How Jedi Are You?

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<a><img src=" ... thlord.jpg" width="285" height="123" border="0"><br><font>how jedi are you?</a> :: by <a>lawrie malen</a></font>
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I knew I was going to get this for wanting to get into natalie portmans pants :lol:

<img src="" width="285" height="123" border="0">
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<a><img src=" ... master.jpg" width="285" height="123" border="0"><br><font>how jedi are you?</a> :: by <a>lawrie malen</a></font>

sweet! :P
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I got Anakin.
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Like a few others, I tried to answer honestly. It wasn't easy as some of the questions didn't have honest answers available. They seemed to be there just to screw with your mind. :D

Edit: Sorry. The picture linked from the page has a word not allowed here. :(

By the way, you'll find that same image in many of the posts in this thread. That's why I wasn't worried.

Anywho, it was the one With Mace Windu and was "Jedi Master". To see which, see earlier posts from others not asked to edit the same exact picture. :roll:
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chilly please remove the bad word from your sig image
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