HELP Armada II, kmining Station Problem, Back-up 1 crashes 2

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Post by MajorPayne » Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:55 am

Okay so I'll admit when I'm wrong. After just having extracted your archive and tried the EXE file I've found it to be authentic. However, that doesn't detract from the fact that a staff decision has been made. End of story. Anyway, I'll go on to a further point.

After viewing the contents of this archive, I have found a countless amount of model and texture assets which belong to third parties. I don't know how many times I've seen this sort of thing go on before, but you are required to provide a basic credit listing to EVERYONE who's work your using which isn't your own when publically releasing any mods, even ones that you are trying to get help with.

Further to this point, why upload the complete modded version of the game when it makes far more sense to upload just a simple backup of the files you've changed?? Its also less time consuming for someone to download a 50mb mod than it does to download the best part of 1gb.

Now as a final post from me on the subject for today, I want you to do me and others a favour. List EVERY ship and station for ALL sides you've added and what mod you used as a base. If you've been mixing and matching models from various mods there will be something which is conflicting with something else. I dont know about other modders but I sure as hell won't trawl through the complete mod without knowing what to possibly look for as this would require a significant amount of free time.

Continued in next posting......

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Post by MajorPayne » Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:00 am

Now with regards to your Kmining problem.

I'm posting possible sections of the ODF that shouldn't be in there:

Code: Select all

// Corbomite Reflector
weapon3 = "hcorbom"
weaponHardpoints3 = "hp03" "hp04" "hp05"

// Sensor Jammer
weapon4 = "hposijam"
weaponHardpoints4 = "hp03" "hp04" "hp05"

// Shield-Emitter
weapon5 = "hshldemt"
weaponHardpoints5 = "hp03" "hp04" "hp05"
Special weapons don't work on mining structures due to the classlabel conflict that happens. Try disabling them and seeing if the crash still happens.

Code: Select all

//Hardpoint location for building.
buildHardpoint = "hp02"

Code: Select all

builder_ship = 1
Another pair of lines that may cause a classlabel conflict.

Code: Select all

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "kfreight"
You don't need this as the freighter name is already specified almost at the files top:

Code: Select all

//Name of the ODF file of the matching freighter to build with the station
freighterName = "kfreight"

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Post by jetnova16 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:18 am

I just want to add a few things extra, I'm trying to design 2 new races to add to my game, but since I don't have the technology or experience to make new ships or stations, I'm thinking about using existing stations and scaling down the model sizes of the ships I'm using to symbolize the different ships. These two races will be the Sona and the Kazon. Both are ideas that I got from mods here. Is it possible for alittle advice on how to do this?


When it comes to the mining station for the Klingons, the weapons and build information are taken from a mod from for a mod for the Federation. It is the "advanced_mining_station" mod by Modder: andyx100. The hero based weapons are already listed in the game from that mod. I just changed the Federation Phasers for the Klingons' version and added the special weapons that came with that mod since the Federations’ station used to work just fine until after adding the Klingon Dilithium Refinery Mod. The Advanced Federation Mining Station Mod works perfectly in game along with an armed fyard but that mods creator said that the user would have to do the same for fyard2 by his or herself and my station works just fine but doesn’t use its weapons and I can’t figure that one out either.

It seems I get some ideas to mod other stations from other mods that have tried the idea and end up working fine in my game. That’s why I’m confused on why the Mining Stations for all the races crash in only Instant Action games but don’t cause the same problem during the campaigns.

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Post by jetnova16 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:03 pm

Major Payne, I'll get started on a document of the mods that I am using as soon as possible along with their creators.

I can tell you that there are different individual mods for each race from the Federation to the Cardassians (all the stock races) adding my favorite units.

The non-stock races are from- The Dominion Ultimate Mods By: STGamerNew2002. I used v1.1, The Breen 1.2, the UPDATE patch for the 'Dominion Ultimate 1.1' mod, and the Additional Stations 1.4 Patch.

The "random crashings" as my friends and I have been calling them started after adding the First Dominion Ultimate Mod (exe 1.1). I had added a few Federation units prior to that and there weren’t any problems until then. That's when I added the Patches (I will admit that STGamerNew2002 did make it hard to add the race manually (since the federations side had 3 new mods in (the new Enterprise-E, the Defiant, and the Premonition for A2). Of course at this time I combined Breen ships with the Dominion since the previous part (exe 1.1) was causing what appeared to be the culprit for causing the crash. I did remove it and reinstall the Dominion Exe 1.1 at the time to see if it caused the problems, I had no crash then but it happened again but at always different points in the game confusing me a lot.

