Playing Star Trek armada on tablets.......?

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Playing Star Trek armada on tablets.......?

Post by ArmadaChris »

Hello, I am hoping she embody can help. I am wanting to get a tablet that I can download the Star Trek armada game on it to play. I now you can get some good, cheap (£100) tablets that run older Microsoft. Befor getting one I just wanted to see if anyone else has done this or knows if it's possible ?
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Re: Playing Star Trek armada on tablets.......?

Post by MrVulcan »

As long as this tablet is running Win 7, you should be good to go. Problem is, I don't think there are any real tablets that run Win 7 and have sufficient 3D horsepower to run Armada. Also, you would need a mouse plugged into it since right-clicking would otherwise be problematic. Maybe a special stylus handles this, not sure.

Anything running Win 8 or 10 will require extensive fiddling to get it running. I would recommend giving dxwnd a try; download from here, from the last post by the gho.

To use:
1. extract all files in a separate folder.
2. right-click on DwWnd.exe -> properties -> compatibility tab -> "run as administrator"
3. run DwWnd.exe. You may get a message saying "Windows protected you from unknown app... etc". Click on More Info -> Run Anyway
4. more security prompts... Allow program to run.
5. loading may take some time. When program loads, right click on "Star Trek Armada" -> modify.
6. locate the option which specifies the path to Armada.exe. Change this if necessary. Leave all other options unchanged.
7. Do not close the DxWnd window. You can right-click Armada.exe -> run

You may use the unofficial 1.3 patch for additional compatibility, and change Armada.exe permissions to "run as admin".

Hope this helps, but it is a bit of a long shot.
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