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Guild Wars

Posted: Sun May 29, 2005 6:33 am
by sgtrevill
I wasn't sure i was aloud to do this but when i saw the post called Stronghold 2 by Harrie i don't see y i carn't anymore.

I am thinking of getting Guild Wars but im not sure, as its an online game and normaly you have to pay a monthy subsribtion, but i read somewhere that you don't on this game.

So i was wounding if anyone had this game and they could tell me if it is worth the monny to get and if it is true about the FREE monthy subsribtion.

Im asking this because there are a few games that i what, like Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft etc. but i am put off because of the monthy subsribtion on them.

I just think it is wrong that when you buy a game that you have to pay to play it.