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Ragnarok Online

Post by Firefly1 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 11:28 am

Ragarok is a South Korean anime game based on the book series. in it you can create up to twelve characters fight thousands of monsters on hundreds of maps. its free and can be downloaded for no charge on my server. simply go to:
and go to the downloads section and download the Ancientred link this gives you everything you need to play (download takes about 1/2 hour.) then simply install the game patch the KRO/sakray patch the qro install and enjoy.
You can play as the following classes:

First you satart as a novice then you can become a merchant, thief, aycolyte, Mage, Super Novice, Tae Kwon, Swordsmen, And Archer . these classes then improve.

Merchent turns into
Alchemist/ Blacksmith

Thief turns into

Aycolyte becomes

Mage Becomes

Swordsmen Becomes
Knight/ Crusader

Archer Becomes
Bard(boys only)/Dancer(Girls only)/or sniper.

Super novices and tae kwons have no second classes as of yet.

Try it and you'll love it i started playing and i'm totally addicted.
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