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What's in your personal mod?

Post by Logius »

Not sure if this belongs in General Chat but this was inspired by icewolf123's "What's in your name?" post. With most of us mentioning our personal mods now and again, I was just curious what y'all have going on in your own A1 or A2 setups. What kind of weapons/ships/stations do you have? What part of your mod do you enjoy the most? Have you edited the AI to make use of the various additions? Let us know! :D

As for me: (Armada 1)
Borg Listing

- Stock base/stations

- All stock ships/textures
- Borg Disc (ripped from X-treme mod)
- Borg Dominator (Captain Fingers)
- Borg Pyramid (ripped from X-treme mod)
- Borg Queen's Sphere (TGO)
- Borg Tactical Cube ([TAF]like)

- Added "bc1phas" to Assimilator
- Added "Borg Assimilation Drones" to Disc
- Added multi-targeting (5 targets) phasers to Tactical Cube
- Added second phaser to Cube
- Added shield regen modification to Tactical Cube
- Added Tractor Beam to Disc
- Boosted shields of all Borg ships/stations by 60%
- Created "Borg Assimilation Drones" (modded Fed repair team)
- Doubled cost of most Borg ships
- Increased officer/crew compliment of Cube & Tactical Cube
- Increased effectiveness of Auto-Assimilator beam
- Increased effectiveness of Borg Boarding Parties
- Increased scale of Advanced Shipyard by 20%
- Increased scale of Nexus by 20%
- Increased scale of Cube & Tactical Cube by 20%
- Increased speed of Disc & Dominator to 30/180 (impulse/warp) scale
- Modified AI to build more bases throughout map (they spread like a virus!)
- Modified/reduced Borg Regen for constant shield regen ("Advanced Shielding")
- Modified Fighter weapons to be effective against other fighters (70% accuracy)
- Modified Nexus to build Disc & Dominator
- Reduced most weapon accuracy to 40% against Defiant & Monitor
- Reduced effectiveness of Romulan Psyonic Beam
- Reduced regular weapons' accuracy to 25% against all fighters
- Reduced scale of Dominator to scout size (used as Borg fighter)

Federation Listing

- Stock base/stations
- Added Starfleet HQ to build list
- Added Shipyard (Peter Barbour)

- All stock ships/textures
- Achillies class (MaP)
- Construction ship (Ben Maxwell)
- Danube Class (ripped from X-treme mod)
- Defiant Refit (Phantom)
- Excelsior B (DAWN)
- Federation Fighter (Neon)
- Intrepid Class (9 of Nine)
- Miranda Class (Captain Martian)
- Nova Class (9 of Nine)
- Oberth Class (*Deemon*)
- Pearl Class Mobile Shipyard (Straxus)
- Prometheus Class (9 of Nine)
- Sentry Class (CaptSyf)
- Serpent Class (Epytron Omega)
- Type 15 Shuttle (Captain Fingers)
- Voyager Class (Quatumhalo - released by FT team)

- Added "Advanced Shileding" to Achillies, Prometheus & Voyager
- Added Fed Engineering Team to Danube, Galaxy, Sentry
- Added Multi-targeting (2 targets) phasers to Sovereign, Prometheus & Voyager
- Added Point Defense Phaser to Oberth
- Added Romulan Cloaking Device to Defiant & Defiant Refit
- Added Shield Disruptor to Intrepid
- Added Tractor Beam to Danube & Sentry
- Beefed up Defiant Pulse Phasers
- Boosted shields on Sovereign, Galaxy, Akira, Miranda & Scout
- Increased cost/build times for all "advanced" ships
- Increased officer/crew compliment of Sovereign, Galaxy, Sentry & Voyager
- Increased scale of Defiant & Sovereign by 10%
- Increased scale of Federation Fighter by 1000% (it's freaking TINY!!)
- Increased speed of Danube, Fighter & Serpent to 30/180 (impulse/warp) scale
- Modified Bases to build New construction ship, Fighter, Danube & Serpent
- Modified Fighter weapons to be effective against other fighters (70% accuracy)
- Reduced regular weapons' accuracy to 25% against all fighters

