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Having problems

Post by Barty »

what does it mean when you =have an "out of frequency range" H: 79.9KHz/V:75 OHz error pop up when your trying to play st: armada? i believe this may be a moniter problem or something to do with the hard drive? im not sure. please help so i can play armada 1 again
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Post by MrVulcan »

When does this message appear? Are you able to run Armada at all? If you can get to the graphics settings screen, try changing the game resolution to something smaller. Try also switching to one of the 16 bit resolutions if it is currently set to 32 bit.

Also, try changing the monitor refresh rate. You can do this via the desktop properties --> Settings --> advanced --> monitor. A lower refresh rate might solve this problem.

Lastly, is this a message box type error with an "ok" button, or an error displayed by your monitor? Either way, try the above; hopefully that helps.
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