On to the next races installed:
The Reman Rebellion & its Patches (The Reman Rebellion (V1.0) - A Full Race mod by VenerableDread)
Vulcan Race 1.1 Mod Created By Dan Ocean (
Tholian Race 1.0 by Slider17 & its patch by (can’t find the name in the read me)
I have also replaced the Cardassians with The Cardassian Full Race Replacement Mod & Cardassian Full Race Replacement Expansion Pack Mod, both By Created By Dan Ocean (, this mods AI isn't working at all and nothing but construction ships get built.

Also Vanilla Ultimate (AKA: Armada II Upgrade Project V 2.0.0) By Freyr is the framework to the mod that I am creating. Its installation is as follows:
(1) The Installation Program on the Armada II disc
(2) The Official 1.1 Patch
(3) Vanilla Ultimate (AKA: Armada II Upgrade Project V 2.0.0)
(4) Next I started to mod the game so it wouldn’t just be stock and would also be harder to win.

I will get started on a list of all the mods that I have used and credit their creators like you’ve requested Major Payne. I will start by completing the races that have the least new units and work up to the largest (The Federation). This list will also include the small additions to the added races to. There might be some mods credited that aren’t in the version that was linked but will be in the final version. I still haven’t decided though if this mod will remain as a Personal Mod or a mod that will be released. It of course depends on if it will all work together, I wouldn’t mind some help with certain files after all.

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Credits For My Upload And Mod