Klingon Listing

- Stock base/stations

- All stock ships/textures
- Batleth Class (ripped from X-treme mod)
- ChuQ’beh Class (Ben Maxwell)
- Duj’Yay Class (ripped from X-treme mod)
- Klingon Fighter (Neon)
- Kl’haj Class (ripped from X-treme mod)
- SaQ’Chum Class (Ben Maxwell - Klingon transport)
- Veqlargh’Pach (Straxus - Demon Claw)

- Added 3rd Pulse disruptor to B'rel
- Added "Advanced Shielding" to Batleth & Demon Claw
- Added Commando Team to Batleth & Duj'yay
- Added "Klingon Salvage Team" to SaQ'Chum
- Added Multi-target (4 targets) Disruptors to Batleth
- Added Poleron Torpedo to ChuQ'beh
- Added "Rapid Pulse Disruptors" to Demon Claw & Duj'yay
- Added single Destroyer Pulse Disruptor to Construction Ship
- Added Tractor Beam to SaQ'Chum
- Boosted shields on Klingon Base, Negh'var, Batleth, Vor'cha, & B'rel
- Created "Klingon Salvage Team" (modded Fed Repair Team)
- Increased scale of Klingon Fighter 1000% (it's freaking TINY!!)
- Increased speed of SaQ'Chum & Fighter to 30/180 (impulse/warp) scale
- Modified base to build Fighter & SaQ'Chum
- Modified Fighter weapons to be effective against other fighters (70% accuracy)
- Reduced regular weapons' accuracy to 25% against all fighters
- Reduced scale of SaQ'Chum to scout size
- Removed cloaking device from Batleth

Romulan Listing

- Stock base/stations
- Advanced Spy Satelite (Pepperman)
- Romulan Command Center (Pepperman)
- Tal Shiar Ops & Intel Center (Pepperman)
- Tal Shiar Shipyard (Pepperman)

- All stock ships/textures
- Advanced Construction Ship (Pepperman)
- Caldon Class (Borg123)
- Draconarius Class (Pepperman)
- Draconix Class (Pepperman)
- Kestrel Class (Pepperman)
- Letan Class (Pepperman)
- Monitor Class (USS Capital)
- Norexan Class (Pepperman)
- Reman Preator Class (Pepperman)
- Reman Scimitar Class (Pepperman)
- Repair Ship (Pepperman)
- Romulan Fighter (Neon)
- Senator Class (ripped from X-treme mod)
- Tal Shiar Warbird (Pepperman)
- Thandor Class (Pepperman)
- Veles Class (Pepperman)
- Venator Class (Pepperman)
- Warbird X Class (trekkie)
- WhiteWind Class (ripped from X-treme mod)

- Added "Advanced Shielding" to Monitor
- Added Cloak to Fighter & Monitor
- Added Myotronic Inhibitor to White Wind
- Added Rom Repair Team (Repair Ship) to Caldon
- Added Shield Inversion to Norexan & Senator
- Added Tractor Beam to Caldon
- Boosted shields of Monitor, Warbird & Senator
- Increased cost/buildtime of all "advanced" ships
- Increased cost of Monitor to 5000 dilithium & build time to 180 sec
- Increased scale of Romulan Fighter by 700% (it's freaking TINY!!)
- Increased speed of Caldon & Fighter to 30/180 (impulse/warp) scale
- Modified bases to build Adv. Const. Ship, Caldon & Fighter
- Modified Fighter weapons to be effective against other fighters (70% accuracy)
- Modified Tal Shiar Facility to build Monitor once Defiant Class is captured
----- tech1.odf <- rmonitor.odf 1 fdestroy.odf
- Reduced scale of Caldon to scout size
- Reduced scale of Monitor (= to Shrike)
- Reduced regular weapons' accuracy to 25% against all fighters
- Renamed Monitor to "Retribution Class"
- Replaced all "Phasers" with pulse disruptors from Thandor Class' ODF
- Replaced Monitor pulses with Thandor pulse disruptors

