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anyone played this game

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 10:26 am
by j666

looks kinda good might try and get it the ships look pretty good 2 but it is dated

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 1:11 pm
by iOSYS
indeed I have. I adore this game, and have adored it for several years. I think it makes my top 10, perhaps top 5 games list.

My favourits where as follows:

Fed destroyer with all the speed and vecrored thrust upgrades I could get. not to mention all the weapons. I turned it into somethign of a speeds attack cruiser...

fed patroll boat with upgraded speed (as if it was'nt fast enough already) and 6 medium blasters.

also, an ida frigate with about 4 million credits worth of urgrades.

The Earth-Europa run is the best! On Europa, luxury goods cost about 150 credits less then on Earth, so you can make a good net gain without leaving the system. In addition, once you start getting the heavy carriers, freighters, and other freighters as escorts, you'll start to be making 40,000 credits a run once ya start being able to afford to buy all the goods in the first place.

you can get up to your fist 10 million pretty quick doing it like that. And once you have about 1 million, get a nice good ship, you can go and have alot of fun doing all the odd jobs, and playing along with storylines because you're not alwyas killed by pirates after 1 shot!

I love killing pirate ships, and pillaging them. or, depending what government I'm trying to be friendly with, that governments enemys.

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:42 am
by j666
u know if u can still buy it ie in uk?

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:38 am
by jolt
Wow, looking at the system requirements, there aren't any!

EscapeVelocity comes ebay.

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:50 pm
by jolt
You can download an exe. installer offa the site.