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Re: Could anyone pick out continuality mistakes in Enterpris

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 6:24 am
by Phantom
game-guru wrote:Enterprise is by far the worst star trek series because there are to many flaws in the story plots like the borg, were not supposed to see the borg until Q who, the xindi are a pussy allegiance, and why is the enterprise so shoot, i mean its a weak as floppy bread, it doesnt have very good shields, one torpedo could blow it up, its to low tech for star trek, there aernt any interesting ships in enterprise, since when can william shatner star in a program trying to look younger than he was in a series he was in 40 years ago, since when did the vulcan mindmeld only appear at the start of the enterprise series, wooooo since when did the klingons look like that before kirk, since when did the vulcans become such pig headed and arrogant, thats not the vulcans we remember, in fact the only good thing about enterprise is tapol, she is so sexy

The Borg I have already explained.

The Xindi have no interest in exploration just contending with each other, so odds are they just stayed out of the way.

Vulcans are arrogant because they fear humanity because they evolve faster and there is a lot of prejudice between them that dies down from Enterprise and the Original Series,

In Enterprise, Mindmelds are considered an enforcement and illness on a mind and the people that do it are detained, this also is slowly accepted which is what the new Vulcan Arch suggested as humans and vulcans start working as one.


Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 10:34 pm
by rodglas
^ No it doesn't, the borg were clearly known before the Ent-E's fist contact as 7of9's parents left before Ent ever did. It fits reasonably in first contact and makes good sense. Sure they had to elbow it in a little but it worked.

If you've watched TOS you'd remember that Vulcans still aren't crazy about using mind melds, Spock usually only did them reluctantly.

They recently taken care of the Klingon forhead thing in Enterprise but even if they hadn't can you really be angry about the use of modren makeup in a modren show. This is by far the stupidest complaint about Enterprise that currently exsits and i can't believe I have to defend against it.

THe D7 and Ktinga are essentially the same warship just one is a more advanced there is no reason why they couldn't use the same hull prior to TOS.


Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 7:25 pm
by rodglas
Having ridged forheads screws nothing up in and of itself, it was was a makeup issue nothing more.

In the 60's TOS had a very small budget, the TMP era and later didn't have that problem niether does enterprise. Now Ent did you a favour and explained why the Klingons don't have ridges in TOS they didn't have to explain away a budget issue but they did.

Complaining about the forehead is like complaining about production values being better on Ent then in TOS its just stupid.

As for the D7 it probably an error, I belive they didn't have time to design a decent Klingon ship for that episode so they were stuck using the Ktinga/D7.

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 2:43 pm
by rodglas
spoilers for Affliction and Divergance ** skip this if you don't want to know**

The Klingons managed to recover some Human Augment embryos from the destroyed Klingon ship they stole.

Believing that Humans were enhancing themselves the Klingon begin experimenting with genetic engineering using the augmented human DNA. The experiment had the unintended result of dissolving the ridges.

One of the Augmented Klingons contracted a virus that mutated and spread rapidly to millions of klingons.

Dr Phlox was grabbed by the klingons in the hopes of stabilizing the augment genes and stopping the virus. He did manage to stop the plauge but the end result was that the Klingons race was left looking like bronzed humans with no augment abilities.


Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 4:53 pm
by Phantom

The Borg on Enterprise

In Star Trek First Contact a Borg Sphere is destroyed by 4 Quantum Torpedoes from the Enterprise-E over the United States in 2063 the day before First Contact with the Vulcans (Anyone that guesses the reason for the films title gets a gold star)

The Sphere's debris shatters and some parts burn into the atmosphere and are discounted as shooting stars. Some parts on various trajectories crash into the planet's poles

A human research team in 2152 then discover the fragiments and frozen drones from the crash badly damaged. However once thawed the nanoprobes begins to regenerate the damage drones cells. (Anyone who can guess the Enterprise episode title gets another gold star)

The Borg then assimilates the repair team and assimlates their vessel. Severed from the collective they set a course for the delta quadrant while Admiral Forest contacts the Enterprise NX-01 to intercept and rescue the team unknown that they are lost causes.

After determining this Enterprise is forced to destroy the now assimilated vessel but not before a transmission is sent out to the collective


The Enterprise NCC 1701-D is sent to the Romulan Neutral Zone after claims that colonies along the border are being destroyed by the Federation and the Romulans. Large creaters are detected on the boarder and the Romulans warn the federation that "we are back"

The Enterprise then makes contact with the Borg once again unknown to the crew that they recieved a communication, damaged in subspace over a prolonged course of time from the Alpha Quadrant and access the Enterprise's computers in Main Engineering to try and triangulate the locations of the 3 pointers that the Borg destroyed by Captain Archer placed for them

The Enterprise returns to federation space with the aid of Q, but not before the Borg obtain a starchart of the explored areas of space and set a course to investigate the markers given to them

The Borg then Assimilate Captain Picard and head to Earth after they destroy another colony on the plotted map sent by the borg in the 22nd Century

So as you can see, it isnt complicated at all. The Borg on Enterprise contacted the collective. The message was damaged however due to taking 200 years to reach the Borg by which time they had Transwarp technology but the damage reared them to the Neutral Zone where they assimilated human and romulan colonies. Romulans having limited knowledge of Federation Space, and the human colonies are merely monitoring stations no knowledge is gained on the location of whatever the borg were trying to send them till Q sends the Enterprise-D to the Delta Quadrent where the borg assimilate the computer core data and plot the 3 co-ordinates and repair the damaged message.

They then obtain full data on the Federation and issolate Earth as the heart where they assimilate Picard in an effort to remove a major player by assimilating millions into their collective consiousness

So Enterprise sealed the question that was created in the Next Generation which was aired in 1987


Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 9:08 pm
by Logius
O_o Phantom, remind me never to get into a Trek debate with you... Methinks there'd be no way that I'd win... :?

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 1:06 am
by Zered003
Phantom, thanks for explaining the Borg issue. That way I don't have to.

I have been trying to explain to my brothers who are bigger Trek fans then me the reason for it.

Also, the reason the Federation has no record of ever encountering the Borg before TNG is b/c Enterprise never found out who they were really fighting. All they knew was they we cybornetic beings. That and some stories from a drunk speach giver. But I don't remember them ever being called the Borg by anyone. We all know who they were but not Enterprise.

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 6:23 pm
by odyssey
Just the existance of ENT is a contradiction to the ST timeline so that's nothing new.

The Enterprise D crew should have known who they were dealing with despite not knowing the name of the Borg. The Researchers who discovered the remains of the Borg had ample time to scan and study them + the ensuing battle with the NX Ent should have provided sufficent data in the Starfleet database for Ent D crew to at least partially recognize what they have come up against in their first encounter.

Personally, the Borg never should been on ENT since they are and should remain TNG main nemesis as TOs had the Klingons, DS9 had the Dominion and Voy had ... Kazon ( HA-HA-HA :lol: )

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 6:57 pm
by rodglas
The Borg are not the main enemy of Ent, they weren't even the main enemy of TNG, the most dangerous yes but not the main. Regeneration (the Ent episode) made sense and was entirely consistent it fit First Contact and did not contradict TNG in any way.

If anything it helped to enrich the early episodes of TNG with the Borg. Remember that TNG is over 200 years later and for ENT it was just a skirmish, a single episode. Do you know everything that has happened on the most famous vessel in your nations history? Even if you investigated after the fact would you have to bring it up the next time you encountered them. Kirk is remembered as "the MAN" in TNG and no doubt completly overshadowed Archers achievments.

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 12:08 am
by wingsabre
the whole borg thing made sense, the xindi didn't.