new Macronesian fleet

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new Macronesian fleet

Post by rodglas »

From top to bottom left to right

The Lysander class Subfighter
Mantis Class (Minelayer)
Dragna Class Light Cruiser
?no class name? hunter killer
Revenge Class (Subduction weapon)
Magnus Class (carrier/assult sub)
Tempest Class Heavy Cruiser
Octavian Class Battle Sub

Stormbringer Class (Heavy Battle Sub)
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Post by CaptSyf »

Those are looking really sweet. I am now offically looking forward to this mod. :D
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Post by Straxus »

Yay! The fleet grows!
I really wish I could have seen more than a couple episodes to get a better feel for the intent of the mod.
Though I definitely have been enjoying contibuting to this mod!
I need to get a feel for the Choa Dai (spelling?) so I can start making models for them too!
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