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Your views on the World

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 10:46 pm
by Setiesh
I set this up so that people can say w/e they want and express their true views on politacal events and even their veiws on reality

Ill kick it off by saying the War in middle east sickens me but not for the same reason u see these antiwar activists telling everyone. Bush's intents where honarable in iradication of the talaban but he fell vicitim to human nature and his fit of anger invaded a country who possible was making chem weapons which proof of is yet to be shown. Im not saying also that bush is a good president, his actions have plunged the U.S into politcal tormole and just like George Washington once siad a country divide will not stand and i beileve that the United States is stagnent and reaching its end. With nothing but corrupted politicans and people not supporting its goverment. I will say it the Us is opening itself up for a Uprising of massive paportions even if of you beileve it or not but the U.S has itself so tightly nite into the worlds economy that if it falls we are looking at a huge resession and possible the end of what we know and used to

But even without this Politcal Bull**** due to Gobal Warming supposdly im worried for my kids because i think as a person our children will not the opprutunites we took for granted everything we think is easy to do might be all gone in as many as 20 years

To survive as a race we need to come together stop racism discrimantion and religous Bull**** that does not just cover headlines but slow down the progress of the human race as a whole that will eventully lead to our exintion and i know that tales of a nuclear winter are not something that i wanna prepare my kids for i say we must all find a base for agreement disarm and accept that we all human and even if you are black, white, asian, hispanic, or anyhing for that matter we are all the same and must accept this or risk what i must say "exinction" at our own ignorant blinded hands :cry:

add to this if you wish i always think it is healthy to get this out and in a public opinion

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:20 am
by Elrond
It is already all lost. There's nothing that anybody's gonna actually do about anything. Humanity is not yet out of its primordial 'ooze' that it spawned from. And worst of all, the technologies we have developed will now be our end, unless something is done about it. But alas, I fear that nothing will be done about it and every single thing that we know, that we exist for, will fly away into nothingness. There is little hope left. Some may say that there is no hope left. I happen to believe that there is some hope left, but 99% of us can't see it and thus cannot solve the problem. And those that do try to solve the problem are pushed aside because everyone else's "opinions" get in the way.

Everyone's forgotten to listen to truth. The big corporate executives sit in their office rooms worshipping their false idols, oblivious. It is the reason that humanity is becoming not only a cancer on this Earth, but a cancer to its future generations. As adaptable as humanity is, it can't survive what is to come. And I'm sure that you all know of what I'm referring to.

To me, World War III started on September 11th. WW3 doesn't start with nukes being launched as some had thought. It's just that it will end with that sooner or later. We all know that this is certain to happen sometime this century.

And unlike the optimistic Star Trek universe, it won't be 600 million dead, but more than that, I fear. This is not pessimism speaking, only reality, and if humanity can't accept that reality, then it won't do anything to stop it. World War III is the real deal. It's no joke. When everyone realizes that, it will be a wake up call. But I fear that by the time we receive the wake-up call, it will have already been too late.

As some of you who know me from back in the days of 2004 and 2005, I was known as an optimistic person who backed the way the government acts. But I can no longer back a government (this doesn't just include Bush, but most politicians in office right now) that separates our people and causes discontent amongst all people. So much hatred, so much anger. That's all America's about anymore. We're fighting for vengeance. We fight for what we think is righteous. This whole deal about fighting for religion is bulls**t because it just doesn't work. We do need to defend ourselves, but we don't need to be going on a search and destroy campaign that pisses off the entire world. Great Britain may even leave our side and then what will we have? First they will leave our side, and eventually, everyone in America will be moving out, expecting the worst to happen, as it most certainly will shall it continue this way.

Blood for oil is what it's all about. We're not freeing the middle east. At first we did. We freed Iraqis from Saddam's cruelty. And we did the wrong things for the right reasons. There's no winning solution. It's a lose-lose situation. There seems to be nothing left to fight for anymore, because it's all going down.

But should a society do something about it - help prevent this tide of destruction of this planet by many means - then perhaps we will have a chance.

In 2036, there is a 900-meter-wide asteroid that will most likely slam into the Earth. This was reported recently. Now it may miss us, but whatever's going on then won't be stopped because of an asteroid hitting the Earth. No one cares about anyone anymore. When a tragedy happens, some celebrity comes forth to capitalize on peoples' emotions. It's pure 100% bologne. They don't really care. Maybe about 1% of the world truly cares and has faith. I have faith that somehow, things will be turned around. I think we've got a chance, it's just that will everyone agree to turn things around? If I know society like I do, they won't turn it around. Everyone thinks they're fine the way they are and that no change is necessary.