As it stands every ship is buildable by the AI, except the Romulan Draconarius becasue the EMP weapon had a tendency to crash the system. Adding fighters to the mix really changed the way the game is played because even a large fleet can be slowed down to some degree by the fighters. Although weak in shields (110) they're quick to build (15 sec) and very hard to hit by ship weapons so usually the enemy ships end up using their special weapons up to take them out which gives my other fleets or defenses a change to take them out. A squadron of 10 or so fighters have saved my skin on several ocassions when a large enemy fleet broke through my defenses and almost took out my base. The equalizing factor for the fighters is they're extremely vulnerable to base defenses, so they don't work well against stationary guns or stations.

Another addon included is the inclusion of salvage ships for every playable race. Each salvage ship is fast but not very well armed. On the plus side, they have modified versions of the Federation Engineering Team. It was Pepperman's Romulan Repair ship that gave me the idea. This way they can transport crew aboard a derelict vessel and use the repair team to restore systems and partial shields giving me a chance to get the captured vessels back for repairs. The salvage ships don't stand up very well in a fight, though which is why I bumped up their speed. They can outrun most every torpedo weapon.

With the addition of so many ships and weapons, the game doesn't play anything like it used to. Even on Medium settings the races are vicious and deadly. On Hard I've had my various male-type organs handed to me on a regular basis. If I'm feeling suicidal my game is set up with three enemies (1 medium, 2 hard) with 2 on one team and the 3rd being the Borg set on hard; plus my own ally set on Hard (5 players total including me). A game set like this can easily go on for 3 hours with me sometimes getting wiped out (more often than not :( ). Usually, though, it's set with 4 AI players (3 medium, 1 hard). I'll get 1 ally and set 2 medium players as one team and have the Borg set on Hard all by themselves. Don't sell the Borg short, though. With the modifications as they are, I've seen the Borg take out EVERYONE all by themselves. They assimilate like crazy and can bash my ships to dust in short order. And since I increased the number of freighters and dilithium mining stations, play most every map with Infinite Moons turned on and officers set to 999... well... they don't stop coming!

They're not a God-race, by any means, though. The Borg are just as susecptible to the special weapons as anyone else. Also, their ships are expensive as hell and take a long time to build, so the best way to beat them is to periodically attack their mining stations and construction yards to slow down their production. If I leave them alone for too long, though... oi vey.

That's my setup! :D It's always changing as I'm constantly tweaking/modifying something or other, though. I'm interested to know what y'all're using in your own mods, though. Since most of us don't play with the default setup anymore I figured that it might be cool to share our thoughts and ideas with the rest of the community.
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Post by blindeye01 »

My political mod stands at this:

My own work:

Unique physics files.
odfs for three new weapons
events file edited(partially)
40 clips of George W. Bush soundbites, some edited to save time.


Ship Model/textures - CaptSyf

Buildbuttons/ 2 special weapon buttons - Elrond

1 special weapon button - Corbomite Ray

Not Finished:

Events file only has 20 sounds so far.

Having trouble with one special weapon sound.
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Post by AFC »

Mine was just improvedments

Improves for Armada 2

A) All races have building with defensive phaser’s which includes.
“These will put up a fight that you were not expecting. Research have one phaser and
Trade station has 2 since they make you money in the game you have to protect your
1) Research Station
2) Science Station
3) Upgrade Station
4) Orbital Mining Station

B) All Ships & Stations have greater shield recharge rates.
“Edited every single ship & station odf”

C) All races have greater repair rates.
“So ships do not have to wait 5+ minutes to be fixed”

D) All ships classes have different sensor ranges.
“Like they would really have the same sensor range.”

