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Star Trek The Next Generation Echoes From the Past: Tribute & SS Nakatomi Walkthrough

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:54 am
by Blake00
Star Trek gaming got pretty darn awesome once we had 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites, Final Unity, Birth of the Federation and Armada etc. But before that there wasn't much quality out there with just some 70s & 80s ship shooting games here and there. The first game that I found that really felt like it was expanding into a bigger adventure were the Star Trek The Next Generation games for SNES and Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Instead of just being some simple linear shooter you could navigate around the bridge controlling different system & talking to different crew members while piloting the enterprise around a huge sector of solar systems and planets, you could encounter enemy ships like Romulan Warbirds and battle them in a tactical combat screen but best of all you could even beam down to planets with a custom away team of your choice to solve quests/puzzles and shoot bad guys. They look pretty primitive now but as a kid I really felt like I was taking part in an episode of the show especially as their stories were clearly heavily influenced by awesome Romulan episodes like 'The Neutral Zone', 'Contagion', 'Tin Man' & 'The Chase'. I was a Sega kid so I didn't discover the SNES version until years later but omg the amount of hours I put into the Mega Drive version haha!

Genesis/Mega Drive Screenshots
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Super Nintendo Screenshots
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

As a kid I even drew pages of hints and tips breaking down each mission because I loved it all so much:

The Sega version of the game wasn't avaiable in Australia for some weird reason but one of my local video stores had a NTSC copy with a converter so I'd battle with every other bloody Trekie in the city to hire the game for the weekend (you had to book weeks in advance lol). When one of the Sega magazines did a massive 6 page preview of the game I got a copy and used to read it again and again to get my 'drug fix' when I couldn't hire the game lol:
Image Image Image Image

As an adult I thought I'd finish what I started and do a full mission breakdown guide with pics, planet maps (that I painstakingly drew myself), hints and tips and put it on my website. I enjoyed doing it so much I decided to do mission breakdowns for other great Trek Adventure games like 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites, Final Unity and Generations too.


I also decided to go one step further and do something that had never been done before and create a detailed step by step walkthrough of how to complete the half impossible hostage rescue SS Nakatomi mission in the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Because it was skippable no walkthrough existed on the net as the mission was just considered too darn hard lol. However I was a man on a mission lol. Despite having many differences the SNES and Sega versions of the game shared pretty similar maps (just with puzzles & monsters rearranged) and in the SNES version the mission was compulsory and easier. So I played that first and mapped out every little bit of the level. I then used that map to navigate the Genesis version. It's complicated puzzles were easier to figure out once I knew the layout (as you can get lost easily). Once I had a working walkthrough I released it to my Trek website and to GameFAQs and then made a video version for people to follow. ... faqs/75487

It was tough at times but was a lot of fun to go back to this game I loved so darn much as a kid and gave me some nice closure as it always annoyed me that I'd never solved all of it. Did anyone else here love playing these games as a kid? If you haven't then they'd probably drive you nuts now days lol. There's a number of youtube let's play videos out there that end with them rage quitting and never finishing them haha.