Well, folks, some changes ARE necessary. We must strive to make some of the world free, but do it in a way that doesn't piss off the entire world. And if everyone does get pissed off, then we can say we tried our best. It's all we can do now. Try our best. Try our best to stop the environment from becoming a soup of toxic chemicals and fallout from nuclear weapons detonations.

Hunger, disease, killing, violence, war, hate, anger, discontent, greed, power, looking out for number one, trying to be a hero, vengeance, religious hysteria, and so on - those are the things that most likely can't be changed. Humanity is set in its ways. So primitive that it will actually destroy itself.

I can say this: if aliens were to discover our planet and see it in the condition it is now, they would say something like "holy poop, let's get the hell outta here, I'm not getting involved in this garbage!"

And with that said, an emoticon to express my grief over this world becoming this way: :roll:

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:58 am
by Setiesh
unforuntly i beileve something needs to be done about the goverment we have today we need another FDR and we also need to enforce corrupt politicans because all of use know that any given politcan has more skeletons in thier closets then there are people present on this site and unfortuntly most people these days are striving for power and the more they get the worse there attitude towards other people become worse to advance as a speies we must do it as a whole not leaving the unforunate behind in the wake of clandestine politcans which in my mind are no better then Criminals because they use there position to extort, cheat, betray and enslave the poepl who make this country and i wish that people in "powerful" postions would relize that no matter how many of them there are they are outnumbered 60000 to 1 this country is great because of its citizens and if bush doesnt suck it up and apologize i beileve that the people of this country should punish him for his cromes agianst the citizens of both Iraq for civilian deaths and also the thousands of deaths inflicted on the men and women of this country. Now but dont get me wrong this sitiuation is not completely our fault. Radical relgions is making this world entropic. No legititment faith condones killing and people who say they represent religions are the people who scare me because between crazy christians and Muslim Jihad its not looking good. As a species we are stagnent and we must look towards the future instead of reverting to a more primal nature which we more more seem to be doing. The hopes we have lay on our children even if it might be a burden our children wether we want to it or not will inherit a dying plaenet with a faint glimpse of hope. To save ourselves we must look to ourselves not starting wars over petroleum :cry:

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:51 am
by Elrond
Yep. Things definitely need to change, and soon.

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 10:16 pm
by Setiesh
haha its kind of funny how its just u and me talking elrond

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 7:30 am
by Elrond
LoL yeah. If one thing's decreased internet-wide, it's the amount of activity it gets these days. Speaking of which, George W. Bush calls it the "Internets".

One other funny thing about Bush (out of so many things that are funny about him), he said that "The Internet is a Series of Tubes". Here, check this out: :lol:

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:49 pm
by Setiesh
hahaha thats pretty funny :D

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:52 pm
by Elrond
Yep. LoL. I have a whole bunch more of that. I'm not sure if it's George W. Bush saying the series of tubes thing. To me it sounds like it, but a friend of mine said that didn't sound like Bush. It does sound like something Bush would say LoL. :lol:

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:47 am
by Twitch
I have noticed a changing in the force. On the internet infesting almost every site are internet trolls. They degrade, flame, snipe and continually argue with people even when asked politely and firmly to leave people alone.

Sometimes on a site people want to discuss a topic and offer theories, viewpoints and alternate possibilities with like-minded people. Internet trolls, who often work in small groups, harass and argue with the participants of a kindly discussion.

They aren't necessarily attempting to prove they are right but instead that other are wrong. Even when they are acknowledged as possibly right but told the others wish to discuss things in peace they incessently attack. Often moderators are sympathetic to them as they see the web forums as a place where thing MUST be debated and argued.

It's screwed up lotsa sites, this one not included thankfully. That's about all that is bugging me these days....... :) 8)

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 4:54 pm
by imagin
From my point of view...

The whole world is screwed beyond repair. The human race has degraded as much mentally as physically. Mankind has lost all sense of morality, and decency. Mankind has sunk to the point that it doesn’t believe marriage is necessary anymore. We have legalized abortions which is the worst form of murder, and our people have lost all will to fight. I think we have angered God enough already. It won’t be long before WWIII will start. Considering that everyone has enough weapons the destroy the world 100 times over, we only have one prayer for survival: God's intervention.