Post by jetnova16 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:23 pm

Star Trek Armada II Mod Credits For Mods Used
Since Credit has to be given for those mods that are used in any mod, this document has been created to do just that. First, the following lists the mods that were used that are added to the stock game like new races and patches. The rest of this document will go by race from the least additions to the most, after all the races are complete, the next section will encompass Special Weapons and Weapons if not given to a specific race. Also the mods that I’ve created will be listed with the Race they go with to since they are in the game; this is being done if I ever decide to release the mod with the permission of those modders named here. Most of the mods here came from, MSFC or here at Once I had them, I saved the unzipped files so that I already had the mods just in case things ever went wrong or to look back at the original files if I needed to. In the final version of this mod, the original Read Me Files of all included mods will be included in their own folder I am going to do that because some of these mods don’t have any credits to find (listed as “Unknown” here) others only give email addresses which I have included as credit.
1) Star Trek Armada II - Activision
2) The Official 1.1 Patch - Activision
3) Vanilla Ultimate (AKA: Armada II Upgrade Project V 2.0.0)- Freyr & A2 Upgrade Team
4) Dominion Ultimate & Its Parts – STGamerNew2002
5) The Reman Rebellion & its Patches (The Reman Rebellion (V1.0) - A Full Race mod by VenerableDread)
6) Vulcan Race 1.1 Mod Created By Dan Ocean
7) Tholian Race 1.0 By Slider17 & its Patch – No Name -
8) Cardassians with The Cardassian Full Race Replacement Mod & Cardassian Full Race Replacement Expansion Pack Mod - Both By Created By Dan Ocean
Vulcans (on top of the Full Race Mod)
1) Vulcan Ship Pack – Majestic
2) ENT Era Vulcan Ships – Misha
Tholians (on top of the Full Race Mod)
1) ENT Era Tholian Ships
2) Loki of the Tholian Assembly
Remans (on top of the Full Race Mod)
1) Reman Praetor Class Cruiser (Hero Version) – Pepperman
2) Reman Scythe Class A2 – Pepperman
The Dominion (on top of the Dominion Ultimate Mods)
1) Founder Class - Wrath of Achilles
2) Jem'Hadar Vorta Battleship – Concept Future
3) Cardassian Ships and Stations for the Dominion – jetnova16 & Dan Ocean for them in his mod
4) Dominion Carrier - Wrath of Achilles & STGamer2002
5) Dominion Advanced Command Fortress - STGamerNew2002
6) Dominion Special Forces – Avon
7) dominion_auto_mine - STGamerNew2002, Achilles
8) Dominion Asteroid Base – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
9) Siege Cruiser – From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
10) Weyoun’s Battleship (+Dukat’s Galor Class) - unknown (if tell me if this is yours for credit)
Cardassians (on top of the full race replacement mods, both parts)
1) Gul Dukat’s Galor – unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
2) Detapa Class - adm stacks
3) Drill Class – Concept Future
Borg (along with stock units)
1) Locutus’ Cube – Anomymous (Could be an import from Armada 1)
2) Newoldborgyards - 8of5 (transferred from Armada 1)
3) Transwarphub - Sherman2
4) Central Unicomplex for A2 – Yacuzza
5) Borg Tactical Battle Array - Yacuzza
6) Borg Tactical Assimilator – Yacuzza
7) borg_obitbase - Michael Raab
9) Borg Weapons - Tyler Chambers
10) Omega Cube - Borg Incursion2 - Major Payne
11) Borg Multi Target Phasers and Photon Torpedoes – The Great One
12) Borg Mobile Assimilator – CanadianBorg
13) Borg Command Cube - Tyler Chambers
14) Nexus (bbase2) – jetnova16 (I changed the Borg Unicomplex to their base) – Activision
15) Assimilated Transphasic Torpedoes – Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
16) A2Unimatrix – MegaModder
17) Edited Borg ODF Files – jetnova16 (made ships & stations stronger) – Activision
18) Sensor Drone – From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
19) Advanced Matrix – From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
Klingons (along with stock units)
1) A2 - C9 Warblood – Pepperman
2) A2 - Heart of Kahless – Pepperman
3) Klingon advanced construction ship – Pepperman
4) Avon Klingon Pack – Avon
5) Chancellor Gowron's Negh'var - ABubba91873
6) Commander Kruge (search for Spock) - ABubba91873
7) IKS Rotarran - seaquest3062 (AKA: ussambersa), 9of9
8) IKV Kronos One – ussambersa & Bryan
9) Klingon Dilithium Refinery - Operative34997 & Darkdrone (this is the one that caused the game to crash once added in and once it was replaced with the stock version, also causing all other races mining stations to crash the game in Instant Action games but not in the Campaigns.)
10) Klingon Outpost 2 - Gavin1701
11) klingon_entera0.1 -
12) klingon_military_freighter – Misha
13) kweaponsplatform - Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
14) Old Klingon Base (stock base) – jetnova16 (replaced to become a second base) – Activision
15) Prometheus MVAM MOD - THUN v1.0 (removed MVAM since it won’t work with Vanilla Ultimate)
16) Bird of Death Class - Doom369, Cleeve, & Tachy
17) Ghos_QIH – (APCMmkII, PAAL, Kleotol) - mostly Kleotol
18) k30demonclaw - Straxus (Dion Williams) also known as Yoda of Borg
19) KKOL (TNG D7-refit Koloth) - Terradyhne
20) Klingon D8C Bat'Leth – Terradyhne
21) Klingon Quantum Torpedo -
22) Klingon_ voodieh 1.1 – Moerman
23) Kmohecan - mpenney2
24) Kship - gavin10701
25) Unity Station – Atlantis
26) MaQ'mIgh – From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
27) Gorath Class – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
28) IG Ko'Tol Class – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
29) IG Negh'Var Class – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
30) Gosh'qih Class – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
31) Vod'Leh Class – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
32) Klingon Fortress – From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
33) Imperial Starbase – From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
34) Dreadnought Dock - From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
Romulans (along with stock units)
1) Terminator Class - Twitch -
2) Vor Rexus - From Art of War Part 3 - Achilles AKA Wrath of Achilles
