Shatnerize your favorite Yodafied quote or Vice/Versa.

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Shatnerize your favorite Yodafied quote or Vice/Versa.

Post by Elrond »

I started another one of these. Yes. What we can do here is either:

1. Shatnerize your favorite Yodafied quote or
2. Yodafy your favorite Shatnerized quote.



Sad......Yoda IS.
Torpedoes....FIRE! Mr. Spock.
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Post by Bassman1 »

Out LOUD ... laugh.

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Post by bigdaveking »

yodafying a shatner quote

"on you.....a double dumb butt"

"killed my son you klingon bastard"
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Post by Queen_Amy »

Original Quote:

"You're calling me a liar? You're a liar!!!"

Shatnerized/Yodificated Quote:

" me? A are!!!"
Queen of Elrond
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