What's The Meaning Behind Your Username?

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Post by blindeye01 »

Borg_Queen wrote:
Porty wrote:Its funny you know, I have always read your name as Num-baz-ix. Would never have connected it with Number 6!! :oops:
Same here!
I actually read it as Numbasix instead of zix, so I only recently noticed zix with a z
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Post by Atlantis »

I actually can't remember where my 'Atlantis' name came from. Was years and years ago, like 1998 maybe. Before then i used to go by the name "USS Explorer", but i wasn't on any forums or anything. Same goes for my 'The Great Cornholio' name phase :-D So as far back as is important, i have always been Atlantis, meh.

However, there are a couple of things which do fit my name, by coincidence. Like i sink (can't swim) :-P

But there are many variations on my name, Atlantis, Atlantis27, AtlantisProject, etc etc.
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my name

Post by that_guy »

Mine is simple- that_guy comes from when all my friends had nicknames and they couldn't think of one for me- they would just say "he's just that guy" and it stuck.
That Guy
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Post by Lt_Bradley »

Mine came from Armada 1. I started as some borg name then swiched comps so i rated myself against other people in many clans and ranked myself. Using My middle name as lt_josh or lt_mantyla doesnt sound good.
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Post by Phoenix »

Well, well Titan. You're lucky. I was gonna use that as my handle, but decided against it. As for the Phoenix . . . ever seen the Harry Potter where old Fawkes gets reborn? My temper's kinda like that (when I actually / finally loose it! ), so I reckoned, why not? Now I use it as either a Username for, oh, EVERYTHING. That or Sorak, character from a couple of books I read once . . . . .
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