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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:54 am
by cecilzero1
alright guys that enough dont make me come in here ......

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 6:44 pm
by Elrond
Twitch wrote:Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out!
I think Twitch makes a good point. :P

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 8:59 pm
by AFC
JPKTrekker wrote:Bullets don't kill people, people kill people. Some people are just to moral to kill another person, even if it is their job to excute murderers.
I can do the job, only question is what weapon to use.

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:12 pm
by Phantom
There is a quote from Terminator 2 that has alway stuck

"It's human nature to destroy yourselves"



Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:17 pm
by Elrond
We can only pray and hope with everything that is us that the Star Trek optimistic future comes true and not the Terminator 3 future. But even then, there will always be crime. And there will be criminals to punish.

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:11 pm
by imagin
I say terminate them now!

Capital punishment is the most moral thing to do to murderers.

Like in God's law it states that for every one thing a man or woman takes, the criminal has to give seven times the amount stolen back. Since the average human has only one life I say an execution is the next best thing.

Plus there is no guarantee that there is a hell at all.