E) Everything destroyed in game blows into hundred’s of pieces and last 20 seconds instead of 4
seconds. “Of course pieces of the ship would float around for some time after the ship was
destroyed it does not disappears in a blink of an eye”

F) There are now 4 self destruct explosions levels

G) Single and Instance action officer limit is now 9999 officers.
“Since those Jerks at Activision decided to take out the right to upgrade officers at starbases”

H) Replaced original sod & textures for Federation with Deemon, Capt Fingers & Major Payne sod & textures so they look better. “There models looked like poop”
1) Galaxy- Deemon
2) Sovereign - Deemon
3) Sabre - Deemon
4) Intrepid - Deemon
5) Nebula - Deemon
6) Steamrunner - Deemon
7) Akria - Deemon
8) Defiant - Deemon
9) Sensor Array - Capt Fingers
10) Colony ship - Capt Fingers
11) Federation Trade – Major Payne
12) Incursion – Major Payne

I) Nebula Mod – It lets you be able to build inside nebulas – Karl Truscott
“It kind cool where you can put something in a nebula – Where you can’t be hit by a
phasers or photon torpedo’s, or your shields recharge faster ect.”

J) Replaced original sod & textures for Borg X-Pack & New Borg Cube, Tactical Cube,
Fusion Cube, Tactical Fusion Cube – Kleotol “There models looked like poop.”

K) Planets support more life and more resources. – Mavrick
“With buildings that can defend them selves, you need more resources.”

L) Cardassians & Species 8472 AI build lists fixes - Space Man
“Activision was to lazy to fix it.”

M) Took armada 1 borg ingame voices.
“Using armada 1 borg voices because armada 2 borg voices suck.”

N) Pursuit Force Reduced “So the dumb ships don’t chase them to far aka follow them back
to the enemy’s base and get them self killed”
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Post by Captain_H »

I actually have two that are in progress. One has the Borg assimilated every race in the Star Trek universe, except for the Federation, as well as the forces from the Star Wars universe and the Babylon 5 universe. I have started to make the Federation unassimilatible and nearly indestructable. There is not much to say about this mod as I am not quite finished.

The same goes for my other personal mod that I am currently working on. This one is similar to the Birth of the Federation mod, but without the timeline before Enterprise. I am trying to give all of the races cannon vessels and stations. I have even all of the Klingon BOPs including some obscure classes. I intend to make the weapons and the resources as real and cannon as I can using other people's files as well as from some mods.
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Post by Phantom »



Vindicator Class
Ronin Class
Intrepid Class
Khitomer Class
Firedrake Class
Douglass Class
Republic Class
Galaxy Class - Refit
Sovereign Class - Nemesis Retrofit
Prometheus Class
Defiant Class
Furious Class
Striker Class
Ginsu Class
Relma Class
Peranadon Class
Olympic Class
Nebula Class - Science Pod
Nebula Class - Offencive Pod
Nebula Class - Defence Pod
Nova Class Refit
Katana Class
Type 18 Shuttlecraft
Construction Ships

Mining Station
Repair Paddock
Sensor Array
Nebula Matrix

Sphere (FC)
Sphere (VOY)
Cube (VOY)
Cube (FC)
Tactical Cube (VOY)
Diamond (VOY)
Probe (VOY)

Transwarp Hub

Kerchan Flagship
Noxerian Class
"Death-Stinger" Class
"Hunter" Class


Scorpion Attack Flyer
Griffin Reman Refit
Slaver Class
Reaver Class
Balistica Class
Seeker Class
"Bird of Prey"

Mining Hub
Scimitar Factory
Sensor Node


Planetary Destroyer

Resource Collector
Turret Matrix
Stealth Hunter Sensor Station
Vessel Matrix

12 Nebulae Variants
Larger Maps
A1 Warp Drive
Damagable Starships
New ODF Weapon Code

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Post by Corbomite_Ray »

Wow, too many for me to list, really. All starships except the Species 8472 Bioship have been updated with better or replacement versions, I believe, and most of the stations have as well.


