2 Special Weapon Ideas For Star Trek Armada II

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2 Special Weapon Ideas For Star Trek Armada II

Post by jetnova16 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:13 am

Well researching more about the Romulan D-7 (the Klingon D-7’s the Klingons gave the Romulans during the brief Klingon-Romulan Alliance (Also when the colony planet Chal was founded – See William Shatner’s Star Trek novel “Star Trek The Ashes Of Eden, Star Trek The Return, Star Trek Avenger, Star Trek Spectre, Star Trek Dark Victory, Star Trek Preserver for more on this planet and James T. Kirk’s remarkable Klingon-Romulan Hybrid bride Teilani)) I ended up finding these two remarkable weapons that the Klingons used on the D-7 Class Battle Cruiser. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me come up with a way to create these two weapons, for Star Trek Armada II, and of course the Devs. are free to use this idea in their Fleet Ops. Mods. Here is the exact description of the weapons from Memory Alpha the internet site for all Canon (or all onscreen related Star Trek) things. I have also posted the pictures as attachments for these two weapons so you can see them in action.


**Magnetic Pulse Weapon (Source: Memory Alpha – www.memoryalpha.org) **
The magnetic pulse weapon was a type ship-mounted weapon used on the Klingon D7-class battle cruisers in the 23rd century.

In 2267, a battle cruiser attacked the starship USS Enterprise with magnetic pulses following a formal declaration of war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. The Klingon attack caused damage to decks 10 and 11 of the Enterprise, and minor buckling of the antimatter pods. The Enterprise managed to destroy the attacking vessel by returning fire with phaser proximity blasts. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy").

**Projected Stasis Field (Source: Memory Alpha – www.memoryalpha.org - http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Projected_stasis_field) **

A projected stasis field, also referred to as a stasis weapon, was an experimental Klingon weapon of immense power, capable of completely paralyzing an enemy vessel, including all vital systems. The weapon was first field tested against the Federation in 2269, aboard the IKS Gr'oth.

The threat of this new weapon to the Federation was analyzed by the crew of the USS Enterprise during an encounter near the Klingon-Federation border on Stardate 5392.

During the confrontation, the Gr'oth successfully disabled the Enterprise, but upon further analysis by Science Officer Spock, it was determined that after prolonged use of the weapon, the cruiser's power cells were too quickly drained, proving to equally crippling to itself. In order to complete any prolonged assault, the cruiser was required to wait several hours for the weapon to recharge to full power.

Ultimately, it was determined that the use of this weapon aboard D7s was impractical in standard combat. (TAS: "More Tribbles, More Troubles")

While the weapon is referred to as a "stasis weapon," it does not truly place the target in stasis, as the crew of the affected ship are still able to act. It does, however, disable all weapon systems and engines. In the episode, it is able to fire at up to at least three simultaneous targets.

In Stephen Cole's Trek-based board game Star Fleet Battles the Klingon stasis field comes into more general use, but is still quite limited in deployment, as the ship using the "Stasis Field Generator" requires other ships as escorts in order to be effective.


Here are the ideas that I have for creating the weapons, this might use stock material for Star Trek Armada II unless anyone has any better ideas to create them and to texture them, I’m open to them. After all, I’m just trying to report a new idea for a new Special Weapon Mod that anyone can create.

*For The – Magnetic Pulse Weapon:*

To me and the prospective I’m having, this is almost like the Negh’Var-classes Ion Cannon Special Weapon, the only difference is its on a cruiser type vessel and its color is Blue instead of the Orange/Yellowish weapon known as the Ion Cannon. If the Ion Cannon’s special weapon was used as a basis to create this in game, I’d think that the texture for it should be changed to Blue and the strength of it should be scaled down. Instead of causing severe physical damage to the targeted ship, I’d think that it should cause minimal damage but slightly severe damage to shipboard systems, possibly life support, engines or shields (or if your very interested all 3 instead of just one of them). This type of Special Weapon could possibly use the same button as the Ion Cannon.

*For The – Projected Stasis Field Weapon: *

To me and the prospective that I’m having, this weapon could almost be like the Theleron Weapon on some of the Scimitar-class Reman ships, I don’t mean with the same effect, I just mean with the texture because they are both blue beams, the same can be said if the Borg Uitritium Burst was used as the texture for the weapon. The only differences is that somehow it would have to designed to fire three beams at once that can hit three targets (I don’t think that this effect has to look exactly like it does in the picture I provided but if it did it’d be more canon). Like in the description that I provided from Memory Alpha, I’d suggest (and think) that this Special Weapon should have immense power and be able to completely paralyzing an enemy vessel, including all vital systems. Also like described, I believe this weapon should also be able to cause severe damage to itself not just by draining its Special Energy Reserves but also by taking away energy/power from “the vessels power cells” in other words, another vital system, thus this weapon will with prolonged use would cripple the “D-7 Cruiser” (or other ship) using it.


What do you think about these two Special Weapon ideas? Anyone interested in trying to create them or helping me create them? If I create them, it will be incorporated into my mod, but also released to the Armada II Community on Armada Fleet Command’s site or I’d upload it to Megaupload and post a link for everyone interested in it. If I did have to create it myself, what programs would be needed to create the new textures and get the desired effects?

Download Link for Pictures of these weapons in use:

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