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Armada 2 Hotkeys

Post by Lusitano » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:08 am

Hi guys!

Can anyone tell me where to find the hotkeys for Armada 2?
The file Hotkeys.rtf that came in the CD is installed in the hard drive but is just full of poop (it was damaged in some manner). I've checked in the CD and is damaged too.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thanks in advance!

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Post by KaBoom1701 » Sat Dec 03, 2005 2:13 pm

Keyboard Commands

Interface Element Controls

X Toggle Button Bar/Palette (also functions as back in Formations and Orders
Enter Show/hide chat message box
Esc Show Options menu (and pause game)
Alt-G Show/hide grid
Alt-O Show/hide objectives box
Pause Pause the game
Ctrl-S Quick Save (Save Game)

View Controls

Alt-P Save screenshot to application’s directory
Arrow keys Scroll view
Ctrl-[Left/Right] Arrow keys Rotate view around the point of focus in cinematic view
Ctrl-[Up/Down] Arrow keys Zoom view in/out
Home Center view on starting position
Space Switch view between current position and the position of the last
event message
Space Change to next camera angle in tactical view
Caps Lock Switch between strategic view and tactical view
Alt-Left click Centers the unit/structure on the screen

Selection and Groups

Ctrl-(0…9) Exclusively assign selected unit(s) to the given numbered fleet
Ctrl-Shift-(0…9) Exclusively add selected unit(s) to the given numbered fleet
Ctrl-(Minus) Remove selected unit(s) from it’s current fleet
Ctrl-A Select all ships on screen
[ Select next visible ship
\ Set focus on selected unit
] Select next visible combat ship
, Select next visible non-combat ship
. Select next construction ship
/ Select next trading station

Button Bar/Palette Menu Shortcuts

C Toggle Orders Menu
B Toggle Build Menu
B Toggle Research Menu
B Toggle Evolve Menu
V Toggle Exchange Menu
N Toggle AI Menu

Action Menu Shortcuts (top level of Button Bar/Palette)

R Recrew
T Transport
Shift-T Commandeer (attack until shields down then transport)
H Harvest dilithium or latinum
P Set rally point
S Stop current actions

Special Weapons Shortcuts
~ Tractor beam (Species 8472 Active Embryo, Passive Embryo, Defender;
Borg Wedge, Assembler; Cardassian Janissary class, Construction Ship;
Federation Iwo Jima class, Construction Ship; Klingon Chava'Kal class,
Construction Ship; Romulan Kestrel class, Construction Ship)
~ Cloak (Cardassian Keldon class, Brinok class, Gul Vystan class, Hideki
class, Cargo Ship; Klingon Vor-cha class, Chuq'Beh class, B'Rel class,
Martok's Negh'var; Romulan Talon class, Shrike class, Griffin class,
Raptor class, Osprey class, Venator class, D'Deridex class, Veles
class, Phoenix class)
Shift-Backspace Self-Destruct (Borg Cube, Tactical Cube, Fusion Cube, Tactical Fusion
Cube; Cardassian Galor class, Keldon class; Federation Sovereign class,
Enterprise-E; Klingon Negh'Var class, Qeh'Ral class, IKS Sad'taj;
Romulan Venator class, D'deridex class)