Prevaricate Class (scout)
Sabre Class (destroyer)
Defiant Class (heavy destroyer)
Dauntless Class (science destroyer)
Colony Ship (Excelsior Class)
Akira Class (phaser cruiser)
Intrepid Class (cruiser)
Incursion Class (assault ship)
Steamrunner Class (artillery cruiser)
New Orleans Class (torpedo cruiser)
Ambassador Class (repair ship)
Achilles Class (frigate)
Prometheus Class (battlecruiser)
Galaxy Class (battleship)
Nebula Class (science cruiser)
Sovereign Class (advanced battleship)
Premonition Class (timeship superweapon)

That's the Feds. Other notable changes include the removal of Species 8472 as a playable race and the addition of the Dominion from Dominion Ultimate, as well as the tweaking of strategies and the powering-up and cost increases of battleships, total revamp of the Borg faction, and a few special code innovations like the Nor starbase stuff. It's really a blast to play now because it feels like classic Star Trek! Of course, if I ever got my hands on a revamped Aegian Class, the Dauntless would be out like THAT.
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Post by icewolf132 »

I use to have an A2 mod that improved the borg and 8472 side;

Borg- weaker ships (scout, interceptor, sphere) were given light sheilding and thick armor while the rest had VERY thick armor
size of the cube was tripiled
every ship and station was given weapons
all borg weaponry was strengthined by 8 points
took warp drive away from the fusion cubes and gave them their own gravity feild, also made them a lot slower

8472- increased shield recharg rate and sheild amount
all 8472 weaponry was strengthined by 15 points

I also had a personal A1 mod which was my first atempt at modding the game... which I foolishly released it to AFC even though it was incomplete and it took 2 updates to fix 98% of the bugs. the hope that someone new to modding can take apart the mod and learn from my past mistakes is the only thing that keeps me from requesting its removal.
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Post by Logius »

Phantom wrote:FUTURE TENSE
Phantom... quit showing off. :lol:
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Post by jolt »

took warp drive away from the fusion cubes and gave them their own gravity feild, also made them a lot slower
Icewolf, is this for A1 or A2, and how did you do that, its a brilliant idea!
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Post by MajorPayne »

BORG: Incursion - Vital Responses

SPECIES 8472 & CARDASSIAN sides are still to be done so remain ???????


All stations and stock vessels replaced with additions of:

- Tactical Mauler
- Talon
- Tactical Probe
- Tactical Scouting Cube
- Orbital Metal Extractor (saves on using freighters)
- Transwarp modular based hub


All stations and stock vessels replaced with additions of:

- Titan Class
- Excalibur Class
- Prometheus Class
- Miranda Class
- Achilles Class
- Additional third shipyard


All stations and stock vessels replaced with additions of:

- Kerchan Class
- Z1 Nova
- Reman Scimitar
- Reman Battlecruiser
- Nierrh Class
- Talon Class refit


Current SIP so little details available.


Planet textures have been replaced for higher definition versions. Addional changes are mission and MP/Skirmish maps to include unique capturable stations and ships. Other changes also planned but not defined.
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Post by icewolf132 »

It was for A2, thanks :oops:

all I did was add the warp speed line into the fusion cube and set it to 0, as for the gravity feild I dont remember how I did it :? ill dig up the mod some time
Star Trekkin' across the universe, because I STILL can't find reverse!

Usage Permission; All are free to use and edit my work in any way they see fit, so long as credit is given where it is due.
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Post by JPKTrekker »

Icewolf, do you recall how large the fusion cubes gravity field was?
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Post by Captain_Bruce »

These sound like awesome mods!
Mine is a mod of MP that I created to add heros.
Along with it I am currently working on veterancy for ships and pulse phasers that have individual shots instead of three shots as texture
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Post by CptBenSisko »

Mine is a heavily modified BI2 with all patches...replaced most Federation ships

This is essentially my build list for the Federation..minus the special weapons..no need to include them...but they are still there..I plan on removing most of them except maybe the point defense, engineering team, and modifiying the Corbomite reflector to a version of shield remodulation...