3) 2 Romulan Heavy Ships (P'Vash and S'Vash Romulan Cruisers - FOR ARMADA 2) – Avon, LC Amaral, & Raven Night
4) Advanced Romulan Construction Ship – Pepperman
5) Bio-genie decimator – Unknown, from Star Trek Legacy? - Bethesda Softworks
6) Heavy Weapons Platform - From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
7) K'Tinga Class - From Borg Incursion2 Mod – Major Payne
8) Dera Class Dreadnaught -Sherman2
9) Devoras – unknown & 9of9
10) ENT BOP - capt fingers
11) k7a_rentbop - K7AV, Star Trek Legacy - Bethesda Softworks
12) Prometheus MVAM MOD - THUN v1.0 (removed MVAM since it won’t work with Vanilla Ultimate)
13) rom-plasma - 8of5
14) Clone Facility – ArcherScott
15) Shooter Turret – ArcherScott
16) Valdore-class Weapons & Special Weapon – Dawn & ArcherScott
17) Romulan Armed Freighter - Firestorm603
18) Romulan Letan Class – Pepperman
19) Romulan Negh’var – jetnova16 – Activision
20) Romulan Scimitar & Valdore (Hero Ships) - k_merse
21) Romulan weapons base - Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
22) romulan_base_alpha - Bread4311 & Achilles
23) Romulan Jenrix Class Cruiser – Pepperman
24) Romulan_Norexan_Class_v1.0 – Pepperman
25) Romulan Spy Satellite – CanadianBorg
26) Sfaret_Class_Warbird – Pepperman
27) Shadow Wing Class – Pepperman
28) Scimitar Class – Claesstefan
29) Starhawk Class Battlecruiser – admstacks
30) Terix-class Warbird – Pepperman & Atolm
31) TOS BOP - stevewolf87
32) tos_adversary_pack_addon - thunderfoot006
34) T'Shar – Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit) & Neon
35) Vrax Class 2 - Joelteon7, Achilles & HMS Frontier
Federation (along with stock units)
1) USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E – seaquest3062(aka ussambersa), Michael Kelly & AMB
2) USS Defiant NX 74205 – ussambersa & 9of9
3) Starfleet Full Race (USED Only For K7 Trading Station) – Unknown (Author only uses “Me”)
4) DS9 -
5) a2oberth – Porty
6) uss_enterprise_arprime_hybrid – Jetfreak
7) War Sovereign - Jetfreak, Hawkeye, K_merse & Major Payne
8) xfighters_sovereign - sherman2
9) xindi_Aquantic - sherman2 & MarianoDT
10) xistardock - Fahres
11) Unity Station – Atlantis
12) Transphasic Torpedoes -
13) TechPack1.0 (Advanced And Unincluded Technologies Pack) - Sherman2
14) Sigma - vt1032, Vt1023 & skull
15) Section 31 Shipyard & Ships – Major Payne
16) Secondary Shielding – draconis_sharp
17) Buildable Incursion-class – jetnova16 – Activision
18) Prometheus MVAM MOD - THUN v1.0 (removed MVAM since it won’t work with Vanilla Ultimate)
19) Premonition Class - & Activision for original Armada I Model
20) Orbital Defense Platforms - Captain Steve
21) Opaka – Wraith
22) New All Races Transporters – CanadianBorg
23) Kelvin & Proxima Classes - Sin87
24) Heavy Torpedo Turret – fahres
25) GalaxyEVO – Dan Ocean
26) Galaxy X-class – SupaStarAsh
27) Galaxy MVAM (Not really a MVAM Ship, standard, just stronger) – Activision
28) Federation Weapons - Tyler Chambers
29) Deflector Beam Weapon - Dan(1025)
30) Fturretbase – Unknown (but it’s an ODF mod with all original models from stock) – Activision
31) Folympicclass - Bill George, Kevo & Tycoon
32) Fighter Project Starfleet (The A2 Fighter Project Part II - Starfleet ) - thunderfoot006
33) fexcel2 – Unknown (but Borg textures are by: Yacuzza)
34) FedHQ Base – Activision
35) Federation Transwarp Portal -
36) Federation Defensive Shipyards – stompawampa
37) Federation Base Alpha – Achilles & Edited By Bread4311\Bread17
38) fed_neg – Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
39) fassault (Iwo Jima class) - Aad Moerman
40) Enterprise NX-01 ( 2.0) – Deemon
41) delta-flyer - Eclipse Project & Spectre
42) dauntless_class – Dan Ocean
43) cloakable_mine – BullZi, Mr_Krazy & JkerPlay
44) beta_construction_ship - Major A Payne, Deemon & Achilles(note the Shockwave Turret crashes after being built and I can’t figure out why, I believe the problem lies in the weapons file.)
45) battlestation -
46) Armed Federation Mining Freighter -
47) Andorian and Tellarite – Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
48) advanced_mining_station - Andyx100
49) advanced_construction_ship - Andyx100
50) Federation Cloaking and Moving Starbase - ClaesStefan
51) achilles_class_v1 – DEEMON, Blurb23, & HMS Frontier
52) USS Titan - SupaStarAsh , Tycoon1987 (for Original Class) - ussambersa or seaquest3062 (USS Titan ship)
53) Typhoonclass – Major Payne
54) type9 - Dawn Warlords Modding Union
55) Starbase 34’s Federation Compilation Mod (for certain ships that aren’t in yet – Names Coming soon) – STARBASE 34 MOD TEAM MEMBERSHIP: Wrath of Achilles, Avon, Chiletrek, Dan1025, elevatormusic, Fireball_IV, Freyr, Icewolf132, Jetfreak, k_merse, Pepperman, Starfox1701, and theStarfleetKid
56) Ghost’s Federation Compilation Mod (for certain ships that aren’t in yet – Names Coming soon) - Ghost
57) SS Intrepid - Captain Fingers & ussambersa (seaquest3062)
58) Serpent - Epytron Omega
59) P81 Miranda Class - Rick "P81" Knox, Aad Moreman
60) Soyuz Class – Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
61) P81 Constellation Class - Rick "P81" Knox, Aad Moreman 62) HOLOSHIP – APCMmkII
63) Interceptor_Class – Pepperman
64) Intrepid-class MK2 Refit – barthi
65) Galaxy-XEXA2 -
66) Fkombi – Atlantis
67) Federation Nova-class - Ashley "Tycoon" Stephens
68) Feagle – Atlantis
69) USS Endeavour - The Starfleet Kid
70) Ftester (A Sovereign Class Starship testing new weapons) (Elrond_mod_weaponpods) – Elrond
71) Apocalypse-ENT Era Ships – SupaStarAsh
72) Ambassador Class – Jetfreak, LC Amaral, Major Payne, Dan1025 & K_merse
73) Aegian-class refit - Unknown (tell me if this is yours for credit)
74) A2 Genesis Device - KaBoom1701
75) 8of5_centaur – Major Payne & 8of5
76) 2_Towers - VT1032
77) avm_ri –
78) fmarsdef_new – Shadow
79) Blitkrieg - Pneumonic81 & Major A Payne
80) Originalsteamrunner (Akyazi class) – Rick Knox a.k.a pneumonic81& Interstellar Machine
82) raptor_assault_escort -
Ok, that is all of the mods that are in or will be appearing in my Star Trek Armada II mod as of this moment. The two races that are extra that I am trying to create are the Sona and the Kazon using some ships found here also.
1) Ru'Afo (Ad'Har Ru'Afo's Command Ship) – ussambersa & Activision
2) Sona Ships (mixing the best of the Sona mods available) - Iggy , Concept Future & Unknown
1) Kazonb & kazonf – Concept Future