Species 8472
F1 Species 8472 Clairvoyance (Species 8472 Scout)
F2 Species 8472 Clairvoyant Link (Species 8472 Destroyer)
F3 Psionic Disruption (Species 8472 Cruiser)
F5 Bio-Pulse Conduit (Species 8472 Frigate)
F6 Psionic Insanity (Species 8472 Battleship)
F9 Nebula Generator (Species 8472 Behemoth)
F10 Nebula Flux (Species 8472 Behemoth)
F11 Transient Rift (Species 8472 Behemoth)
F1 Transwarp Drive (Interceptor)
F2 Regeneration (Sphere)
F3 Auto-Assimilating Bore (Assimilator)
F5 Special Energy Recharger (Harmonic Defender)
F6 Holding Beam (Cube, Tactical Cube, Fusion Cube and Tactical Fusion
F7 Technology Assimilation Beam (Cube, Tactical Cube, Fusion Cube
and Tactical Fusion Cube)
F8 Merge to form [Tactical] Fusion Cube (Cube, Tactical Cube)
F9 Shield Remodulation (Diamond , Borg Queen's Diamond)
F10 Computer Override (Diamond , Borg Queen's Diamond)
F11 Nanites (Diamond , Borg Queen's Diamond)
F12 Ultritium Burst (Diamond , Borg Queen's Diamond)
Backspace Open Transwarp Gate (Transwarp Gate)
F1 Micro-organisms (Ralisak class)
F2 Drones (Brinok class)
F3 Flux Wave (Gul Vystan class)
F5 Sensor Scrambler (Vasad class)
F7 Plasma Bank Overload (Keldon class)
F9 Accelerator Cannon (Kulinor class)
F10 Quantum Singularity Effect (Kulinor class)
F11 Speed Boost (Kulinor class)
F12 Shield Harmonics Disruptor (Kulinor class)
Backspace Plasma Banks (Dreadnought missile)
F1 Anti-Matter Mines (Defiant class)
F2 Chain Reaction Pulsar (Akira class)
F3 Warp Core Overload (Steamrunner class)
F5 Shield Enhancer (Andor class)
F6 Saucer Section Separation/Integration (Galaxy class)
F7 Corbomite Reflector (Sovereign class, Enterprise-E)
F9 Gemini Effect (Nebula class)
F10 Shield Harmonics Disruptor (Nebula class)
F11 Engineering Team (Nebula class)
F12 Point Defense Phaser (Nebula class)
Backspace Stop Time (Temporal Research Facility)
F1 Gravity Mines (B’Rel class / Bird of Prey)
F2 Poleron Torpedo (Vor’cha class)
F3 Commando Team (SuQ’jagh class)
F5 Weapons Enhancer (Koloth class)
F6 Plasma Cannon (Negh’Var class, Martok’s Negh’Var)
F9 Death Chant (Fek’lhr class)
F10 Repulsion Wave (Fek’lhr class)
F11 Ion Storm (Fek’lhr class)
F12 Energy Dissipator (Fek’lhr class)
Backspace Sub-Space Ripple (Jach-eng class)
F1 Romulan Spy (Shrike class)
F2 Sensor Jammer (Griffin class)
F3 Myotron Burst (Raptor class)
F5 Cloak Enhancer (Veles class)
F6 Shield Inversion Beam (D’deridex class / Warbird)
F9 Holo-Emitter (Shadow class)
F10 Psychonic Blast (Shadow class)
F11 Shield Projector (Shadow class)
F12 Phase Cloak (Shadow class)
Backspace Romulan Rift (Phoenix class)

Orders Menu Shortcuts

A Attack
Right click Move (ships only)
P Patrol (ships only)
Tab-Right click Set path of movement/patrol points, release to finish the path
R Repair (ships only)
Shift-R Priority repair (ignore everything until repaired, ships only)
E Explore (ships only)
K Search and Destroy (ships only)
G Guard other (ships only)
Delete Decommission
S Stand down (stop current actions and change to green alert)

AI Menu Shortcuts

Keypad-1 No special weapon autonomy
Keypad-2 Medium special weapon autonomy
Keypad-3 High special weapon autonomy
Keypad-4 No movement autonomy
Keypad-5 Medium movement autonomy
Keypad-6 High movement autonomy
Keypad-7 Green alert
Keypad-8 Yellow alert
Keypad-9 Red alert

Build Menu Shortcuts

F1… F12 Build item #1-12 on individual's build menu (from left to right, bottom to
F1… F6 Research item #1-6 on individual's research menu (from left to right,
bottom to top)
F1… F5 Evolve into item #1-5 on individual's evolve menu (from left to right,
bottom to top)
Ctrl-C Cancel building/researching/evolving of current item

Trade Menu Shortcuts

Shift-V Start trade (cargo ship only)
Ctrl-Shift-V End trade (cargo ship only)
O Load crew (cargo ship only)
D Load dilithium (cargo ship only)
L Load latinum (cargo ship only)
M Load metal (cargo ship only)
D Buy dilithium (trading station only)
Shift-D Sell dilithium (trading station only)
M Buy metal (trading station only)
Shift-M Sell metal (trading station only)

