what PC games do you play?

Any Games game you play including Play Station X-Box and Nintendo 64 ect...

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Post by Zman »

I would just like to update mine:

NASCAR Racing 2003(with like 105+ tracks and right now 1650+ cars)
SW:BF2(with abot 30 mod maps and increasing per month)
Armada2(still got SW:FC and CW mods but havent touched it in a while)
ST:BC(not doin to much with this cause not a lot of mods I've DLed are goin together well even though its only a few but I'll get back into it when I have some more time)

games I will have on my PC by X-mas:
ST:Legacy(with a mod maybe)
SW:EaW(including FoC and maybe a mod)
My Games:
NR2K3(750+ tracks;5000+ cars)
ST:BC(latest KM-custom) ST:Legacy(custom)
ST:Armada(custom) ST:Armada2(custom)
ST:FO(latest version)
SW:EAW(custom) SW:FOC(custom)
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Post by znite94 »

znite94 wrote:I like

Armada 1 and 2
Lego Star Wars (oddly entertaining)
Enigma: Rising Tide
Janes: Attack Squadron
Quick Addition:

Star Wars: Battle Front 2
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Post by imagin »

I play: Star Trek Armada, Star Trek Armada 2, Civilization 3, and Civilization 4
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Post by graviton »

I play full versions of:

-Star Trek: Armada
-Star Trek: Armada II
-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
-Harry Potter and the Quidditch World Cup
-Geneforge 3

and I have demo versions of:

-Geneforge 2
-Star Trek Away Team
-Star Trek Bridge Commander

as well as some games I can't remember :roll:
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Post by uss_capital »

last few weeks i have been playing st legacy , well when it works :?
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Post by TopDogJW »

Supreme Commander
Star Wars Empire at War
Command & Conquer Generals
Star Trek Armada 1 & 2
Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2
I have Star Trek Bridge Commander, but it broke. :cry:
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Post by fuller »

combat flight simulator, star wars force commander, which is like armada but on the ground, and of course ARMADA!
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