Please refrain from posting personal email address publically on this forum - Major A Payne

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Post by jetnova16 » Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:41 am

I was wondering if any of the modders that I have decided to use their work if they are still here in the modding community because sometimes I get e-mails bouncing back that I send about either asking permission to use their mods, or for alittle help if I have a question about their mod. If the e-mail doesn't get bounced back I end up not getting a reply. In this case I believe that I can automatically use those mods in a mod? Also, the same goes for those who already say in their "Read Me's" that their mods can be used in another person’s mod as long as they are credited in the “Read Me” associated with the mod that they appear in.

I also have a few other questions; also, I’m still having that crashing problem with the mining stations in the Instant Action games crashing the game but not in any of the campaign games. I still find this unexplainable and confusing. Here is my new question involving this, is it possible that the game might stop crashing if I erase the folder in my Armada II installation that reads “Compatibility Files”? Another question involves the unofficial Patch Project Patch 1.2.5 put out by Fleet Operations. I know that this patch technically doesn’t work with Vanilla Ultimate, but is there a possible way to edit the two (like some files with them) so that the two will actually be compatible? I have read that some mods require editing to work with other mods, has anything like this ever been done before?

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Post by jetnova16 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:30 am

I was just browsing here and decided to try a new Dominion Mining Station to replace the one in the Dominion Ultimate mods. I installed this station for the Dominion and before I go on, I want to just say that I haven't played the Dominion since the Klingon Dilithium Refinery crashed the game. Well the mining station for the Dominion doesn't crash the game after it is built in Instant Action, this is also the case for some of the added races. The Dilithium Refineries for the Vulcans and Remans don't crash the game, but the one for the Tholian Full Race By Slider does crash the game too. This never used to be the case until adding the Klingon station as I reported earlier. The only other mining station that doesn't crash the game in Instant Action is the one that comes in the Cardassian Full Race Replacement Mod. Becasue of this, I am still confused why this is happening then and I was wondering if anyone has any new ideas why this is happening in my game?

One thing though, the Dominion Mining Station I'm using came from here and is By: Wrath Of Achilles but the station appears to look as if its cloaked ingame and appears with Borg textures and I don't know why. It actually doesn't look like the station in the Build Button with these textures and its hard to tell exactly what it is.

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Hello? Help Please? - I'm still having errors and got ?'s

Post by jetnova16 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:35 am

I actually feel like I have been abandoned when it comes to my Star Trek Armada II game. I came here looking for help and still not getting any. Right now, I'm almost thinking about tearing apart my Armada II file and looking through each file somehow just to fix the game or worse in the process make matters worse just to get it to work. :?: :cry: 8O :evil:

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Post by MajorPayne » Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:30 am

Jetnova. Let me ask you a question or two which I've not asked so far.