Iwo Jima (might remove it or change it)
New Orleans
Galaxy (Venture refit)
Sovereign (Nemesis refit)

I have four shipyards - Antares, San Francisco, McKinley, and Zeuesh (Nemesis yard) Federation Starbase (starbase 375 style), Space Dock from ST:III and Starbase 74 (TNG: 11001001) same model just scaled up with stronger shields and more weapons. Added a Defensive Weapon platform with Multi-Targeting Type XII phasers and multi-target Type IX Photon torpedos...same torpedo weapons mounted to Deep Space Nine...Also Deep Space Nine with complete rotary weapon platform...defended against a 40 ship Jem 'Hadar attack with shields brought down to only 75 percent. Also obliterated 64 Klingon ships by itself without any assitance from phaser or photon turrets nor any other vessels...Also have a spartan class outpost.. that can warp in Federation, Klingon, and Romulan allied ships for use against the Dominion...Not in the AI i might add..only for me... I can warp in the B'rel BoP, the K'Tinga, Vorcha and Negh'Var...for the Romulans I can warp in the Griffin Class, Shrike Class, D'Deridex Class and the Norexan Class..

The Midas Array- Long Range sensor array that can detect cloaked ships...I removed cloak detection from standard Sensor arrays...I will add the Argus Array which will only be extreme long range sensor with no cloak detection as well. replaced phaser and photon turrets with new models..as well as all research stations and pods by Captn Fingers...Great models by the way man. Um....what else...Added the Unity Station from SFC3 which can warp in special hero ships....but only when certain restrictions are met...The Enterprise-E can only be warped in when there are at least one Sovereign and one Sovereign refit...the Odyssey (I know she was destroyed by the Dominion, but I have her as a hero ships with Captain Keogh's voice) can be warped in only when there is at least one Galaxy Class available...the USS Venture can be warped in when there is one Galaxy and one Galaxy Refit..and the Martok's Negh'Var can be warped in when there is at least one warped in Negh'Var...the Unity Station is at the very end of the tech tree I believe....

I have custom physics for all my federation, romulan, klingon, cardassian, dominion ships, etc...I have god knows how many sounds recorded off the TV for almost every Fed weapon available...I have every type of phaser from Type8 on the Nova to the Type XII on the Sovereign Class and starbases....Type 1, 2, 3, 4 burst fire photon launchers..as well as a Type 4 SE on the Nemesis Sovvy that uses the a pulse script to simulate the style of photons from Nemesis..these torps are only on the Sovvy refit.

What else is there? Every ship has esstientially all of it's cannon weapons from the shows based off the TV and off of sites like A Call to Duty and Daystrom Institute Technical Library.

The Klingons...wow...their ships are less shielded than the feds..so a good well balanced attack of akiras, intrepids, galaxies, can usually defeat them...but watch out..they attack in swarms of Birds of Prey, K'Tingas and massive amounts of Vor'Chas...with some Negh'Vars to add insult to injury. The Dominion..come at you with wave after wave of Jem'Hadar attack fighters...with massive Warships and Battleship and Dreadnoughts...the Romulans use some small ships but rely on the Cloak and the D'Deridex warbird as their main ship...the Norexans make an appearance and are very formidable with multi-targeting disruptors...The Borg are still a work in progress....as Are the Cardassians...trying to nail down an AI problem before I go to work on their ships...I had the cardassians perfect some time ago...but a computer problem didn't allow me to save all the information from a previous install that had become corrupted somehow...I just finished the Federation/ Klingon war...wow....the klingons lost 689 of 700 some odd ships before it finally gave up...

well thats it for now..more later as i get more done.
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Post by CptBenSisko »

Captain_Bruce..is that what you were asking me about in your PM?? Because I have done exactly that...not just a texture but the actual odf fire's rapid pulses of one shot each..just like in the show....That being the case..if you want...I'll send you the textures, sprite entries and odf's for it...I wasn't sure what you were talking about in the PM.
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