Borg Recycler Commands

D Recycle dilithium
M Recycle metal

Starbase / Nexus Commands

F1 Build construction ship / Assembler
F2 Build mining freighter / Collector
F3 Build cargo ship*
F4 Build repair ship*
* Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian only

Construction Ship Commands

F1 Build starbase
F2 Build shipyard
F3 Build sensor emplacement
F4 Build cannon emplacement
F5 Build dilithium mining station
F6 Build research station
F7 Build advanced research station
F8 Build advanced shipyard
F9 Build torpedo turret
F10 Build superweapon station
F11 Build orbital processing station*
F12 Build trading station*
U Build ship upgrade station
* Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian only
F10 Build Transwarp Gate (Borg only)
F10 Build Advanced Robotics Institute (Cardassian only)
F10 Build Temporal Research Facility (Federation only)
F10 Build Shockwave Station (Klingon only)
F10 Build Phoenix Facility (Romulan only)
F11 Build Technology Assimilator (Borg Only)
F12 Build Recycler (Borg only)

Ship Upgrade Station Commands

F1 Research weapons upgrade 1 and 2
F2 Research shields upgrade 1 and 2
F3 Research sensor upgrade 1 and 2
F4 Research engine upgrade 1 and 2
F5 Research life support upgrade 1 and 2

Borg Assembly Matrix Commands

F1 Build Detector
F2 Build Interceptor
F3 Build Pyramid
F4 Build Sphere
F5 Build Assimilator
F6 Build Wedge
F7 Build Harbinger

Borg Advanced Assembly Matrix Commands

F1 Build Harmonic Defender
F2 Build Cube
F3 Build Diamond
F4 Build Tactical Cube

Borg Modification Center Commands

F1 Research Tachyon Detection Grid (Detector)
F2 Research Transwarp Drive (Interceptor)
F3 Research Regeneration (Sphere)
F4 Research Auto-Assimilating Bore (Assimilator)
F5 Research Holding Beam (Cube)
F6 Research Special Energy Recharge (Harmonic Defender)

Borg Technology Node Commands

F1 Research Shield Remodulation (Diamond)
F2 Research Computer Override (Diamond)
F3 Research Nanites (Diamond)
F4 Research Ultritium Burst (Diamond)

Cardassian Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Hideki-class
F2 Build Sartan-class
F3 Build Rasilak-class
F4 Build Cardassian colony ship
F5 Build Brinok-class
F6 Build Gul Vystan-class
F7 Build Janissary-class
F8 Build Legate-class

Cardassian Advanced Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Vasad-class
F2 Build Galor-class
F3 Build Kulinor-class
F4 Build Keldon-class

Cardassian Military Research Center Commands

F1 Research Tachyon Detection Grid (Hideki-class)
F2 Research Micro-organisms (Rasilak-class)
F3 Research Drones (Brinok-class)
F4 Research Flux Wave (Gul Vystan-class)
F5 Research Plasma Bank Overload (Keldon-class)
F6 Research Sensor Scrambler (Vasad-class)

Cardassian Advanced Research Station Commands

F1 Research Accelerator Cannon (Kulinor-class)
F2 Research Quantum Singularity Effect (Kulinor-class)
F3 Research Speed Boost (Kulinor-class)
F4 Research Shield Harmonics Disruptor (Kulinor-class)

Federation Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Venture-class
F2 Build Sabre-class
F3 Build Defiant-class
F4 Build Federation colony ship
F5 Build Akira-class
F6 Build Intrepid-class
F7 Build Iwo Jima-class
F8 Build Steamrunner-class

Federation Advanced Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Andor-class
F2 Build Galaxy-class
F3 Build Nebula-class
F4 Build Sovereign-class

Federation Research Facility Commands

F1 Research Tachyon Detection Grid (Venture-class)
F2 Research Anti-Matter Mines (Defiant-class)
F3 Research Chain Reaction Pulsar (Akira-class)
F4 Research Engine Overload (Steamrunner-class)
F5 Research Corbomite Reflector (Sovereign-class)
F6 Research Shield Enhancer (Andor-class)