Just how much in the way of modding experience have you got?? How long have you been modding A2 for??

Oh and did you follow my advice with the changes to the mining station that I posted before (removal of specials etc.etc)??

BTW. When I asked you about the credits listing there really wasn't a need for you to post it. Oh and in future, don't post other peoples email address publically. You'll be surprised how much, in the way of problems, doing something like that can have for them. I've edited your credit posting to reflect the removed email addys.

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Post by jetnova16 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:34 am

When it comes to modding experience, I have been good at modding ODF files, editing one ship and adding it to a race that normally doesn't have it. I have been able to make my own physics files and special weapons. I don't have the tools that make it possible to create ships and or stations or make SOD's and TGA files. I have actually been modding Armada II for two years and when I joined that's when I started adding units to the game after finding the patch on At the time, I was only editing ODF files like weapons because I figured that since my computer could open them in notepad something could be done with them. I found my hunch was correct and then I thought much more was possible. I am now attempting to make my own Full Race Mods to but not putting them in the game to test them yet. These races are: Kazon, Sona, and Suliban.


I removed the specials from the Klingon Mining Station (those specials actually came from a mod installed months ago for the Federation's Mining Station and didn't crash the game then and worked just fine). The same weapons work on other mining stations prior to the crashing problem after adding the Klingon mining station. The mining station that has the Special Weapons for the Federation is called “advanced_mining_station” and was created by andyx100. The mod can be found on under the name in quotes, that one works perfectly in game, it is also capable of building mining ships. The stock Klingon Mining Station that I put back in the game doesn’t have the special weapons added and doesn’t build the mining ship and it still crashes the game, even after reverting to stock, the game only crashes with mining stations built in Instant Action, not during the campaign and those of the races that aren’t actually stock don’t crash when their mining station is built.


I’m not sure if this kind of thing has happened before in anyone’s game but I hate to say it, but others trying these two mining station mods might result in showing the same problem I’m having, at least the Klingon mining station previously mentioned (the one by Operative34997) will be the one to cause the problem, it was for me. The thing with that mod, all his HP areas were marked as “X” in the ODF for the station other modders/users on Armada2files had written in the comments for the mod that that type of coding would cause a crash so I fixed it with the suggestion of using the stock information to replace the “X”, (the original mod didn’t have the additional special weapons or building option).

I just want to restate that I did take your advice Major Payne on the Klingon Mining Station and the problem is still occurring and still affecting the mining stations of all the stock races in the game but not the added races (except the Tholians) the only stock race not affected is the Cardassians and they are fully modded through the Cardassian Full Race Replacement Mod and its Expansion Pack. Like previously stated the crash only takes place in Instant Action games and not in the campaign. I am open to any more ideas that might be causing this problem.

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Post by MajorPayne » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:21 am

Well if you've followed my suggestion and the problem still occurs then I would say change your modding method. I'm not sure just how many of those ships and stations you've already got working but it seems a hell of alot for one single mod. Anyway, that being said, whenever I build a mod of any kind I work in one strict way. It minimises both crashes (of which my current mods build suffers from none) and gives me complete control over the mods development.

Firstly, take it one side at a time. At this point I'll construct a list of ships I want to use. Find them. Then create seperate folders for the models and textures. Old ODF files and New ODF files. Next I'll setup a set of New ODF's based on stock ships, so a short list as an example:

My chosen ships are: Sovvy, Akira, Steamrunner, Nova, Intrepid, Norway, Miranda, Nebula and Galaxy

Now the stock ships here as we know are:

Sovvy - Fbattle
Akira - Fcruise1
Steamrunner - Fcruise2
Intrepid - Fcruise3
Nebula - Fspecial
Galaxy - Fbattle2 (for Armada 2)

So my additional ones would be:

Nova - Named in mod as Fscout2
Miranda - Named in mod as Fdest2
Norway - Named in mod as Fcruise4

Okay so with the stock ships I'll have two sets of ODF's. One set will be the basic unchanged stock ODF's. One set will most likely have been downloaded along with new models and textures. At this point I would then do the following:

- Open the stock fbattle.odf.
- Open the ODF that came with my sovvy replacement.
- Copy/paste the weapons and critical HPs from the ODF that came with my replacement into the stock fbattle.odf file
- Change the weapon names in the new ODF to reflect stock weapons (these you can then change later)
- Repeat for each stock ship

At this point as you don't need to mess with any other files try transferring the stock ship replacements to your armada 2 install and try the replacement ships. If theres no crashes then your ready to add the additional ships. Now at this point I would do the following:

- Copy the stock fscout.odf and rename the cop to fscout2.odf
- Again there should be a ship ODF with the one thats been downloaded so open this and copy/paste the Nova ODF HPs into the fscout2.odf file
- Change the fscout2.odf weapons to reflect stock weapon names
- Change the other files (except for the AI. That would be one of the last things you'll do)
- Test the ship.
- Add icon/wireframe as you need to.
- Repeat for other new ships.

