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Star Trek Armada II – The Ultimate All Races Mod A Mod Story

Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:31 am
by jetnova16
Star Trek Armada II – The Ultimate All Races Mod
A Mod Story
A mod by Jetnova16

First the main story in the stock version of the game is the same except for an addition to the Fourth Federation Campaign Mission – “Along The Neutral Zone”. In this mission, the changes to the map done by Vanilla Ultimate destroys the starting units of ships that you get minus one Scout ship and two construction ships and the three Klingon ships added by Vanilla Ultimate. My addition here comes from another mod but they subtracted the Akira class and added a hero ship, an Ambassador class starship called USS Excalibur NCC-26517. Because I didn’t want to lose the Vanilla Ultimate changes, I added this ship directly to the a2_fed04 text file in the bzn file (I didn’t keep the picture that came with the mod because I didn’t want to lose any Vanilla Ultimate changes as I previously stated, so I copied the information from the mods text file of the same name keeping the other units already on the map) I didn’t change anything and for some reason both the built in Armada II Map Editor and the one from Vanilla Ultimate called “Universe Map Editor”, the game ends up crashing for some reason.

Now for every other mission, one extra hero ship will be added to the map for the Federation, the Klingons, the Cardassians and also if possible the Borg and Species 8472.

Well now I believe it is time to get to the point of the story for the All Races Mod because of the fact that I am replacing the entire Tutorials with their own new Campaign Missions. This campaign if things work out will have all the races in the game featured in it in some way or another and the new maps and planets that I’ve downloaded from and These should what I’m hoping make an interesting campaign.

In the first mission, the Dominion is going to make a major come back and directly attack the Sol System. The attack is going to be very drastic where most of Starfleet will not survive. The only hope for the Alpha Quadrant is the old alliances. Only the Dominion will return from an incursion into the Delta Quadrant to have pulled the Borg into the conflict. On the return of the Dominion to the Alpha Quadrant with their Delta Quadrant allies, the Remans and the Son’a join them along with the Cardassians.

The Federation Alliance (Federation, Klingons and the Romulans) through some of their own separate missions and some joint missions fight the Dominion Alliance trying to return peace to the Alpha Quadrant….


To continue the story I wouldn’t mind any suggestions or any ideas for changes.
I am wondering how to exactly change the maps especially why I’m having the game crash on during the cinematic view prior to the beginning of the Federation mission “Along The Neutral Zone” with the USS Excalibur NCC-26517 set into the text file titled a2_fed04. Can anyone tell me how to fully edit maps and to create the map editor icon? I used to have one; it looked like .exe icon for Armada II on the desktop, but I accidently deleted it when a few friends were using my laptop.