Announcing BOTF Reloaded............

One of the first and best Armada 2 mods finally gets a complete makeover

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Post by JPKTrekker »

Srry, must have been left-over 'grammer nut' mode from something at the time.

Still, the original BOTF A2 mod is one of my top choices. As one of my favorites, I enjoy playing it.
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Post by steviegirl »

BOTF re-loaded....Hmmmm.Didn't know that the creators "re-loaded "the mod.At any case,by the time I got to building the galaxy enemy was just about Done!Never got to build the other ships.

I would love to see BOTF made to look more like Enterprise....the progress to the current stuff!
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Post by RNRBRS »

is this mod still alive?
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Re: Announcing BOTF Reloaded............

Post by Darklight »

Hello??? Anyone around???
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