Now this method will take a bit longer, but so far I've added around 140 ships and stations to my own mod and so far had zero crashes.

Okay so this is just my personal method for modding, but I do make sure that I have a working folder which has a folder setup exactly the same as the game which contains the current "working" version. Any files I'm in the process of editing I keep in a seperate folder setup and once new files are found to be working fine I transfer them to my working version folder. That way I just have a mod only and not as I've seen in some other mods which include EVERY file whether its used or not. Doing this will make a download thats much smaller and self contained. Finally, I'll create a self installing EXE file for the mod as some people do have problems with installing a mod manually and it can also give an uninstaller so its just easier (but not necessary).

Unfortunately, in some cases when you have unfixable errors that even others can't find then the simplest method is to start over. It sucks I know, but sometimes its necessary to do.

I've always said that theres two things you need when modding - Patience and free time.

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This Mod Is Actually For A College Gaming Class Assignment

Post by jetnova16 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:53 pm

I see that you have an extensive long modding process Major Payne. The difference for you and me is that I am on a time table now with my modding and it actually doesn’t give me any free time because the modding project if part of my classes in Game Design, we had to choose any game that we wanted that has the option of being changed and start making it different. We can add anything we really want to the game that we choose, as you see I have chosen Star Trek Armada II. By August 11th the project will be do and like the other classes ones that I tried to get help on and didn’t, I ended up failing. There are a few different career fields that I am doing and I was hoping to be an ESL Teacher but to also work with my friend and his brother in designing new games for their very own company that they want to create and get better than all the well known ones. Hence the game design classes I’m taking, almost all of the classes I have taken required designing a game of our own or making an existing one better. This is the case why I have been really looking for help in the correcting these crashing errors because even though when this class is complete and the game is modded I will have also completed my own mod for the game that I can also release. Since this is a college project for Gaming & Design 2, we’re not allowed to really have more than one folder saved for making the games; I have to follow procedures so I’m only aloud to mod through one folder.


Alright, I just wanted to say that in my mod, I don’t want to delete or remove any of the stock ships or stations. Of course I want to replace them with ones that have the same names and look better than the stock ones whenever possible but really I just want to add on to the existing units to have the player have a choice in what kinds of ships and stations he or she wants to end up using well they play the game, that is how I have been operating when putting together this mod.


Major Payne, you do have a good style to mod the game and to create your own mods but in this case I can’t follow that way. Because of these crashing errors and no one really knowing what is causing them, to start over would be a major problem so I have no choice but to continue from where I am with the mod. So the best thing to do here is actually also logical, if someone would try out and play the game that was uploaded to, that way the errors can be experienced by others and possibly figured out. This is the only possible way other than having someone else actually put together the mod and I have already turned down that kind of help more than once and given the nature of why this mod is being created, I can’t at the moment have a modding team help me out too but if some people did want to help I would take their suggestions. (They could try on their own to use the same Dilithium Refinery (Mining Station) that caused the crashing problem for all mining stations and together we could find the cause). Maybe after August 11th I’ll accept a modding teams’ help but I will not have another person make the mod themselves, this does give the practice after all. Note unlike before when I first found and joined, this is now a college project, thus I can’t start over all the time and have really only been looking for help to fix all these problems that are in the game, in no way am I looking to get an “A” on this assignment, I just want the game to work again so since its not just something taking up space on my laptop’s hard drive.