Federation Science Station Commands

F1 Research Gemini Effect (Nebula-class)
F2 Research Shield Disruptor (Nebula-class)
F3 Research Engineering Team (Nebula-class)
F4 Research Point Defense Phaser (Nebula-class)

Klingon Shipyard Commands

F1 Build NuQ'Duj-class
F2 Build Bird of Prey (B'rel-class)
F3 Build Klingon colony ship
F4 Build Vor'cha-class
F5 Build SuQ'Jagh-class
F6 Build Chava'kal-class
F7 Build Chuq'Beh-class

Klingon Imperial Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Koloth-class
F2 Build Qeh'Ral-class
F3 Build Fek’lhr-class
F4 Build Negh'Var-class

Klingon Weapons Center Commands

F1 Research Tachyon Detection Grid (NuQ'Duj-class)
F2 Research Gravity Mines (B'rel-class)
F3 Research Poleron Torpedo (Vor'Cha-class)
F4 Research Klingon Commando Team (SuQ'Jagh-class)
F5 Research Ion Cannon (Negh'Var-class)
F6 Research Weapon Energy Booster (Koloth-class)

Klingon Gre'Thor Armory Commands

F1 Research Death Chant (Fek'Lhr-class)
F2 Research Repulsion Wave (Fek'Lhr-class)
F3 Research Ion Storm (Fek'Lhr-class)
F4 Research Energy Dissipator (Fek'Lhr-class)

Romulan Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Talon-class
F2 Build Shrike-class
F3 Build Romulan colony ship
F4 Build Griffin-class
F5 Build Osprey-class
F6 Build Kestrel-class
F7 Build Raptor-class

Romulan Advanced Shipyard Commands

F1 Build Veles-class
F2 Build Venator-class
F3 Build Shadow-class
F4 Build Warbird-class

Romulan Covert Ops Facility Commands

F1 Research Tachyon Detection Grid (Talon-class)
F2 Research Romulan Spy (Shrike-class)
F3 Research Sensor Jammer (Griffin-class)
F4 Research Myotronic Inhibitor (Raptor-class)
F5 Research Shield Inversion Beam (Warbird-class)
F6 Research Cloak Enhancer (Veles-class)

Romulan Tal Shiar Facility Commands

F1 Research Holo-Emitter (Shadow-class)
F2 Research Psychonic Blast (Shadow-class)
F3 Research Energy Shield Converter (Shadow-class)
F4 Research Phase Cloak (Shadow-class)

Species 8472 Mother Commands

F1 Build Active Embryo
F2 Build Passive Embryo

Species 8472 Active Embryo Commands

F1 Evolve into Collector
F2 Evolve into Scout
F3 Evolve into Destroyer
F4 Evolve into Cruiser
F5 Evolve into Launcher

Species 8472 Passive Embryo Commands

F1 Evolve into Transmuter
F2 Evolve into Enhancer Core
F3 Evolve into Biogenesis Core
F4 Evolve into Metogensis Core
F5 Evolve into Fluidic Gate
F6 Evolve into Mother

Species 8472 Defender Commands

F1 Evolve into Mine
F2 Evolve into Sentinel

Species 8472 Fluidic Gate Commands

F1 Summon Defender
F2 Summon Frigate
F3 Summon Behemoth
F4 Summon Battleship

Species 8472 Enhancer Core Commands

F1 Research Clairvoyance (Scout)
F2 Research Clairvoyant Link (Destroyer)
F3 Research Psionic Disruptor (Cruiser)
F4 Research Psionic Insanity (Battleship)
F5 Research Detection Grid (Scout)

Species 8472 Biogenesis Core Commands

F1 Research Bio Pulse Conduit (Frigate)
F2 Research Nebula Generation (Behemoth)
F3 Research Nebula Flux (Behemoth)
F4 Research Transient Rift (Behemoth)

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Post by Lusitano » Mon Dec 05, 2005 12:45 pm

Thanks, KaBoom1701, for the quick reply!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Post by jolt » Mon Dec 05, 2005 12:59 pm

That's very handy.

Is it worth stickying this thread for future use and others?

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Re: Armada 2 Hotkeys

Post by Dewbacca » Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:01 pm

bump to make this easier to find.
I have to google it to find it.

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