cares!
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Post by Elrond »

LOL. Yeah, I suppose you're right. When a swell hits the boat, you have one guy going side to side, another going back and forth, and another flying over backwards into the water. I've seen that happen.
Flew in here 17 years ago, flew out 13. Back then early 20s, dreamin'. Now, late 30s, reminiscin'. Too bad there wasn't an Armada 3, except the Sins of a Solar Empire mod. But hell, at least there's that. *Shrugs*
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Post by -mik- »

Twitch wrote:Acting is not better today than it was in the 1960s or, for that matter, when actors performed Shakespear's works long ago. To say it is, is folly since that would mean that people are smarter and the brain is the same.

The only thing that has changed is special effects. If you go back to 1940s Flash Gordon episodes compared to 1968 Star Trek you'd say they were cheezy and cheap. As for acting, was Buster Crabbe any less believable than William Shatner? Of course not.
So your saying that acting in no way shape nor form has changed. Therefore these "top" actors and actresses can not really be top of their league. Sorry, but that is highly unbelievable. Acting changes over the years, like everything else (except Shatner's big head). Actors and actresses get better and worse. And the brain is not the same. With every generation comes some slight variant on the brain, whether it be smarter, stupider, or anything else. It is still a change.
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Post by imagin »

Old Shatner is well past his prime, his crappy job on the priceline commercials more then proves it. However Shatner is the only man capable of portraying Kirk. WE should simply except that Kirk is dead and leave it at that.
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