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Modding Expertise and Questions

Post by jetnova16 » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:50 am

This is to answer Major Payne’s question about my modding experience and how much I know, but first I would like to say that I will appreciate anymore suggestions, criticism, and help please with this mod that I am creating and on the Mining Station crashing problem. There are some ideas I do have and things that I don’t know how to do exactly but have some ideas. Some of these ideas have come from other mods or from reading and studying Westworld’s Big Book of Modding which at points got so confusing that I had to come up with my own ideas that I found work better and were actually easier.
Here are some things I have known how to mod and have done just fine:
1) I have managed to mod ODF files effectively and locate crashes that are related to ODF files, when it comes to crashes this way though, I can find them in the Ships and Station files but not as easily with the Weapons and Special Weapons.
2) I can effectively mod the Events, Sprites and Techtree files.
3) I have been able to actually make the stations that I want to move actually move, this I learned from a mod that made the Federation Starbase Moveable.
4) I have been able to add ships from one race to another race as in say “an exchange of technology”.
5) I have alittle idea on how to create my own race and to make my own campaign missions.
6) I have an idea on how to edit and add to the AI. – Copy the text and the change the name of the ship or station that will be built as an addition. (example using federation_build _list’s Defiant-class and my buildable Incursion-class: "fdestroy2",2,0, 4, -2, // Defiant - can be copied and then edited to become - " fincursion2" ,2,0, 4, -2, // Incursion
Here are some things I need help on or have small ideas how to do:
1) The AI if above example at number 6 is incorrect.
2) Creating new ships and stations for new races, I can scale down the existing ones and give them different roles in the fleet.
3) Combining two mods together so they both work together, I know its possible because I’ve seen mods on that have it done in them. I really want to combine the Armada II Upgrade Project 2.0.0 (Vanilla Ultimate) with the Patch Project 1.2.5 Patch.
4) The AI not working that came with the Cardassian Full Race Replacement Mod & Expansion Pack.
5) There are some files I don’t know what programs open, SODs are an example of this along with DSL files and DRL files in the “Missions” Folder. I was wondering how to edit them but opening them with Notepad only game me text with the words “This program cannot be run in DOS mode.” being the only readable thing.
6) Some of my Armada II folders have a file labeled “Thumbs”, I was wondering if this is part of the game or if I can actually just delete that file without having any problems. (There is 1 in the “Main Armada II Directory” and 1 in the “Images” file that I do know of.
7) This one is tricky because I do know how to do it but it can’t be done on my own, Beta Testing the completed mod to make sure all the bugs are out of it.
That is everything that I really don’t know how to do, some of the things that I have learned came from no one really helping me out and me uninstalling the game and starting over just to have the same problems again and again and again. This can’t be the case again since this project is now for a Game Design class at college I can’t have these setbacks because I am now working on a time table, which to be honest I hate having to abide by it (hopefully my professor isn’t a member of this modding community to see that).
Well either way, I would like to thank everyone who reads this and takes a chance to help me out or just for their curiosity in this.

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Post by MajorPayne » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:03 pm

One thing I'm curious is if this is a modding project for a college project why include so much content?? Surely it would have been better to provide a more rounded quality product than finding every possible ship and station and adding them in and then finding you have umpteen problems which you can't fix.

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Post by jetnova16 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:13 am

That's actually simple and easy to comprehend. After all, you did notice that I'm also making a new campaign mission. This is going to erase the tutorials from the game and replace them. In the new campaign, each level is going to actually feature something different. The mission will use aspects of almost every mod added to the game. This is why each race has many different additional units, the player is to choose what they want to use in the situations that they will be facing in the game as they come up. Also the already existing campaign missions' maps will be edited to add in enemies that you actually don't see in that mission, hence the addition of all the races and their ships and stations. Part of the assignment is to be able to show a creativity in editing and adding to the existing game well thinking about all possible ways to complete any given scenario (in the games case for Star Trek Armada II, to complete the mission way you see fit in the campaigns or to come up with a effective strategy in playing against the AI or another person through online play).

I am actually following the directions of my professor precisely because she has thought I have to little items for the chosen races but she does respect my decision that I have chosen to use only my favorite mods for my project and to make the game work using only them. The final part of the assignment is as follows “If there is an outside community or group that knows about the chosen game and the capabilities of changing it that seeking them out and getting any help that you might require is acceptable.” In that case I just haven’t been wanting to say it was for a project in case others didn’t want their work to be shared to a college professor without their knowledge because she would be trying out the games that us students create by borrowing the install disc and the created game (mod) and then grading us on it that way. Of course this doesn’t justify my actions on Armada2files’ forums or my professor helping me create new user names to get the help required to complete the game because she herself doesn’t understand the game.

PS. I have been really hoping to get the help that I have been looking for but as my professor keeps telling me now "I don't think there is a community for your game any more." Becasue of that she suggested to post my full install of the work in progress of the game and let others that "mod" know about it to help me out by actually seeing the problems themselves. Can I please receive that help?

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