What is your strategy with Armada 1?

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What is your strategy with Armada 1?

Post by Lt_Bradley »

Been playing for a while in instant action, and as soon as i get out to the web, BOOM :!: 8O , there goes my opinion of my skill. Yesh. I know the first thing I do to get going fast is build up mines with 3 frighters each. But by then I get attacked by the others and get cloberd.
I (as well as many other noobs) would be happy to hear even a glimer of your strategies for ST Armada 1
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Post by JEDI3112 »

If I remember the ratio correctly you only need 2 freighters on a moon. I'n not sure if 2 mining stations work better. I don't know if you have the moons set to infinite (I always have). If you have them set to infinite, go for maximal effect. Also you should build some defences, my opinion is that you should wait with the shipyard if you can't defend it anyway. Build your defences near the mining stations, the starbase can take care of things itself. And use the recrew button to get as much crew as possible on your stations.
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Post by Numbazix »

I dont bother with a shipyard until I've got 3 mines active w/2 freighters each. Then the first yard. Defenses up for mines and yard. Build ships. Build research. Defense for each. 2nd yard and research and again defenses. Sometimes I'll build a 4th mine. When you've got the cash you can build defenses and ships like mad. Then a second yard and so on. Overwhelm them before they overwhelm you.
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Post by Darth_Vanquish »

Ok scrap that. New strat. Start by building not one but TWO mining stations on the same moon. Then decommision one of them(you will have two miners at the rate of one). Then build ONE mining station on a second moon while building THREE miners from your starbase,one for the first moon and two for the second moon. Build a yard asap. Then research asap. Decommision one contruction ship(you can build a new one later) as soon as you have enough money build a ADV yard. Then start to decommision your small yard.As soon as it starts to decom set your con ship to build a second one(this is the one where the yard is transparent with a green box around it) DONT LET IT DECOM BEFORE YOU SET THE ADV YARD. Once it is gone you can build the second ADV yard. And now you can build Capital Ships instead of little ships. You can use the self-destruct to kill small fleets.
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Post by that_guy »

Ok depends on the map and the tech availability.

If I'm on the Nirvana(Tic-Tac-Toe) map with no super weapons the best defence is to build turrets all the way around the wormhole. First a row of pulse phaser turrets, then a row of torpedo launchers. Then build 2 or 3 Starbases next to the wormhole (depending on whether you are in a corner or on an edge). In the meantime you should have built a mining facility at both your moons and built 2 extra miners for each (I find this is the optimum number). Once your defences are up you can take your time to build up to a shipyard and adv. shipyard to build up a fleet of your top ship. Without super weapons there is one one way into your base.(exception Borg interceptors)

Note it is also a very good idea if there are any Romulan or Klingon forces to have a few scouts and sensor stations near the wormhole.

Also note this strategy works better if you're Fed or Romulan, as their turrets are smaller and you can fit more around the wormhole.
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Post by CaptSyf »

My strategy with A1 in first get a stable mining operation going, then Setup a moderate defense, then build masses of mediun strength ships and attack ASAP.
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Post by Majestic »

I play with more defence than offensive. I build my mining stations with defence turrets then a shipyard. I build a few small ships then a second mining station. Note: I have at least 2 freighters per station/moon but no more than 3.

Then I build reseasrch stations if free tech is off and an advanced shipyard as well as more turrets. Then I build up my attack force and wipe the opposition out ASAP. :twisted:
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Post by KaBoom1701 »


You guys don't play much A1 MP do you?

With A1 all you need to do is send 1 of your starting const ships towards to enemy base. When your withing range of a mining station. Start building pulse turrents. This will occupy him long enough to enable you to get ahead in the build sequence and thus have the advantage the rest of the game.

This will work against most A1 MP matches unless their highly skilled.

KaBoom out.
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Post by -mik- »

I've never played online. But I might try it some day.

My Strategy

Starting units:
1x Starbase
2x Construction Ships
1x Scout Class Ship

1. Send 1 Construction Ship and the Scout Class Ship to the wormhole entrance.
2. Construct Turrets around the available sides, leaving one side for access.
3. Use the Scout to temporarily defend the Construction Ship.
4. In the meantime, I get the remaining Construction Ship to build a Mining Station as close as possible to the Dilithium Moon.
5. Once the wormhole is guarded with turrets, I get the Construction Ship to build a sensor array.
6. During this time, the Mining Station has been completed and my resources low, but constant.
7. I then get the Construction Ship to build turrets to defend the Mining Station.
8. The Construction Ship and Scout return and builds the Research Facility.
9. I build 2 Dilithium Freighters and send them off to mine at the Mining Station.
10. I also build a Construction Vessel and get it making turrets around my space into an Octagonal shape.
11. I then concentrate on building my armada and start making little squadrens of 8 ships and assign them to an Octagonal shape in the breaks of the defense turrets.
12. Finally, I expand and obliterate the enemies.

I use this technique mostly with the Federation.

For the Romulans, I use a more scattered system and eventually link the parts up with turrets, starbases and shipyards.

I don't play as the Klingons, becuase they are not that great.

The Borg (I play the most) I go for a more multi-tactial approach.
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Post by Shadowfox1701 »

I don't know if this will help you, because i've never played online, but I am a defensive player.especially if I am using the Mellenium Mod. But first I Build a decent peremiter defense of tureets and starbases, while at the same time i build mining stations. once done I begin building shipyards and research stations. Then I sit there and "stew". Basically I build up my fleet and defenses as the advanced technology makes itself avalable. Once I feel confident enough I begin to slowly expand into surrounding areas. It's easier with the mellenium mod by building heavy weapon platforms as their torpeados have excelent range. the largest negative aspect is that it takes a long time and requires a lot of patience. My last game took one month of on and of play after school to defeat two opponents and trap the romulans in their base on the Simply boxes map.(the one with four boxes in the map and only way in and out is through wormholes.) Also it helps to try and capture your enemies technology and use it against them. I hope this helps. Good luck and Godspeed
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Post by M514R »

where are you going to play on line and who is still playing it .
sorry i have dial up and i never got through
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Post by imagin »

My strategy is to build 10 fleets of capital ships (if posable a pair of 10 fleets) and rush in and kick butt. It works most of the time :P .
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Post by EnigmaX »

I have this game Armada 1 but ? i have windows xp anyone know how to get around the compatbility issue ??
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Post by bongo15 »

imagin wrote:My strategy is to build 10 fleets of capital ships (if posable a pair of 10 fleets) and rush in and kick butt. It works most of the time :P .
Yeah, that usually works, i always have a fleet or two of 1 soverign, 1 nebula, 3 akiras, and 3 defiants (or 2 defiants and a venture if playing against romulans)
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Post by Elrond »

2 mining stations, 3 freighters each while I send my construction ships up to the enemy and build up turrets near their base (as long as they don't know my strategy it's alright), then another mine, then a yard near the turrets (near the enemy base), then mass-bombing (perhaps building up research at the base with more turrets surrounding the base). The enemy runs in terror. Using lower resources with turret farming means more ships popping out. Even the Borg cubes can't compete with a bunch of turrets everywhere and mass bombing of their base in the meantime. Sure, lose a few ships in the process, probably a few turrets.
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